A list with "forgotten" memories

Hello I’m new here but I wanted to ask a question.
In a dream I just had a list appeared in front of me, that I could scroll some kind of way, and in this list there was all my forgotten memories! And the interesting stuff is that it really was memories that I had forgotten about a long time ago!
Has this happened to anyone else?

Hi and welcome.

I have had similar things happen…not a ‘list’ though, but many of my childhood memories, both good and bad have been remembered due to me dreaming about the events that have happened or by someone or something in my dreams reminding me of a particular thing.

Just like the way in our waking life that memories can be triggered by hearing a particular song or smelling some scent familiar to us that links to the past.

It is pretty unique that you had a list of memories…that must have been an excellent dream to recall in the morning.

Hope you wrote it all down!


Hey, welcome to ld4all forum!

By the way, I believe that when we are dreaming, we have all access to the memory bank; therefore, we can remember better than we do in waking life.

I, too, have some experiences about remembering my pasts especially my childhood life. It was fun being a kid… I wish I can go back. Hehehehe.

I agree with ReaLiTY.FaiLuRe, I hope you have it all written down because it sounds like a cool dream!

Yes I thought so to. Well I’m active in TELEPORT to. www.teleport.com and I was thinking of that before I went to sleep. It was rather strange I woke up and my older brother sat next to me and explained to me that he was my “guide”. I dont see him to often scince he lives in another city and are married but anyways, I asked him. Guide, what do you mean? And he said that I would understand if I looked into the list. Well I did and saw some notes and icons “memories” and before anything happened I woke up.

The thing about your mind is that it remembers everything, I mean everything down in your subconcious. The trick is knowing how to “find” that information. I found out you can use your dreams when you are lucid since when you dream you are in your subconcious. I believe that once you are lucid you can call up any information you want if you just know how. It will take some time,practice, and patience but the reward would definitely be worth the wait.

In one of my early lucid dreams, and one of the vivid ones too, i came into a place that was called “the museum of lost memories”. Inside where all kind of objects that somehow had to do with my lost memories.
It was a very vivid and cool lucid dream, in that dream i was sketching all stuff i saw in the hope to save it for when i woke up :grin:

One of the first draft versions of this site the museum of lost memories was included as a site item, but it didn’t make it into the final version.


That reminds me…

If you are into ‘horror’ films, there is an excellent film based on a book by Stephen King called ‘Dreamcatcher’.
In this film, there is a whole lot of it based on on guys ‘Library of Memories’ where he files away everything he has ever remembered in this place in his own mind. A filing system type thing. If he want’s to completely forget a memory he has to incinerate the files stored there in a huge incinerator on the ground floor. The movie is good to see just for the scenes of this guy and his mind…it is great…if you like horror…check it out!