A few WILD questions

I’ve been trying to do WILD at bed time for a few nights. I don’t mind waiting the 90 minutes. I do have a few questions. Is it best to lay perfectly still without any kind of movement? Should I breath with my nose, or mouth? The first time I tried, after a while, I got a burning sensastion all over my body. I wasn’t sure if it was sleep paralysis or just me getting hot for not moving for so long. I ended up moving because I was worried. Which do you think it was? Last night, after about 5 minutes of laying down, my eyes started moving in random directions under the lid, I stopped them after about 30 seconds because I hadn’t of anyone getting REM so fast. What was that? Eventually I felt a light pressure on my forehead and my bed began to shake, I kept calm, but eventually the shaking stopped and I hadn’t fallen asleep. The pressure stayed for a while afterwards but left when I moved. Is the pressure normal as well? It covered my entire forhead starting from a little above my eyebrows.

i’d choose the nose
i’m not familiar with SP myself
i don’t know about the random eye movements or the pressure eiter
but the shaking’s probably SP

Cobra952, if you want the BEST advice I can give you, I would recommend NOT doing WILD right when you go to bed. You’ll need practice doing it with WBTB if you want to get any better with it. Trust me.

Second, work your way into WILD. It’s a very difficult technique. For you, I would recommend doing WBTB, then go back to bed and do WILD till you find your mind wandering all over the place. At that point, your body will be VERY heavy, because it’s sleepy. From there, start doing the MILD technique. I have found that combining MILD and WILD is a GREAT way to get lucid dreams. I have had 4 this past week and I am counting on more.

The more you use my technique of starting with WILD and then switching over to MILD, the more trained you will become with WILD and soon you won’t even have your mind wandering before you’re dreaming. :smile: Atleast that’s MY theory. Either way, it works great for me.

You should breathe how ever you normally breathe, since you have to be comfortable.
About everything else, Id say it sounds like you could do WILD easily, with all that action after only 5 minutes.
Maybe you really needed sleep, so you went into REM very quickly.

The best advice I can give is to not think about how you should breathe etc, but also not to avoid it. Basically, go to sleep as you would normally, but keep your mind active.

I find the best way to do this is to count upwards continuously. Or imagine something to do with lucid dreaming. This way it takes your mind off of your body.

The 61 point relaxation technique might help you to focus as well. I find it helps me :smile:


Breath just like you do normally when you go to sleep.

Such sensations, like itching, etc. are common when you begin to practice relaxation.

I don’t know. Probably not REM. Yet lots of WILD beginners say they experience the same thing. It seems to disappear with practice too.