A huge dream sign of mine is... how do I RC about it

my family, like every dream my family is with me.
Is there any way to do a RC about my family?

Appended “how do I RC about it” to the topic to avoid confusion. :dragon:

hm… if you are around your family a lot IWL too it might me tricky. Unless you get used to doing a RC every time you’re with them… :tongue:

Perhaps you could try to get the dream-sign more specific. Do your family do anything specific usually? Do they behave like normal? Is there any difference between waking life them and the dream version? Trying to see if they are behaving normally could be quite an effective RC, once you are used to it, you might even try applying it to other people too. :grin:

Another thing to check would be their clothes and especially Hair. In a # of my dreams where my sisters are involved, I have found that when I see them they usually have an older hairstyle they once had compared to what they now have in present day reality.

Hmm… I’d do that.

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