A funny dream...

The dream I had lastnight made me laugh…I was in some neighborehood, it was like a cultasake with houses, and restraunts. There was this one restraunt that kept catching fire, because of the bread they had, so they decided to arrest anyone who was caught with a loaf of bread. I was sneaking out some bread from a store, when I droped a few slices… The neighbores were telling i could get in trouble, because the police were going around to every house, and smelling dog food dishes to see if anyone had purchased bread. I got mad, and said if anyone tries to arrest me over some bread Ill punch them in the face. Then they told me to calm down, because it was just bread, I remmber arguing that, that was my point it was just bread. I woke up laughing. I love funny dreams.

That sounds kind of wierd.
“Oh no, it’s the dangerous bread!”

This sounds like a satire about the Soviet Union. Hahaha.

thats hilarious

the dream is supposed to signify the absurdity of arresting people over small amounts of plant life.

especially since you sometimes set said plant life on fire… if you know what i mean.

i’m talking about daffodills.

Hey that does make sence great interptation.

I love that feeling when you wake up from a dream laughing! It feels so wonderful. The weirdest part is when you wake up laughing from a dream, but you can’t remember what you were dreaming. I’ve done this before. I looked around and thought :eh: , “okay, I’m getting weird now.”

Which do you hate the most…

When you dream that you have something good, like a brand new car only to wake up with the dissapointment it was only a dream.


To dream something bad has happaned, and you wake up feeling releaved because it was only a dream.