A little help with WILD

Ok, so last night i tried the WILD technique but i’m having some trouble getting to vibrations. I layed down on my back and began breathing deeply. (8 second inhale, hold for 2 seconds, then exhaled for 10 seconds). i relaxed my entire body slowly, focusing on relaxing from my feet until i relaxed all my muscles to my head. i cleared my mind and tryed to keep focused on the HI that i began seeing. my body felt kind of tingling but i felt no vibrations and couldnt seem to get SP. i tried for about a half an hour to 45 min before i fell asleep. :meh: any suggestions?

i think you trying too hard. dont worry about your breathing so much just breath like you would if you were trying to fall asleep normally, and dont try to focus on anything too much just let you mind wander. at least thats what i do

and make sure your trying to WILD when you take a nap or after like 4 to 5 hours of sleep

Well I tried again last night and but this time I didnt focus too much and kind of just let myself drift away and I got the vibrations, I let myself drift asleep telling myself I was dreaming and next thing I know, I was lucid! I had 2 lucid dreams and a false awakening but I noticed that I was dreaming again so I had 3 lucid dreams last night. It was great and I tried some flying and it really does help to flap your arms I got fairly good at flying that way but I couldn’t seem to get the superman way to work for me.

Also, this time I did use my alarm clock to wake me up at about 3 a.m.

I’m glad to hear that. I’m still not all that good at the flying thing. So for the most part when I’m lucid i just walk around and talk to DC s they say some strange things lol

and keep trying WILD it gets easier

Cool! :woo:
Where you new to lucid dreaming?
If so, that’s very encouraging for me. It means you don’t need that much experience to achieve a lucid dream! :woo:
You will have a great future in lucid dreaming, I’m sure :wink:
Good luck,
~ Chocolat 65 ~

Yes actually I heard about Lucid Dreaming like 6 days ago so I’ve been learning basic everything I can about it. I’ve been trying every night since and had my first (3) Lucid Dreams just last night. If you’d like I could tell you basically everything I did last night that I think might have helped.

Congratulations! Yea, it’d be great if you told me what you did, because I am new to lucid dreaming as well, and i have also been trying to do the WILD method. I think i got really close once, and random things kept popping into my head, but something happened and i got out of it. Did you do anything special?

Well, you know how teachers sometime use punishments like making your write something over and over and over. Well I tried that for LDing, sort of a way to pound it into your subconscious. Try writing something like “The next time I’m dreaming I’ll realize I’m dreaming” or “I’m dreaming” over and over before you go to bed or before you try to WILD.

Congratulations on your first three lucid dreams!

P.S. WILD’ing is hard, but in the end it’s worth it. :wink:

Ok thanks, thats a great idea. Ill try that tonight before i go to sleep. I hope it works.