a little on my ld experiences and how to help you have them

-Please read, long text but very interesting for the subject. About 20 minutes ago I probably experienced my 1,000th lucid dream and quickly found this website. I’ve been often having lucid dreams since I was approximately around age 15. Now I am 19 and I have them less frequently than I used to. At first they completely freaked me out and lasted on average about 2-3 long and strange minutes. I tried to aviod them and cut back on my sugar and caffeine input but it alone didn’t noticibly help much. As time went on I learned to tolerate them to a point. From my experiences, I dont understand why so many people here are so intrigued by them.

Anyways, every lucid dream I have ever had started out directly after beginning to rest, day or night, and lasted for a short while. they have always been consistently as long as the last. I have never had a lucid dream without floating out of my body because this is the only factor in my lucid dreams which I can fully control and is the only entertaining thing about my LD experiences. Besides floating around wherever I wish to go, my head has always been in pain while in lucid dreams like a vice is squeazing it tight. this is the most bothering and uncomfortable thing about my LD’s. I also am able to slightly move my eyes to see the exact settings of what I saw and where I was before I fell into the lucid state and can hear sounds (usually sounds which I find out to be not real or current in the physical world) (ex. people talking who really weren’t talking when I wake up). As far as actual, real body movement, there is none no matter how hard I try while in ludic states. Some of my LD’s to this day are haunting. For example, I had one lucid dream where a perfectly visable shadow of an old woman was kneeling at the foot of my bed staring at me while I was unable to move my eyes away from here or escape out of the LD for a short while. Thinking about it still gives me chills. Other than haunting figures and images, floating around the room, though very eerie and scary at times, is the most interesting aspect of my LD’s. I literally can go anywhere I want and it feels completely real and amazing. They are eerie and scary simply because they feel so real and don’t present what can possibly happen next while floating around a room in the dark (kinda creepy like picturing yourself floating around in the untraveled outer space). That’s about it for my lucid dreams. Now here’s the jewel to my long story; the only times I ever notice to have lucid dreams are when all these ingredients are present together; When i get very little sleep the night before (between 2-4 hours), am fatigued and tired, drink a few glasses of soda during the day of the lucid dream(high sugar), and think about having the lucid dream right before falling asleep. I hope I have helped some one out on lucid dreams and I have to say, be careful of what you wish for, you may find the lucid dreaming to be unpleasant.

It sounds like you have been experiencing Sleep Paralysis rather than Lucid Dreams as we know them. What you described sounds like hallucinations you can have in such a state. But I may have understood you wrong.
Are you always in bed? Do you not walk around at all? Is the floating the only thing you can do? Is your dream body paralysed as well as your physical body?

You say that it always happens when you are beginning to rest. This corresponds to hypnogogic hallucinations and you can enter sleep paralysis while falling alseep. I’m sorry, maybe these terms are unfamiliar to you, I don’t know. You can read all about them on this board. In fact I urge you to do so. Maybe you’ll find there is more to lucid dreaming than floating around with a headache. It really sounds like what comes before the actual lucid dreams.

A …thousand… lucid dreams… oh my god… :eek: