A Glimpse of Lucidity, and a Theory

Recently I have been starting on my journey of achieving a lucid state of dreaming, and last night I finally got my first “taste.”

Essentially I became aware that things were rather peculiar in my dream state and attempted a reality check by sticking my finger through my other hand, and though I did notice a slight disturbance near my left knuckle I didn’t think much of it, but then noticed a friend who was very out of place and BAM. Lucidity. In my excitement I immediately attempted to fly by tapping into the energy’s following in the air and trying to glide on them. In my attempt to perceive them I closed my eyes to more feel them, but upon doing this I entered a state of blank darkness, no longer in my dream self, or behind the closed eyes of my conscious self. Another dream. I eventually awoke in the middle of the night and attempted to WILD into the same dream and succeeded, attempted to fly again and failed and decided to go with the flow of the dream, and things continued as normal only I felt considerably more aware.

Upon awakening I recorded my dream as usual, and interpreted it. And as usual I found incredible meaning in the way the dream related to my life and it gave me insight into how to continue living my life and what things needed to be changed/ altered and how to approach them. And this one was particularly profound.

Now my suggestion is, that since I find dreams to be very strong messages from the subconscious, god self, or whatever you perceive it to be, that if there is a message that your subconscious needs you to understand in a dream, you will find it very difficult to reach a state of lucidity unless you are finally in a good state of “proper” consciousness and actualization with yourself.

Of course there are many variables to this, firstly I view lucidity as an escape from your supposed reality, a recess of sorts, but since I’ve never been there I don’t know if said dreams can be revealing. Of course they are if you dig in the right places and explore the right questions, but maybe at this point in my life journey I would just do whatever I wanted and not gain from it. Since I’m currently averting myself from a crash course to destruction maybe it’s important for a little more structure to be implemented, instead of letting me screw around, my mind is force feeding me a good dose of healthy messages. :eh:

Then again there is also the point that I don’t think I’ve ever closed my eyes in a dream before and in my dream self was so confused I never did attempt to reopen from my dream self’s perspective. Although it did feel very alien compared to waking life or the dream state.

Aaaaand now that i’ve rambled at ya for a while, any thoughts?

I have occasionally wondered myself if not being able to get lucid was because of what I was trying to achieve once I did get lucid. For instance: I tried for weeks to get lucid and told myself before going to sleep, “Tonight I will be lucid and I will ask the dream to show me my inner self.” Nothing for weeks. Then it occurred to me that maybe I was just not ready to see my inner self, so I rephrased my wish, and said once lucid, I would ask the dream to show me my inner self or anything else that I was ready for that would help me. I got lucid that very night, and was indeed shown an aspect of my inner self, but only one that I was mentally ready for. It got me to thinking that if you use lucid dreaming for personal growth, your subconscious or deeper self, will not let you get lucid if you are trying something you are not ready for. I believe we are stronger then we think once we are lucid, and our deeper self maybe has no choice but to show us what we wish to see if we actively ask for it when lucid. Hence no lucidity if our deeper self knows what we are planning on asking. Doing an LC actually helps with getting lucid, because of the casualness and fun associated with it. The Ego is not threatened too much, and your deeper self doesn’t fear having to show you something you’re not ready for.

that’s a real cool outlook right there
almost like an evolutionary stand point for the self if i got ya right
If we choose to strengthen the self and incorporate lucid dreaming it makes sense that all the complete worldliness isn’t just going to slam us in the noggin overnight we learn we grow, we grow we learn
and if we can’t find the right question in the first place we’ll get a completely wrong answer
I think i’ll be able to fly in my dreams eventually last night just wasn’t the night for it
and maybe when i’m more growed up and experience a full-on LD i’ll be able to learn from it as well

well done