A few questions about what I am doing so far...

Okay. So last night I tried Wild. I didn’t do it right but… Well I must say the parts I did do were AMAZING!

Anyway, Here’s how I went. I lay in bed. Relaxed etc. After a while I started to see colours ( purples, greens, blues ) swirling around my eyes. My breathing changed, more heavy, and smooth. My heart started to beat like Crazy! Super fast, then I felt that beating through my whole body. The swirls of colours turned into one blob of colour in the center of my vision. I stupidly got excited and opend my eyes.

I closed them again instantly, but all the sensations started to slowly fade away. I did this at my normal bedtime. I can’t sleep when it comes to naps.

My question is : Did I do everything correctly up until I opened my eyes?

I took a ten minute break, and tried again. I got no where near, how I did before but I did feel a bit numb. I decided to post-pone. I will try again tonight.

I am just wondering if, the second try wasn’t as good because I tried basically straight after my first one?

Also, In my dreams, I have noticed I havn’t been doing many Reality Checks even though I do them all the time when awake. How can I improves this?

Sorry for the long post, but I have just two more questions =P

I have trouble remembering dreams. I wake up, straight after a dream - but for the life of me can’t remember. I manage to remember details shortly after, but when I have my first Lucid Dream, I want to be able to remember it clearly, and not just fuzzy details here and there.

Again, sorry for all these questions, but here is my last one : I started my Quest for Lucidity Four days ago, and after last nights WILD attempt, I think I am on the right track?

After I started however, I have had very interuppted sleep. It seems my body has started waking me up after every Dream I have : ever since I started my quest for Lucidity! I see this as a good thing - my conciousness is on my side, however the problem is - I fall asleep 2 seconds after waking! I think this is why I forget my dreams.

The other issues with this is I wake up, and feel as if I’ve had a restless sleep. I could bear that if it had the benifit of helping me remember, but since I fall asleep instanly it is kind of a nuicence. Any tips for staying up longer after a dream, and on recalling them would be appreciated.

Again, sorry for the long post, but I thank you all in advance for your help.

Let’s see one of those questions… I’ve usually been able to remember my dreams very well since childhood. However, if I don’t do it for long it gets harder when I want to do it.

So, practice. You remember some details, that’s good. Keep pushing a bit EVERY DAY. As I said, I do this since a kid and I always get rusty when I drop the habit. Writing down is also good. I do it in an awful speed handwriting, but that’s okay since I’m the only one reading, and usually I already know what is it I’m reading just from the title.

When you read old dreams, from time to time, the images have a powerful way of coming back, and that’s good practice!

Thanks. Practice makes perfect! Can anyone let me know about how I did wild? Did I do it right?

There really is no “right” was to do WILD. Most people who have had success with it have found different ways to make it work for themselves. Your basic criteria for WILD is to stay conscious as you fall asleep and to be able to recognize once you have started dreaming. Hows you get those two things to happen depends on you.

For a more in-depth answer, check here: link

Some notes.

The sensation your heart is racing probably isn’t your heart, but what other people call “vibrations”. That’s important because knowing this you won’t be afraid you’re suffering a heart attack or such - which can distract you from WILDing. LOL.

You probably isn’t doing reality checks in your dreams because they need time to become an habit. Once they become second nature to you, I’m sure they’ll kick in.

Dream recall is something you have to work on. When you wake up, use your 2 seconds to write short notes - anything you can remember. You can expand them by morning, if need be. Recall is essential, As you said, you don’t want to have the best lucid dream ever and not even remember it at all!

@^ Thanks. I think I’ll put off WILD for a bit, untill I improve Dream Recall and Reality Checks, then I can start again. A bit angry with myself, because I didn’t do atleast ten RCs today, and I didn’t rememer ANY dreams last night. The Vibrations felt so real! I did research and I can’t belive they were just halluctionations! The Human Mind is so cool!

Thanks for the link to your WILD thread Rhewin, helped with confusion!

actually, you should be very glad you fall asleep very fast. me, on the contrary… did a WBTB tonight, but i couldn’t fall asleep for two hours after that! so now i feel like i’ve been dragged around and eaten during the night :meh:

i have also had a very interrupted sleep since i started my quest for LDing. perhaps that happens because you are more aware? again, i will mention that you should be glad you fall asleep fast. even if i don’t, if i wake up and remember something, i will always write it down. in a few weeks of doing this, you will get much better.

as far as RCs go, you’re lucky you even do a few - no RC has ever made into my dream. they just don’t. i think ACs (awaress checks) are better because they make you more aware of your surroundings. that’s the only way that includes checking in which i ever realized i’m dreaming… but first you need to wonder that something’s weird, and for that, you need to look for weird stuff during the day. random RCs are not very good since even if you do them in your dream, you might go all like “so what?” and continue dreaming. since your mind won’t be thinking much about the actual process, but it will just do the RC out of habit.

edit: oh, and most importantly! NEVER get angry at yourself for not remembering or failing! you said “i’m mad at myself for blah blah…”… well don’t do this! i made this mistake and my LDs completely ceased for 2 months. i have just recently been taught by one person that this is the ultimate LD-stopper. once i had this stress resolved, i naturally had 4 LDs in 3 days… so what about that? the main thing though… don’t punish yourself, don’t stress yourself. this is coming from a person who did that :wink: so believe me. it won’t do you ANY good.

That means two things in my case: either the RC during the dream has a realistic result, and there’s nothing to make you realize you’re dreaming; or, worse, I’ve been so familiar with flying in my dreams since a child, that it doesn’t even seem absurd when it happens.

Awareness checks, on the other hand, are good even for you even without LD in mind. No harm can come from being aware of your surroundings :wink: (might be stressful to be constantly aware, but not eventually, I assure). It even feels good: yo’re more aware of the beauty of things, too.

Lucid dreaming has a lot more to do with your mental and emotional state than doing techniques step by step. So, as avalina said, getting angry only brings bad results :sad: It’s a better mindset to try to remain peacefully calm and hopeful everyday and consider anything progress, instead of getting sad or angry when nothing seems to happen.

The fast heartbeating could be a sign of an upcoming OOBE (Out of Body Experience), i used to try to achieve OOBEs a few months ago, with the help of binatural beats, but every time i tried my heart started racing and beating really fast, and i couldnt keep focus. People on OOBE forums told me that it was totally normal for that to happen when trying to OOBE, and the WILD method seems like it could maybe result in OOBE’s.

My first post on the forums :smile: Just sharing some knowledge about some other related topic :smile:

I’ve had two spontaneous OBEs in my life, and not a single intended one.

When I try it, I get to vibratory stage with ease. I don’t get scared, and I can hold it for a long time, but not move past it. Eventually I grow tired and let go.

Awesome, sad and so true of dream logic :smile:

Dreaming and “astral projection” are sometimes discussed as being different renderings of the same phenomena.

Still, the techniques are different, it feels different when it settles in and the results feel different, so I like to call them differently. But yeah, personally I think they’re two very similar occurrences, too.

Thanks everyone, for your advice! I will stay calm now =P

I stopped thinking about it over the weekend and what do you know, last night I remembered three dreams!

In one dream, I Thought I was dreaming and even thought of a LD when I said I must be dreaming but still didn’t make it into Lucidity.

I had a false awakening and although I didn’t do an RC upon the false awaking or noticing the extremely absurd scenario ( Weird guy resembeling Ripley from belive it or not, crashing cars into his house ) I find it as a HUGE step, as normally when I awoke, I would not have even noticed the FA. That and I rememered my dreams vividly! My dream recall is improving =D

you’ll get there :smile: congrats!

OBE techniques always seem to me as something resembling either WILD or visualization techniques, but I agree they certainly feel different.

I was very, VERY close to an LD! I’ll post what I wrote in my dream journal! I had the flu recently, so I stopped the quest for LD until it was over. Yesterday I thought, I’ll start tomorrow. And last no I was
Aware I was dreaming. Here is my DJ :

I went on a bus with my friend. We wen’t up to the school gates. The
Front of the bus was shaped like a boat. People were sitting on it, like they were having a party. There was a jetpack on the boat. The bus driver told us not to steal it. She said people have before. We laughed at the fact someone would do that.

I got off the
Boat/bus thing. I started walking. I was talking to someone then all of a sudden got lost. I was in a street. A familiar street, yet I had no clue where I was… ( now that
I am awake I reliize I often get lost here in dreams. Is this a dream sign? )
I walked through the street. I saw people walking in the street. I remember thinking it is unusually crowded. I saw a police car ( shaped more like a ute on the driveway. I went to the house. ( every time I get lost here this same event happens. ) instead of knocking on his door, I climed into his house ( he has a flimsy grate type wooden pattern instead of a wall beside it ) inside I stare at the door, wondering why on earth I did that! I was puzzled but then I started calling out to the people in the house, asking if he was home. A man with a moustache came in ( the cop ) and started yelling, screaming at me. I tried to explain why I was here but he just kept calling me a theif. I got out of the house and ran, however in the back of my mind knew there was something wrong. I felt the extreme deja vu of the whole situation. A ran onto a beach. Someone telling me it was the gold coast beach. I ran up a path seeing a greenish colored house. In my dream I thought I’d seen it somewhere, however now awake I can’t remember where. On the beach I decided to call the police, see if on duty officers would help. I had my old phone I don’t own any more. Well on the outside - the software was completely different. I called but it started to rain. As I explained my situation she started to say this wasn’t an emergency. Franticly I explained it was, then it started to rain. I ran onto some stair, under a shade. Toilets I think. As I explained my situation
the rain got heavier. She ended up saying " Are you stupid? You were only looking for a copper gate! " and at that moment all I could see was rain. Everything else was a dark mist as I thought of the cop. The street. The boat. The party. This wasn’t real. This is a dream, I don’t have to put up with this!! Sadly Instead of taking control and having an Uber awesome lucid dream I closed my eyes and Said “wake up”! As a my dream self opened it’s eyes, so did I! I couldn’t believe it! Why would I do that? How could I have just! Arrg!

However I am still filled with joy. I ALMOST, just a pin-prick away from a Lucid Dream! Yay!!

Sorry, but no. You had a lucid dream :grin: Being lucid doesn’t mean taking control. Simply realizing it’s a dream means you are lucid! A low level of lucidity, probably. I’ve had many of those, and I’ve woken up on purpose too :lol: Nothing to worry about, it’s a huge step! With a little more practice I’m sure you’ll be able to have more and even be able to realize in a deeper level what it means to be dreaming and then you can have some fun :tongue:

Yep, this would be a dream sign. A pretty good one IMHO. Even IWL now, whenever you feel you are lost, do a RC!

I was Lucid?

Cool! It’s just like when people say they had their first one when they took a break. I stopped because of my Flu and, ended up havIng one =D

I’ll start doing RC when lost then! I often feel a bit lost, when I forget my timetable and head to the wrong classes at school so that can be a way to start remembering to do an RC =P

Thanks for the info!