A lucid dream within a non-lucid one

I’m not really sure where to post it, it’s actually more of a question with included one of my dreams I had tonight. It’s not really a journal entry, actually more a question…

But here it goes. It will become very confusing in the end, let me tell you. I had a really interesting experience today, I dreamed that I had a lucid dream! So, I had a a lucid dream inside of a non-lucid one, but I will end up experiencing them both at the same time in the end.

I can’t remember the details, but I do know that somehow I fell asleep in my non-lucid dream, and then I had a lucid dream. I was in a big house with no furniture. That’s probably my dream sign, a big house with no furniture. It comes back every time, I tell you.
I noticed that I was lucid, and I decided to fly around in the room, and examining everything. That’s when I came across a mirror, and as interested as I was, I stuck my head through the mirror. I didn’t even feel the mirror, it was as if the mirror was portal to another dimension.
On the other side there wasn’t really a lot of interesting things to see. Just a lot of… nothing actually. There was just a green-red coloured void. Which is funny, a void, which is nothing, is coloured? Well, at least I know what a green-red coloured nothing looks like now :happy:

So I pulled my head out of the mirror again and flew around some more. I think I woke up around that time. That is, I woke up from my lucid dream into my non-lucid dream.
I think that I became somewhat more lucid then, because I noticed that when I closed my eyes in the non-lucid dream, I was having the lucid dream again. I would be in the big house again, but this time I controlled both bodies at once. I was one person, but I was in two places at the same time.

Which was very confusing. The dreams didn’t overlap very well. I quickly ran to my mother to tell her I could access my lucid dream simply by closing my eyes. Suprisingly, when I closed my eyes, I could both see my non-lucid dream and my lucid dream at the same time clearly.

I closed my eyes, and started running around in the big house. But also my other body in my non-lucid dream was running, and suddenly there was a car in front of me (in the non-lucid dream). I stopped running because I would surely bump into that car.
So in the non-lucid dream I couldn’t move further, but in the lucid dream (which I was experiencing at the same time) there was plenty of room. However, the non-lucid kind of stopped the lucid dream, because I lost my ability to fly.

So when I really woke up, wait… tries the nose reality check Yes. So when I really woke up, I was really confused. How could I be at two locations at the same time? And how could I experience two dreams at the same time? I saw two images, they were very different, but I could see them at the same time without losing clarity of both images. I could hear two things at the same time, but there was no loss of clarity. I could feel… Well, you get the picture. They overlapped, yet they didn’t.

Has anyone had an experience like this before? Experiencing two or more dreams at the same time without losing clarity of any of those dreams?

I have had what I describe as layered dreams, where I am in two places at once in a dream. So your experience would be an extension of this since it was 2 ‘dreams’

BTW a LD within a normal dream is called a meta-dream (though if I’m fully aware in the LD I just call it a LD :tongue: )

I see, so that’s called a meta-dream. That’s neat! I wonder if I’ll have more dreams like these =P