A little help plz

i need some help getting hold of my dream. kinda like starting it… i managed to gain a bit of lucidity last night, i was infront of my old scohol, talking to my sister,then i knew it was a dream so i flew for a few secs… then i ended up in a cafateria, i spun to a gilrs house but then nothing happened, i was just in a screwed up dream. then i woke up, went to have a snack, then went to bed… i was laying in bed, cuz i wanted to…dream about a girl :grin: how would i start thje dream, tonight i was thinking, to lay in bed saying… im gonna sleep, and have a lucid dream, and when i wake up… im gonna remember it, im gonna lucid dream about this and that, until i sleep? then, once im in, does anyone got any tips or anything, i saw all the tutorials, and i thought maybe from peeps that experienced it… i would get more of a wide range of help and answers… thx!

i am fairly new at this as well, but there is something i think i could mention. When I first realized I was lding, things started to get out of control. it all moved around too quickly and i lost lucidity. I just try not to control things to much, but experience them at first. Take it all in. Rub your hands together or look around for other dreamsigns ( even if you are already lucid!0 This way you can get a feel for how things are in the dream state. spinning works too, but it tends to send me into another dream (sometimes non Lucid). Keep calm and rational. Hope it helps!

If you want to dream about a specific thing, you could ry goign to sleep visulasing it. Or, as you suggested, repeating a mantra.

To gain lucidity, simply pick a technique you think suits you and go with that. I highly suggest you using WBTB and RC’s in conjuction with it.

Once you’re in and lucid, looking around you and consider what it all feels like.
Try saying ‘increase lucidity now’ to improve lucidity.
Do your best to keep calm - if you’re afraid you’re going to wake up, look at your hands.
Remind yourself that it is a dream and that anything is possible.

In order to transport yourself somewhere, there are many ways to do this. Spinning is probably the most risky of them all.
Ways you an transport yourself:

Close a door and tell yourself that when you open it, you’ll be whereever you want to be.

Walk through a mirror or TV and expect to show up at the destiniation.

Walk around a corner, expecting to be there when you turn the corner.

Just expect yourself to apear there (more advanced but saves time)

Simply fly/walk/swim/whatever there.

The most powerful technique I have found for changing the scene and making stuff appear is by this:

  1. For a scene:

Close your eyes, feel around for something which would be in that scene. For instance, if it’s your room, feel around until you feel your bed. Open your eyes, and your there.

  1. For an addition to the current scene your in (people, places, things), lol, basically a noun:

Do not close your eyes, but feel around behind you for the thing you want. If you want it find, say, a car. Feel around behind you without looking expecting to feel a car hood, or whatever. I actually havn’t tried changing the weather like this, but it would be an interesting experiment.

That’s interesting… most people have reported waking up after they close their eyes. Disconnects you from the dream, see? :content:

Perhaps people only wake up when they close there eyes because they’ve been told that will happen (just like the light switch thing - they don’t work because expect them not too).

I’ve had that eye closing wake up up thing too. These days however, I just experience blackness. If I do wake up, It’s usually a false awakening, and I just re-enter into some other dream. Perhaps it is because it is expected, like a lot of dream things.

I have experienced this as well. However it is not just closing your eyes that is the problem. It is closing them then opening them again. So in a LD try not to close your eyes. But if you do happen to close them there is an easy fix. Don’t open them again instead, try to see through your eyelids. It works.