A Logical Theory of Deja Vu

I have indeed noticed all of the other threads on LD4all in relevance to the controversial issue of Deja Vu. But none offered any explanation toward the phenomena, so in essence, and since numerous hours of days of my life have been spent pondering this very idea, I shall grant you permission into the conduit of my brain’s inner mind.

One day, as I am riding in my best friend’s car, whom, indeed, I feel I am connected to through past life interactions I began to feel as if I had experienced this same situation - same people and surroundings - before. As the loving emotions rush over my self, I literally began thinking about the causes of the phenomena of Deja Vu. I thought long and hard and finally conjured up a theoretical approach to the sometimes acceptible phenomena. Me, myself, and I recalled several occasions at which I had researched the always pleseant sounding experiences that reincarnation provides, and in all times of research, read that, usually, we humans are given the opportunity to choose who we are, who are parents are, and that we are shown a preview of our future life (This life) on a panoramic screen. I am now beginning to think that feelings of deja vu are in direct exposure of those very previews you are shown before you enter into this earth life.
Think about it because, logically, this does make sense.

You are shown a panoramic view of things to come before you enter this horrible earthbound life. Throughout your life, once born onto this physical plane we call life, you have random memories of what was shown to you on that screen before you enter this this life which is only remembered once experienced. And once you finally experience the feeling of deja vu, the emotions are beyond human comprehension.
You are at a complete loss as to how and why you were subjected to the deja vu experience.

What else could explain deja vu. I dont understand how EVERYONE included in the human population can experience this and it not be a part of reality, defended by science. Because I know, many people relate it to being the human imagination at work. What could explain the mostly pleseant emotions that accompany the phenomena of deja vu. And these are hard EMOTIONS, I mean, when they hit you, you almost want to cry. Any comments welcomed.

It’s an interesting idea, but there is one problem; the assumption that we all were something before we existed on this earth. There is no way to actually test, and therefore, defend with science, an idea such as this, which would certainly make it hard to prove. Other than that, it’s interesting, and would make sense if there is something before this life :smile:

Deja Vu never made me want to cry.

Interesting theory indeed.

Well there is actually a sientiffic yet rather horribel explanation of deja vu. A dejavu is a ctually an error in the brains short therm memmory. Wath happens is that for a fraction of a second the brains short term memmory shuts down for a unknown reason (allthoug stress has a tendendes to cause it). This will generate a gap in the memmory bank. Alltough the gap is chronologicly microscopic its still a gap. There is no difrent from a memmory gap of one milisecond to one year. That is why it feels like we have felt this before. But since the gap is so short and only in the short teem memmory this generates a feling o f total confusion. The feeling that this MIGHT have happend some other time.

It’s a cool theory and all–it’d make an interesting sci-fi novel–but the problem is simply that there isn’t the slightest bit of evidence to suggest that this is true. It’s just an idea.

One thing to keep in mind is that deja vu does not allow us to know what’s about to happen. It feels like it does; while experiencing deja vu, we see something happen and we think Hey, that’s what I thought was going to happen! But we actually don’t know what’s about to happen. Next time you experience deja vu in a situation where events around you aren’t totally predictable, try to predict what will happen in a few seconds. You’ll probably be wrong, although you’ll feel like you were just about to predict the events that actually DO happen.

Bottom line: deja vu is nothing more than a feeling. No matter what causes it, it’s just a feeling that what we’re doing has happened before when it actually hasn’t. If it were a memory from a “preview” of your life, we would be able to accurately predict events in the immediate future with some success. We would also experience some long-term deja vu (i.e. we would occasionally predict long-term consequences of our deja vu moments).

Mind you, there’s no way anyone can totally disprove this theory. But it doesn’t have much logical or scientific base either. :smile:

Cool idea, anyway…

I don’t know Data. While you’re correct that it doesn’t have any scientific basis yet, I think that it does make logical sense. In fact, besides mormor’s comment, it’s the only conclusion I’ve heard that makes sense to me.
Mormor’s comment is also very interesting, although I would have to know more about the science behind it before I agree. When I experience deja vu, I slowly come to the realization that I have experienced this before, with absolutely no doubt in my mind (although the emotion I usually experience is just excitement). And that awareness continues as I sort of watch what’s happening from an outside point of view as I continue whatever’s happeneing (if that makes sense). OS if it’s a memeory gap, it seems like you wouldn’t be able to be aware of it as it’s happening, especially if it continues for a good amount of time. But like I said, I should probably read about it.

I was just thinking - I’ve heard that everyone has the capability to be psychic. But for most of us our consciouss mind or whatever it is tends to interfere (maybe we’re not in touch with our subconsiouss/intiutive/ wiser selves).
Anyway, maybe deja va are moments of psychic clarity that spontaniously occur when we’re spacing out, or our conscious mind has let it’s guard down a bit. But who knows, I haven’t thought it through or anything yet.

Okay, one more thing, I know this is a long post. What has always concerned me about de ja vu is that if it is something that you have seen or experienced before, does that mean that since you’re experiencing it again that you haven’t grown wiser or learned any more lessons, but are right back where you were before? I hope not, but it’s a little disconcerting.

I agree. The idea is interesting, but you can hardly call it a “logical theory,” since it relies on the truth of a belief which, frankly, not that many people believe. Again, though, on the flipside, I mean no offense and I think your idea is cool.

There are numerous theories as to how Deja Vu occurs. I favor the one which states that your brain stores what is happening in the present in a certain buffer, or box, or whatever you want to call it, in your mind. It stores what has happened in the past in a different buffer. Some electrical signals get randomly mixed up (just like they occasionally could in a complex circuit board or on electronic equipment), and something gets shifted from one box to another. In effect, your brain “confuses the past with the present.”

Don’t quote me on what I’m about to say, but I think that this would also explain why Deja Vu is more frequent among younger people than older, because the brain is growing and developing faster.

This isn’t a very logical explanation for people who don’t believe in reincarnation, such as myself. I have never had a Deja Vu, so not EVERYONE has experience this “part of reality”

Hmmm… I gave the scientific explanation in the Deja Vu thread. Didn’t you see it?

There is another scientific explanation to Deja Vu. When you see something, as I’m sure most of you know, neurons are fired from your eyes into your brain where they are processed and we ‘see’ an image. Sometimes, one of the neurons get ‘lazy’ and move a fraction slower, thus causing you to ‘see’ the image twice as one neuron reaches the brain before the other. This leads you to believe you have been here, done or seen something before.

You know another possibility for Deja Vu…

Assuming you believe in the Many Worlds Theory, and assuming that there are a great number of 'you’s, we can, why not, assume that they’re all connected somehow. Maybe all part of one entity that is existing in many universes, branching out to each one. Perhaps, sometimes, if a universe is close enough to yours in probability, the memory leaks from one ‘you’ and goes to the you ‘you’.

Hmm… well, so if there is reincarnations: where are the new souls coming from?

They are born from spirit familys :wink:

my strongest moment of Deja vu…
I was sitting on a couch with friends and talking to one in the kitchen cutting a slice of pizza. When the moment of Deja vu occured not only did i feel like it happened before but I knew what would happen AND the conversation for the next approx. 10 seconds. I opened my mouth and wispered everyones words to myself right before they were said. It was like lipping a movie conversation that you’ve seen 100 times.

Fortunately by the time this massive Deja vu occured it had interested me and I had theorized about it myself for quite some time so I already had a plan in action that I must be sure I know what is going to happen before it happens, because I really did think Deja vu had some psychic or paranormal connection. (Which is why I made sure to voice the conversation to myself b4 it occured)

Think what you will about my account. I totally disagree with the optical nueron theory, b/c deja vu can be audible too. And the that theory doesn’t support people who think they heard something said before.

I have heard from a few different sorces that de ja vu is only your brain messing up on the information input. So insted of puting the information into files so to speak it records it as a memory thats already happend. I can’t say this is 100% true or anything like that but it did sound logical to me.