A list of Reality Checks

For the last couple of nights I’ve done a reality check in my dream, but somehow my mind has found a way to convince me that what would prove I’m dreaming actually means I’m awake. Now I only know one reality check, to read something, look away, and when you look back it changes. Any new ones I should try?

I’d suggest you try pinching your nose and then attempting to breathe. If you can still breathe you’re probably dreaming. It seems to be one of the most reliable since irl you continue to breathe. Just make sure whatever you do, make sure you’re clearing asking yourself if you are dreaming are not. Also, it’s good to look into doing a few all at once in case one fails. You might try pushing one finger through your palm or counting fingers.

Hold your nose
Simple and effective. Hold your nose and try breathing through your fingers. If you can breathe you are dreaming.

Use your hands
Look at your hands and see if they look weird.
Alternately: try sticking a finger through your hand. If you succeed you are definately dreaming.

Try to levitate
Go on, just try it. Try to levitate from the ground and let yourself float. If you can do that you must be dreaming.

Try to switch on the light
Lichtswitches work erratically in dreams. Flip the nearest lightswitch. If you are dreaming the light won’t work. Or it might work but will shine in a different color or less bright.

If you switch on a light and it works not like it should you have a big change it’s a dream. Or a fuse has blown - so don’t go jumping from high buildings yet.

i Got This From the LD4all Guide. its not mine!!


I’ve found that its not so much the physical act of doing a reality check that is in itself important, but the fact that you are concerning your mind with the idea that you are either awake or asleep. What I do is, whenever my watch beeps (every hour) I ask myself, am I awake? I look around, observe my surroundings. Does it seem dream like? Does anything look out of place? If so, I do a series of reality checks. I plug my nose. I look at my hands. I try and figure out how I got to this place. To me, it’s more important that you ask yourself first, get your mind engaged in the reality checking process, as opposed to going through the motions of the reality check and not engaging the mind.