A hyperactive mind and lucid dreaming

Hi! here’s my little story; I’ve done reality checks about twice a day for the past 6 months, and I’ve had trouble getting lucidity. I’ve only suceeded twice, using WBTB ununtentionally. The first dream was very, very fuzzy; I could tell it was fake and I felt like I was manipulating an avatar rather than having a psuedosensual experience. The second time was very real; it was one of the only dreams I’ve had that felt more real than some days in real life. My dream recall is selective; I remember dreams if I think, within a few seconds of waking, that the dream was noteworthy.

I’ve tried many techniques to force myself to be lucid rather than have it unintentionally happen. There’s a snowball’s chance in hell that WILD will work for me; I can’t focus. MILD doesn’t quite work, I can’t kid myself very well nor stay focused on lucidity for very long. VILD has the same problems, except, in addition to focus troubles, I always want to change my dream/vision ever-so-slightly each time until the current dream varies wildley from my original.

My question basically is, what can someone with a hyperactive, almost AD/HD mind do to become lucid regularly and under control, rather than random times that I fall asleep again?

I can’t get WILD to work either. I still LD easy enough. Most people have problems with WILD, it isn’t uncommon. Only two RCs a day isn’y good enough. I usually do 10-20 every day, and when you do them you really have to question. If you do them and dont really think about it, they are not working. Observe closely, do multiple RCs. Look at your hands, count your fingers, hold your nose closed and try to breath, look at your reflection in a mirror. Really try and prove with out a doubt that this is reality.

ya the reality checks have worked for me, thats how i have had all my 4 lucid dreams. i do them probably 30 times a day, and every time it is genuine. It depends on the person, but it sounds like for you two isnt enough. So if you cant do any induction techniques like MILD and WILD, then just reality check as much as you can.
Another problem may be that youre giving up to easily. If youre not determined enough to do these techniques, chances of lucidity are small. Determination is a hugee factor in success.

Also. You’re trying to FORCE yourself to have lucid dreams, as you put it. If that’s your approach then Wild will probably be impossible. And You’ll be discouraged when you try mild and fail. Try to be more relaxed about it so you can actually fall asleep. If you try really hard then fall asleep, maybe your mind will just want to rest.

by force I meant intentionally have. I just picked the wrong word.

:uh: How about WBTB and Autosuggestion ? with more RC’s… You need to know that anyone can learn LDing. Maybe just need not to force in any kind your mind to have LD’s, but rather suggest yourself to have one. Something like LDing at will, with more help provided by RC’s and WBTB. That seems to be better option that trying standard methods. You can also replace WBTB with CAT.

EDIT: CAT ( Cycle Adjustment Technique )Topic

Ok. sorry if I judged you harshly.