A little bit of help with a dream analysis...

Okay. I just had a really wierd dream, (Right on the verge of Lucid) but I didn’t control it. And I was just wondering what it could mean. And I figured maybe I oculd ask on this site. I hope I got the right forum for this. If not, sorry.
Okay, so the most recent was this. I’m this female person, (I’m male btw, straight too.) and I’ve been given this assignment to deliver a message for an underground rebellion. So I mount my horse and start to ride off. I notice a man is following me so I start to gallop. Then we are suddenly riding through the woods and he is really chasing me. I know that if this keeps up he will catch me. But he starts to charge, like, flashing Blue and stuff. I know that means he’s going to get a burst of speed and try to spear me. But he keeps missing because I keep dodgeing.

Then we come to a big open lake and with out slowing down I make my horse plunge right into the water. I know that my horse is a faster swimmer then his horse and that I can get ahead in the water. Then I come to an island in the middle of the lake and I climb onto with my horse, (Still a chick btw)and meet some people I needed to group up with. (Also all chicks) In the middle of the island is an underwater tomb…or something. But it’s covered in moss and it scares me. So I bring a lighter out and I swim underwater and begin to burn the moss back. But i run out of fuel before I burn it all. When I come back up I’m suddenly in the back of my best friend truck…with the tomb still there. but it’s me and the group of people a and my friend is not in site.

So we are all hanging out looking at the night sky (It got dark all of a sudden too, K? Don’t ask me. >_>;) and just chilling. Then this like, plane/space ship thing crashes into the lake that we are next too. And then a white car pull up and some one says, “oh look, it’s the government come to erase our minds.” And I say back, (now I’m back to being me) “No, if it was the government then it would have been all black suburbans that pulled up. And there would have been alot of them.” Then like, 20 black suburbans pull up. Then out burst wookies and gys in wookie suits. Also Brock Sampson dressed as a wookie. Then a blonde women walks up and holds on of those flashy things up that erase your mind. (Like in MIB) and I yell out to the people I’m with, “Don’t look into it!” but they do any ways. So I close my eyes and look away. I look up and all of my friends have a blank look on their face. I look up at the women and she’s walking away. Pointing at things and giving orders. Then I woke up.

sooo, any idea what this could mean?

the woman with the memory eraser (an idea which you obvoiusly got from MIB whatever that is) represents somebody who is controlling you in a way that you do not like.

Perhaps i will decode the rest another time - its quite a complicated dream to decipher, and im normally quite good at it.

:rofl: Oh, my cheeks hurt! That was a hilarious dream! Not to make fun of it or anything, but all those random appearances towards the end were terrific. :lol:

Off the top of my head, if I had that dream (assuming I was dreaming of being a boy, since I’m a girl), I wouldn’t attribute the gender change to anything. I get that frequently and it doesn’t seem to mean anything in particular.

The government rebellion, on the other hand, I would take to mean that you’re not terribly happy with the status quo. I wouldn’t take it literally - I’d be more inclined to say that the ‘powerful government organisation’ represents some more general mainstream trend which you don’t agree with.

But it’s all guesswork - I could be wrong.

Perhaps it has to do with gender roles or—I don’t know… Maybe it reflects a different underlying aspect of you…

I’m not sure.

I know it’s really lame to bump a topic from the literal depths. ANd I’m sorry. But I’ve really asked around and found no help for this. I really want to know. >_>

you probably feel you got no help … because the secret of this dream is inside your own head for you to search out…

But if it was my dream…
it’s all related to male/female roles.
in the dream you are changed into a female (the weaker sex)
you fear when the male pursuer charges (testoserone rush/violence?)
but you are very quick and evade the ‘brutal power’
the woods would be being unable to see how the other side think/act
the lake emotions and feelings
the underwater tomb could be the emotions that males often try to force down … not acknowledge
“and begin to burn the moss back.” burn … flame/passion
“But i run out of fuel before I burn it all.” uncovering hidden depths of emotion is draining

the female group are getting in touch with nature … but the males are represented by hard technology … the plane/space ship and car.

:rofl: is just thinking of the wrong thing at the right time and seeing men in black in the past :tongue:

So have you thought of this dream yourself? have you any idea what it means to you?