A few things that NEED to be answered....

While I was sick (from tuesday afternoon to wednsday night), I had some weird things happen. I had just 2 dreams last night, and in both of them, I got lucid. The first one was about the upcoming school dance in June, except it wasn’t in the cafetorium, it was on a BEACH. At the end, I look back just to see a red shed and I scream"I’M LUCID!" at it and I became lucid, but after half a second, I was kicked out of the dream… :confused: However, this didn’t happen in the second dream, I did the same thing to become lucid only this time, the dream continued rather than ending. The lucidity keeps until the end of the dream. Also, the last thing that needs to be answered is…I don’t need a reality check to become lucid. All I have to do is notice something out of the ordinary and say “I’m lucid” or “I’m dreaming”. Why do these things happen? All of these NEED to be answered or I won’t have a clue about all of these things. Please…answer these. :help:

First of all, being kicked out of the dream after becoming lucid is fairly common. Most of the time it happens from getting too excited. To prevent this from happening, you can stabilize the dream by rubbing your hands together or focusing on an object. (Though, of course, sometimes I’ve had incidents where there’s not even enough time to THINK about stabilizing the dream before it kicks you. In which case there’s really not much you can do to stop it.)

Performing a reality check to become lucid isn’t a requirement, it’s simply an aid. I often become lucid without RCing at all, it’s perfectly normal. There are definitely dreams where you just automatically become lucid without having to question it, but there are also cases where you might not be so sure if it’s a dream or not. That’s when the reality check becomes useful.

Hope this helps!

Lol. Brother, what you’re asking what you have is called a gift :razz: many people strive and take ages training in lucid living to be able to see something and trigger lucidity instantly. If your dream self has that level of awareness and you can become lucid just like that with barely any training, that’s what we on the forum call a natural :razz:

First of all, congrats on the LD’s!! :smile: However, I’m gonna have to burst your bubble… You really should do RC’s. Yes, it is perfectly normal to be able to become lucid without using a RC, but doing them during the day does heighten your awareness and increase the chances of having a LD, whether RC-induced or not.

Another reason why you had 2 LD’s in one night is because you were sick. Believe it or not, being sick contributes to your dream quality. I find that whenever I am sick (especially with a fever/flu, weirdly enough), I have such good dream quality that I can fill 5-10 pages in my DJ with vivid dream recall, and many of the dreams being lucid. I have no idea why this happens, it just does.

It is also very common to get ‘kicked out of the dream’ when you are a novice LDer. Try to stabilize the dream as soon as you become lucid. Rub your hands together or focus on one thing, and if you feel the dream starting to slip away, grab onto a dream object and hold on until it stabilizes again, using it as an anchor.

Good luck, and I hope I was helpful! :smile:

The little “gift” you have where you can become lucid from seeing things out of the ordinary is a gift of perception. You can see things out of the ordinary where other people seem to have a veil over their eyes. This is a gift, but not a substantial one. Quite a few people have this, it’s simple perception of the area around you. Continue RC’s and this will contribute immensely to your total LD count.

Continue these practices and eventually you’ll be able to differ the dream-realm from the waking-realm simply by being aware of what your feeling presently. Dreams almost have a different “aura” about them compared to the waking realm. This is what you should strive for, because once you get good enough at it, you can become lucid without having to do a reality check within the dream, cutting out all room for error (such as having a dream outside when you primarily do the “under-a-door” RC schedule.). Although, achieving this still isn’t an excuse to quit doing RC’s. The RC’s mean your doubting your current reality, this is still essential to lucid dreaming. It’s quite literally the keystone to lucid dreams.

Thanks for helping! The things didn’t happen at all last night…although I had a pretty cool dream about Harry Potter, you could switch spells in the middle of Priori Incantatem where the wands’ spells collided midair. Too bad I didn’t become lucid in it or I would’ve kicked Voldemort butt. Also, @lolatheloner, that did happen, I didn’t even have time to think about it either. But in the second dream, I did have enough time to prolong it.