A lucid poem - Lucidity and Despair

No, I did not write this poem while lucid (I wish). Rather, it is poem about lucidity and the failure to fulfill one’s goals while dreaming. This was written for a scholarship competition, but I thought I’d share it with you ld4all people who doubtless will understand it better than a panel of judges. Anyway, here it is:

Lucidity and Despair

In my mind a universe grows
Complete, unblemished, and yet
‘Twas not I who chose
These forms, illusions, silhouettes
Too long have they gone on
Waiting for my hand to mold
No longer.

Stridently they mock me
Like guardians of a secret
But I possess the key
And this time I do not forget
Looking at my hand
I become lucid
Expectation is my command.

My mind is the only reality;
These defeated spirits are but fictions
With five-minute mortality
Oh imperfect reflections!
Am I powerless to alter thee?

Loved it!!! Maybe the judges won’t get it, but who knows, it still kicks ass as a poem. I like the last paragraph the best. Beautiful stuff :grin: Keep writing!

agrees with neo always nice to find a fellow poet, good luck on getting your scholarship :yinyang:

here’s a poem i wrote when i first started lucid dreaming:

[i]After I lie down
In the waning evening.
It dawns on me!
I must be dreaming!
I can touch my touching,
And feel my feeling.
Rule this place;
Find my meaning.

For some reason it seems
More real to me.
So please don’t end
My reverie.
The world of the physical
Imprisons me.

Is overrated.
Concrete objects
Make me jaded.
Never sated.

When I’m dreaming,
Let me be!
If I Awake,
I’ll be free.
But then it blurs
And fades on me.
My lucid dreams
Escaping me.

There’s a time for giving;
A time for taking.
A time for building;
A time for breaking.
A time for pleasure;
A time for aching.
My time approaches;
A time for Waking.[/i]

Thank you for the kind replies, Neo and oneiromancer. :ok: Neo, I would have to agree that the last paragraph is best.

Oneiromancer, you have a great poetic skill! :smile: Especially those first 2 paragraphs…keep writing!

Now I think I’ll go and mail the scholarship…

hehe for some reason this made me wanna write a poem :cool_laugh:
Unfortunately i’ve never really wrote a poem and it sucks after i got done but hey it felt good when i wrote it. well here it is tell me what you think and be honest! if it sucks just tell me. it is my first :content:

Lucid dreaming?
Is that some feeling?
Some vast place of joy and healing?
Now its killing, this endless feeling.
I want more!
More joy more healing!
Every night I get this feeling
I know I can go
No when, no where, its just there!
For I do not walk into the dark
I walk inside and see the spark!
This guides my way through the dark.
As I journey through this hall
I see this bright glowing ball.
It opens up and shows all.
What’s this light in front of me?
Is that me?
O what a site
Now to get this every night
As I wake I despair
For no more can I venture there
The journeys at it’s final end
Until tonight I begin once again

I don’t usually like rhyming poems but yours had a nice flow. I liked the ending more than the beginning though.

Wow guys those are all fantastic poems!

I really liked them!

I have written many poems but never about dreaming and lucidness, I will write a poem very soon and post it here!

Again I must say those poems are great!
fear, Endymion & oneiromancer please keep at it, show us more poems about LD’s :smile:

All the best,

Great poems.


well this post made me want to write a poem about dreams, and not just that, about life,

here it is (its one of my rare dreams which don’t rhyme):

life is but a dream
but our daily routine as it seems,
keeps us from realizing,
realizing the truth of who we are.

we can be so pure,
yet we choose filth,
without knowing where we are heading,
we drive on and on.

nobody turns to object,
everyone goes with the flow,
the flow of corruption and disgust,
which plagues our minds day by day.

only in our dreams can we start to understand,
how all this came to be,
only in our head can we realise,
realise that we don’t actually understand.

as I weep uncontrollably,
weeping for a reason I don’t know of,
little do I realise,
its all in my mind.

haha! not that good…but for 10-15 mins work (here at work :razz:) im not unhappy with it.

ill write more and more, and keep yas updated :happy:


Heres a poem i wrote not too long ago, ive recently started writing poetry but i guess its alright

Dream Drum

A rustling in the distance,
source unknown, and yet,
to one is of no concern.
Singing in the distance,
a song without voice or note,
a music which one finds oneself,
dancing to unknowingly,
dancing without intentional movement,
yet natural movement just the same,
the perfect song and dance,
without musicians or audience,
without form or dancing,
occurring with the occasional notice,
of the distance observer within,
awakening without notice,
stirring at the natural orchestra,
and having feeling for the first time,
the observer is no longer distant,
space becomes illusion,
unity apparent, a part of the song,
presence is revealed.

My sig is a short poem, maybe I’ll expand it into a real poem some time.