A few questions from a beginner.

I was just wondering. For most of you, how long after you started keeping a dream journal, reality tests, etc. did you have your first lucid dream? Since starting about a week ago, i’ve remembered 1 dream per night. Last night was different though. I woke up and thought “damn, i didn’t have a dream” and i thought pretty hard about it. Then i got up to use the bathroom, went back over and got in bed and suddenly remembered my dream, and quite vividly at that. Are there any useful tips for recalling?

One thing that works is right after you wake up make sure you don’t think about anything else and try to catch ANYTHING of the dream you just had. Even like an indescribable feeling. Then concentrate and try to see if youy can remeber more from that. Then before you open your eyes try to gently roll into different positions on your pillow. For some reason this will often stir up some recall. My other advice is to write down any fragments that you remember even if they are very small. It gets your mind into remembering and writing it down so that you can train yourself to remember longer parts.
Also before you go to bed tell yourself that you will remember your dreams when you wake up.

hi Joseph4325! Welcome to the LD4ALl forum :wiske:

Well 4 ME it was like couple of months. I had my 1st LD very unexpectidely.

4 ME what helps My DR amazingly well is WBTB. U were kind of doing that. U woke up, went to bathroom(had mind awake) then went back to sleep. Thats what WBTW is, except that when ur actually doing it, u have to stay up a bit longer, but its definitely worth it :slight_smile:

Good luck with DR and maybe even WBTB if u plan on doing it ^_~

My first LD also came very unexpectedly… I was keeping a dream journal (I still, do…) and I took a break for a bit, and boom, LD.

It took a couple of weeks for me, although apparently I was quite lucky. Anyway, don’t get discouraged by stuff, and, y’know. All the usual stuff you’re supposed to say to new people. Good luck etc.