A guess on how long......YAY IT HAPPENED(Updated)

Hey im new to the forums, and to the Lucid Dream world. Ive had a few lucid dreams in my past but never knew you could learn how to make it happen at will. After learning about being able to Lucid Dream whenever you want I went out and bought Stephen LaBerges book on Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. Ive had it for a few days and im almost done with it and I was just wondering if anyone has a guess on how long it will probably take to start having lucid dreams. Im been constantly thinking about it for the past 3 days and nights and ive tried using the Mild technique. Ive keep a dream journal and ive been able to record atleast one dream a night usually happening in the late morning. Thanks for your responce :shy:

It differs for everyone. some people take days, some take months, some take longer. i had my first one in two weeks, and my second on exactly one month. these are the types of things you don’t worry about. you just have to believe that you will have one very soon and it’ll most likely happen.

just in case you’re thinking about pot- it will make it worse- trust me- lucid dreams for pot- it’s an even trade!

It took me over 3 months before I had my first one, so don’t give up!

Hi Flexx, welcome to the forums. I’m afraid noone can tell you how long it will take. Thinking a lot about it is a very good start, because it means you really want one. Keeping a dream journal is a must, so that’s good too. Doing MILD is also great because it’s one of the best methods I know. Tip: if you could combine it with Wake-Back-To-Method (WBTB), then you probably can’t do more than that.

It took me a month to get my first LD but at that time my only method was doing reality checks. Many months later I discovered WBTB and I was astonished by the results. Hope to get more time in the near future to start practicing WBTB again.

Good-luck with your efforts and may you soon have your first LD… and don’t forget to tell us about it when it happens :smile:

hey BrainHacker, how often do mods like yourself have lucid dreams??

any mods feel free to answer this!

There you ask something brad :wink:

Currently I have barely time to get a full night of sleep, let alone to seriously practice LDing :sad: . The prob is, the company I work for temporarily sent me to a city that is VERY far from where I live, so I have to get up extremely early every day. It’s hard to fall asleep for me before midnight so I’m usually happy when I get 6 hours of sleep, while I need 8 hours to be fully refreshed :bored: . Now you get the picture, keeping a dream journal takes away time, practicing WBTB and MILD takes away a LOT of time, so… But honestly I’m eager to start LDing again and within a few weeks (maybe months) I should have more time. I’m looking forward to be in LD-business again :bounce: .

I’m LDing since january 2000 and I’ve had 100s of LDs since then. 95% of them happened after practicing WBTB. There was a time I practiced it every night for a few months and I had an LD almost every 2 days. Very high-level LDs by the way. So that’s why I’m so enthousiastic about WBTB, it just works wonders for me everytime I try it!

It’s not that I don’t have any LDs at the moment, every few weeks I have a period of short spontaneous LDs… I attribute this to my meditation practice, zen meditation is probably the best LD method in the (very) long term!

Thanks for the responces and i cant wait, reading about everyone elses LDs gets me so excited since i know it wont be long until i have my own. I just hope i dont wake up right away, but after reading so much about lucid dreaming i think i should be ok, spinning while looking at the ground i read is the best way, anyway ill let ya know when it happens, peace :wink:

make sure you don’t get too excited cuz for my first LD i was like i’m dreaming! and i like literally yelled it and woke up right away, but for my second, i was just like oh i’m dreaming then i remembered to stay calm so i just went on like it was real life

Hi Epic :slight_smile: Welcome to the LD4ALL forum

Well since u seem to know quite a bit about LDing…im sure u will have one pretty soon! So…Good LUck !!

BTW…i love your avatar! Its cute ! :content:

good luck on your LDing! I’ve had 1 LD in my whole dreaming carreer :wink: And i’ve been going for months :grin: Don’t worry, you’ll do it soon! As for waking up, I’ve had many many near LD’s where I’ve tried spinning, looking at me hands exc, but my body was just not cooperating. Don’t think you’ve failed if you have a near LD because it means you’re getting really close! :alien:

I did it, after about one week ive had my first lucid dream i induced. I just wanted to let you all know im so excited i had my first, now i know i can do it. If you feel like reading my first lucid dream ill put it below, i took out some of the beginning to make it a little shorter, but its still extremely long enjoy and it can be done :content:

(In my dream i was a Navy Seal, The location is in a wooded area at a terrorist base) I was near then entrance to the base when i saw a van parked out front. I thought to myself if i took this van i could bring it back to my guys load it up and sneek in since it was the terrorist van, I opened the pessanger door and their was a woman behind the wheel, kind of looked like my school bus driver. I told her not to move, or id shot, then i said get in the back, the far back, she opened the door and went out and back in the back door. I started driving the van backwards since it was facing a wall. The car then became deformed and the steering wheel was with me in the back (nolonger in the front) and the gas and brake in the front. I told her to get in the front so she could hit the brake for when we went into turns. She never ended up in the front but i remember another guy who it seemed like i was good friends with my whole life was now with us in the van. He was now also a navy seal. (He had short blonde hair and resembled the actor who played the main role in Behind Enemy Lines) I was lossing control of the van around turns because of rear wheel steering and fast speed. I then was coming to a light and the traffic was backed up, i moved onto the shoulder and remembered telling the woman how if we hit a tree we could easily all die. after running the red light i was then outside the van, (that now turned into a car), it then hit a tree, the only problem was that my friend was still in it, as the car went down this a hill leading to a house, my friend was ejected and was tumbling down the hill. After talking with the woman for a min. i looked at the bottom of the short hill to see my friend face down. Thats when i paniced, i told her to call 911 and i ran down the hill to try and see if my friend was ok. It didnt look good and i ran back up to the top of the hill to try to get help, i tried to step infront of a suv to get it to stop but it went right by, i looked ahead and through that light their was a police suv goin straight parrallel to the hill, he then turned down at the bottom near the house and put his sirens on, i ran towards it trying to get their attention but they spead by on a dirt road. I went back to my friend he was now covered in sand and looked like all his muscles were tensing and then relaxing, making him shake and jump up every now and then. I knew he didnt have much longer and as I started to cry i remembered the house, ran to it and as i made it to the front door it was cracked open, i opened it all the way and their was a guy with long blonde hair standing their, i demanded to use his phone so he let me in, i called 911 and left the phone on, i then went to make pancakes for my friend while i was in the kitchen? I got out the milk and looked for eggs, i only found these huge deformed stork eggs ontop the low refridge. I went back in to the other room and sat on one of the sofas next to that guy and noticed he was my brother older brother. I looked at him and told him how i forgot this was his place and didnt recognize him at first, i thought about it and i remembered the blonde guy open the door and realized i Must Be DREAMIN YAY… (Once i realized i didnt get to excited i just seemed to accept the fact). I was still sitting next to my brother and he told me how he got a fireplace, i didnt care cause i wanted to leave and go exploring, but didnt want to be rude so i listen for a little, i think i told him i was dreaming, i also remember thinking how i didnt have to worry about my friend since i could just bring him back to life, i was then ready to leave the house and when i blinked my eyes in the dream and opened them i was looking at my ceiling in the bed of my room, i knew i was nolonger dreaming and was disappointed i woke up, but i was so excited

I did it, i had my first lucid dream :smile:


:partying_face: :beer: :partying_face: :bounce:

good job! proud of you flexx :happy: it gets MUCH easier after your first, and then easier again after your second. i just woke up from my third, and i’ve only been doing LD’s for like a month and three days so cheers to us heh :beer:

Yea i guess it is easier now. After waking up and writing the whole dream down i used the WBTB meathod and i had another, but it didnt last long because after i did a reality check i closed my eyes in the dream and everything went black and i woke up. I dont know why i bother blinking my eyes in my dreams it keeps waking me up, lol, i guess i got to go back to Laberges book again and read up again on staying in the dream world.

I’m not even gonna complain about the newbies beating me anymore

Congrats Flexx! Are you considering posting your LDs in the Dream Diary forum? I’d be interested in reading them!

about the same for me, I know I have had some LD while I was around 14-16 years old, but I didn’t know anything about it, now I am 19 and started to read about lucid and only after some days I have got 3 LD under 2 nights in a row :smile:

Yea once i start having more ill keep um posted, and even know im new ived done so much in this past week to strive for a LD including reading both of steve Laberges LD books and ive done the WBTB meathod each night after doing the MILD and WILD. When it comes down to it i believe its all about the effort, lucky for me i got all summer to work on it :smile:

All summer to work on it… You lucky *******

For anyone who can enjoy it, happy vacation :cool:

Great job! :cool: I was trying to have a LD the same night you got one, but all I have to show for it is a vague memory about limes, and no lucidity :eh: …Good job in pulling it off!