A little (spiritual) comic :)

I’m not a great artist, but I made a little comic. It’s about a small conversation between a skeptic and a spiritual person :smile:.


  • Xoalin AKA Kenshi

Lol, as I said… I really loved that comic. It really made very sense to me. :smile: Cute. Keep it up! Also… that person on right reminds me of Jeff somehow. Lol!

nice start, keep them coming :smile:

:happy: that’s great, haha.

Nice comic :smile:

Can’t wait to see more

Heh, that’s pretty funny.

heheheheh. nice!! Thanks for making my hour.

I love it!

Dm7 ~lol :razz:

Nice one k’shi keep em comming :razz:.

Excellent work! :happy:

It’s Jeff! (DM7 is right :cool_laugh: ) Funny picture and Idea :grin: More!