A manual of spiritual warefare, experiences and other stuff

A manual for the Christian or the spiritual travelers involved in real Spiritual warfare:
aka: dream warriors handbook

Table of contents

  1. Dear readers
  2. to dream or not to dream?
  3. How to tell when you’re left your bubble area
  4. Encounters
  5. Having no choice but to dream
  6. We are not alone
  7. They know who they are
  8. The shadows made a mistake
  9. Unlocking your inner light
  10. Sometimes
  11. How to tell if a being is evil
  12. Home origin
  13. Researching the shadows is over
  14. a some what beautiful experience
  15. Sleep paralysis
  16. The wanker spirits
  17. Incubus & succubus
  18. I can’t trust all that is light
  19. I’m not that great
  20. real Spiritual warfare

First and foremost
I give thanks to the true and only god whoever he may be, for giving me the greatest gift anyone has ever given me, can only truly be experienced by me" can only truly be appreciated by me, and that is my waking and dreaming existence.
I give thanks to my poor mother, for her poor parenting which taught me at a young age that evil was indeed out there somewhere and very real, thanks mum.
I give love and thanks to any person who has helped me on earth’s journey and the journey of spirit.
I give thanks for all the smiles that lighted up my days, which reminds me why I do what I do, keep smiling my friends" I also give a special thanks to my great grand mother, who made it possible for me to have a some what of a normal life, thank you, even though I never really knew you I still thank you.
I also like to take a minute to thank my daughter, your smiles and laughs really make a difference in my life, you have given me a iron strength.
And I give my eternal thanks to for helping me get this piece of work out there" thank you so much & I bet my readers will also thank you.

Dear readers
I am by far, one of the most opened minded people you could meet in your life.
I never been fully interested in the bible, I was more into UFOs and such when I was young, but when I was even younger then that, I had experiences that I kept safe in my memory and spirit and I never forgot!
My first real spiritual awakening happened, when I was hassled by a recurring dream I had when I was a child age five or six or so.
the dream went like this, I would find my self in a total black world, like god turned the lights out or something, this darkness expanded out in all directions.
I was totally shitting my self. I was curled up in a ball with my arms covering my head.
I would hear a voice. Talking to me, asking me to open my eyes and look up.
When I would open my eyes, I was plucked up from ground level and lifted very high. Then I was pegged at what seemed like warp speed, flying through the mist I see stuff that fly’s by, but I do not recall what it was.
After awakening from this dream, I wonder what it could’ve been?. I had no wisdom or knowledge at that age to form a theory, but ill explain and believe what it could’ve been later in the book.
Anyway, I kept on having this dream!
At random times, which even scared me more, since I didn’t know when it would happen!
I kept dreaming this dream, until something happened within me.
I became Lucid, as in lucid dreaming.
Lucid dreaming is basically you your dreaming self now becomes your conscious self! It’s pretty fun, but it is hard to master for some, for others it comes naturally, but not all lucid dreams are fun.
So anyway, I’m in this dark place, and this voice asking me to open my eyes, with me being fully lucid, I was very quick to say, no!
It asked a few more times, and again I said no! I awoke without any problems!
I thought it was over, you know?
But again I found my self in the dark world, thinking why? Again?
Fully lucid as well! Just being there so many times is enough to make anyone lucid.
Still covering my head with my arms and curled into a ball
I heard a voice say, mark look up and open your eyes; it was my mother’s voice I heard this time, so I obeyed.
The same thing happened, I was plucked from the ground and got thrown further into the dark world, when I awoken I was confused.
Ill cut this very short; I was the only one going through this, so I had to deal with it alone.
Each time I found my self within the dark place, I became lucid!
And I wouldn’t trust anything I heard, I couldn’t actually believe I got to the stage of telling my mother to fuck off!
haha I was telling everyone to fuck off!, but I find it funny now, how this thing was using every persons voice I knew in waking life.
This dream possibly repeated like this for months.
Then when it had no other voice to use, it tried using my mothers again, but was asking angrily! This time around.
I was a little scared but held my ground, I knew what would happen if I opened my eyes! Then it happened, I felt it come like a huge rush of wind, which I understand now to be its energy.
The first voice I ever heard in this dark place came back!
Roaring at me to open my eyes and look up!!!
I was damn scared, but still managed to hold my ground, I screamed at it to piss off and go away! Easier said then done.
I felt it leave!
right then I stood up from ground level, and opened my eyes, and witnessed this dark place, just taking it in the textures the vitality of this place, it was dark yet had a purple electric lightning effect way in the distance I was looking at all this, with out fear. it was pretty profound experience, and I am glade I got into the field of dream research, or I would never been able to label that experience of becoming lucid, you see I thought I really went through all that, it confused me for years let me tell you! Especially with no one to talk too … or did I really face something evil?? Who was trying to trick me in some sort of way?.

To dream or not to dream

a dreaming life in my believe is a calling for only a select few, and I believe those who walk the dreaming path god has laid before him or her, know they are here for a reason, whatever that reason may be.
All my life, I have been also living in the spirit world, training my dreaming self, which could also be called a spiritual self, if you unlock that part of your self.
It does take a burden on you though living in two worlds. My sanity is fully intact, my heart isn’t the best it has the scares you cannot see. You see learning the truths of what is really happening within the spirit world has its revelations and its price.
I believe when you become lucid, you’re in your very own virtual reality bubble. When you venture beyond that bubble, things get interesting!.
In your bubble your safe, you are the bouncer, the king pin!
Beyond it is pain, and sorrow, but if you use your wits and a little common sense you can have blissful experiences! And good times as well.
I travel often beyond my own bubble, to train my other self in warfare! I need to!
I have seen things which would screw with your head for weeks, maybe years.
Lucid dreaming isn’t for everyone, it is for me, but I feel I must warn that when you learn lucid dreaming it may open you up to some form of spiritual attack, and if you don’t know how to deal with things of the spiritual I feel this book will benefit you more then you can ever imagine.

How to tell when you’re left your bubble area

Before you even leave your bubble realm, it would be wise to familiarize
Yourself with your own bubble world, and its inhabitants, known as dream characters, get to know your dream characters, mine are dumb as shit, no really they are.
That’s how I realize when I have travelled beyond my bubble area, the people I meet, the encounters I have had, tells me one thing.
The dream time would seem a good word to describe what’s it like crossing beyond your bubble area, the beings I meet outside of my bubble area are intelligent and confusing as hell! And I believe they also have agendas, some seem familiar. While some seem like they are teaching me.
So basically be on the look out for things that seem more intelligent then your dream characters from your bubble area, that’s a dead give away, you can always will your self back to your bubble area at anytime by concentrating in the right way.
Beyond your bubble area can be fun, but also dangerous. I warn you all is a rough fucking joint beyond your bubble, when I heard of lucid dreaming, I didn’t know I would have such truthful knowledge and love and light, poured upon me like I was called for to battle a army, train my instincts told me. And train hard, and explore for not just my self, but also for mankind, and I been doing just that, training my other self, I too have agendas

3 dudes
Age 19
I was walking around in a dream, I just suddenly became lucid, but I wasn’t even half lucid. I was just aware of some things, like I knew I had a cool looking high tech Gauntlet on my arm, it was black had some type of screen that I could read, and buttons all over to press!, I also knew it was given to me to test out, so off I went.
But ask me who gave it to me, I would and don’t have no idea! I wonder though : )
I was testing away on what I don’t really recall; I believe mainly open air and old buildings, just testing what the buttons did.
I don’t really recall the operations of the buttons anymore for which happened soon after.
Somehow the creator of this Gauntlet pre-programmed certain abilities within the device. I was walking along when suddenly in the distance I could see three men? Or possibly some sort of spiritual biometric droid looking things, they looked as if they were a man covered by amour which was not big looking but high-tech and compact, the armours colours was important somehow so I noted them. They were blue red yellow, they somewhat looked similar to iron man yet they were totally different.

the blue dude attacked me without cause, throwing little balls of blue energy at me, and to be honest, I was kind of having a little fun, these little balls weren’t doing very much, were easily redirected by hitting them with my hands, and I was laughing at him the whole time laugh all you want.
I never seen energy
Before this, and I was little amazed, excited and shocked, but I didn’t stop my blocking, he looked quite angry at me.
Suddenly the blue dude dashes towards me at an awesome speed, and attacks me in hand to hand combat,
He doesn’t land one punch, but let me tell you people this blue dude was quick as lightning! And he pushed me to move even faster too block his attacks.
I noticed my arms were slightly in pain, and when I noticed that, I became just a tiny bit more lucid. I laughed a little at him, as he backs off.
When suddenly seemly out of nowhere he fires a huge blue ball of energy at me, my first big one I ever seen…
I blocked it with both hands, I felt its weight upon my hands, I brace my whole dream body behind it, it pushes me back about 20 or 30 feet, left a huge trail behide it, it looked burnt and crisp from the full force of the blue energy ball.
When the huge blue ball of energy dissipated, I again looked at my hands closely this time, and I saw smoke coming from my hands.
I then became one hundred percent lucid, and was angry as fucking hell; I know I said something dumb, like I’ll show you something. Or its party time! Or its playtime, I really don’t know now.
I then flew at him full force, and delivered a powerful kick to the blue dudes head
Which ripped it off his shoulders, then my glaze fell upon the other two, I believe I attacked them as well, its a little hard to tell, I awoken soon after.

The spiritual realm is a big part of Christian life but I am surprised that so little few actually journey the scared land of the spirit, yes its scary at times, half the time when you have a nasty experience its 1. Either a test of sorts it’s up to you to work it out, 2. Something is really messing with you, a demonic force! And it has you caught within its grip! Or 3 A wanker-spirit possibly a human who past on who thinks he/she can push you around.
Let me share a little secret with you guys and girls, did you know that within the spirit world we are gods? The forces of the darkness do not want you to have this knowledge, they want you weak! So they can drain your fear then your life force and fest upon your energy, you do not have to be there dinner again! Later within this book ill share how to fight back!

Going over the top
Age 15
When I was around fifteen, I had a lucid dream which I was in a huge city, I was pretty unhappy and destructive through those year’s and abused the gifts god gave to me, but I did have my reasons.
It is very important to be level headed within lucid dreams especially when you go outside of your bubble area, though it took me years to realize this I do not expect you too but it never hurts to be informed.
Anyway I was walking around this city and I was causing havoc where ever I went!
After boring of this, I walked into what seemed like a restaurant, I summoned forth some wind to make the joint go crazy…
For some odd reason I felt as if I needed to turn around, when I did. I saw a lady in a white dress, I did not know at this time, but she had a knife in her hand.
When she tried to stab me I saw the knife in her hand as I grabbed her wrist.
I used my free hand to knock her into the wall behind her, and then I felt as if I needed to turn around again.
I saw four maybe five people standing in the door I came through, I couldn’t see them very well because of either the sun, or some other light.

Through out my life
I have had a number of dreams, which weren’t really dream like at all, but more like going on quests and missions.
I feel like I have to add it to the encounter part, for one reason it tripped the hell out of me and opened my mind, not openly spiritually but possibly a stronger belief in life after death.

Helping some girl
Age 19
a lady approached me seeking help, I wish that I asked what she was asking help for but I usually try and help if I can, as I matured of cause.
I then told her I am not very good at navigating this realm can you take me with you to the location? She put her hand on my shoulder the next we are in front of a building.
We were talking a bit outside for a bit, about what I forget, then started our walk towards the building.
Inside I saw a long corridor and a desk, behind the desk sat some form of security guard,
I walked past him no problems; it was if he did not even see me.
But when the lady tried he stopped her, and was asking her god knows what!
So I tried using my will power on him to let her past, it gets a little confusing from here
Because I lost track of the girl I am with and after exploring this place, I came to, a room with freezers all over the walls, weird scary type of freezers with frost all over them.
I felt I had to look at one; I was drawn to a certain one, when I rubbed the frost away from the view part of the freezer, the ice came off easily, and behind it I saw the girl I was here with!
I was in shock because I some how knew that she was dead.
At that moment I felt deep emotions deep within me trying to tell me something.
I felt as if I knew her.
She was saying to me I love you and I was replying in the same way, why I don’t really know.
The shock of this started to awaken me, at that moment she smashed the glass and grabbed tightly onto me.
I started to levitate off the ground, while she still holding me in her grip, the room filled with a white light, I heard her say I’m sorry… and I awoke with a shocking jolt!, I often ask my self when I am alone what she needed help with.

Encountering the wanker spirits

About two years ago, I was sleeping beside Danni, an ex girlfriend of mine.
When in a non-lucid dream, I was ambushed by a bunch of super freaks!
It wasn’t nice either, there was about four or five of them, and they were out to have some fun, was I exploring beyond my bubble world unconsciously?
They attacked me, and I would awaken thinking damn what a dream!
Getting back to sleep, I found my self in the same dream in the same situation! With the same wankers attacking me, I awoken again, they were quite good at fighting in this group of theirs.
This repeated another two or three times, until I was properly awake and pissed off! Actually I was so damn hot and sweaty now I needed a damn shower! My ex must have thought I was insane.
After my shower, I spoke to my self in the bathroom mirror a little, telling my self to get angry! You’re getting fucked with!!!
After returning to bed, I somehow knew I was going to find my self in that dream again, and what do you know? I did.
I tried hiding first, and was doing ok I also was trying to lower my energy so they couldn’t feel me, I don’t think I did too well, I had to leave my hiding place, I thought fuck em I had enough of this!!!.
I delivered a nice shadow-kick
Right into the guts of one of them, and right when I was about to look around for them again, someone hit me with a telekinetic blast! Which sent me rolling on the ground?
I was about to get really hard core with these wankers, I mean real hard core
When suddenly one of them calls a cease fire, I was cool with that I don’t normally continue fighting if i don’t have too, but when I woke up I sure wasn’t happy!! Why attack me in the first place and call it off just before I was going to really get into it? Maybe the guy who called it off knew what I was going to do? I don’t really know, they are still wankers to me.

Encountering the dark ones
Age 20
I used to call these dark figures the dark ones, why? Because they resemble a man but they are completely made out of shadow, ill share my first experience with one of them now:
I became lucid, I looked around and realized I was in a dark room which had no doors or windows, how the fuck was I going to get out of here I thought!
Looking around the room better, there was a mirror in the room, I love mirrors in lucid dreams! They can act as of transport; I thought I would use it to get out of this room I was in.
Walking through the mirror was easy, sometimes its not.
When I got out of the other side of the mirror, I was in what looked like a wormhole looking thing or what might look like being inside of a pipe-line wave.
This has never happened to me before; I usually appear in another room or location, nothing as trippy looking as this!
To be honest I wasn’t scared at all, I was more curious then anything, so I sat down in this thing and just witnessed it all.
After boring of this I wanted to try and reach the other side of this long wormhole thingy.
Each step I took closer and closer, something began happening to me, I felt as if I was drowning, and I didn’t like this one bit, I quickly made my way out the way I came in.
Stepping out of the mirror in the small dark room, my senses were going crazy!!!
I know it sounds silly; I labelled this my spider-sense, just like Spiderman!
My senses were telling me one thing, that I wasn’t alone and to watch out!
I didn’t like this one freaking bit, I began turning around on the spot to better cover the room better with my vision, when I couldn’t see anything I thought it must of been my imagination.
Suddenly out of nowhere I am bear hugged from be hide!!
looking down I see dark as mid night arms holding me still, his arms were completely made out of shadow!
I am glade I forgot a lot of this part, but he whispered all sorts of shit into my ear!
Crap like, I was going to fail, that his going to kill me! All sorts of twisted shit!
I tried not listening after awhile, and was wondering to my self what the fuck was happening!.
While he held me tight, I used my arm very awkwardly and felt what I could of his body, I managed to feel around his arm pit, and I could actually feel underarm hair!
I brought all my knowledge to my mind, so I may out wit this thing!
What came to my mind was, to use something positive to beat him.
So I sang a song, and he began to laugh and loosened his grip, I used this time to get out of his grip and run towards the wall of the room, turning around to have one very good look at him, he wore a type of trench coat type of thing, still laughing he was.
I turned around and forgetting about the wall I run straight through it ghost like and awoken, laying in bed wondering what the fuck that was!
to be very honest with you all, I didn’t want to toy around with lucid dreaming after this experience, this really opened my mind to a whole new level, and also scared me silly, you can thank the dark ones for the reason your holding the book you now have in your hands.

Shadow wolf
Age 20
I am not entirely sure when I seen this wolf, but it was before my first experience with the dark ones.
I was lucid in some house just looking around and exploring, when something to my right caught my attention.
It was a blob of some type, yet I could easily make out a dog figure within this blob, it was weird looking and I was frozen in place, I guess by fear but I also felt that it was also scared of me for some reason, it went into a other room.
When I eventually got my balls back, I thought ill go investigate and followed it into the room it went into.
This thing was damn fast! By the time I got into the room it went into, it was gone! It wasn’t in the room but I looked out of the window and saw it off to the distance floating/running away.

Having no choice but to dream

People may think your strange because your path is one of dreaming or spiritual journeying, but has it not crossed your mind, that god in fact hard wired these people this way?
As I was saying after my experience with the shadow man, I wished to give my dreaming gift away, but did I really have a choice in the damn matter! Nope!!!
I became under attack again by these dark scum, though what made it more stranger, each time it happened I instantly became lucid! just seeing them filled me with both fear and a anger I never knew existed, but I always ran from them, I needed to find a way to protect my self, I didn’t know how to, not against them.
I eventually came upon a book called the lucid dreamer; within these pages I found the only true way to battle these inner dimensional scums! though that wasn’t the book intent to teach combat on spiritual levels, somehow it did for me, you should really try and get a copy of this great book, without this book I wouldn’t been able to defend my self like I have been, ill share this powerful secret later on.
the shadow man, became a secret obsession of mine, you see its not just I who see and experience these evil fuckers, people all over the world have seen them both in there dreams and reality!!!
Doesn’t that just send fucking chills down your spine that people actually seen them while fully awake and alert!
I feel so sorry for the people who actually seen them in real waking life, my self I have only seen them possibly in a state called sleep paralysis and my dreams / lucid dreams, ill go into sleep paralysis later.
I have been researching these shadow entities for a good three years now proper research I mean.
They go by many names, EX: shadow beings, the hat man, shadow people.
I prefer the term shadow being, apparently there are different versions of them, but they are still built of shadows.
Having one shadow being to deal with is bad enough, but can you imagine being attacked by lets say ten of them? I know exactly what that is like, why? Because I been attacked by possibly more then that!!! They are cowards and servants of the darkness.
If you at all understand what I have been going through, then you would understand that I indeed have no choice but to continue to dream!

We are not alone

It is my personal belief that these shadow beings, have found a way to be born here with the rest of us, it may sound scary, but can’t you feel the truth of this in your own mind and heart?
Even in the bible it speaks of those who are wolves in sheep’s clothing.
Why would god allow this? Is it out of his control? Are they somehow using the same loophole we use to be born on this planet?
There are evil people on earth that alone can be said, there are even some children who have a taste for killing another person, sad but true.
The question you have to ask, where does this evil come from? Do they learn it?
Or are they simply born that way? Something is happening here.

They know who they are
Each dark soul that is living on planet earth, know exactly who they are, they know and understand things of there origin and where they come from, that I can explain a little but not that much.
They know they are children of darkness born into a world of light, why did they come here? I cannot say.
Did they come to explore the human dimension? Or to suss it out? To better control it?
I do not believe though all children born of darkness are evil, possibly just misunderstood and playful, but the majority are out to cause pain and sorrow, to fest upon your fear and energy, and your life force.

The shadows made a mistake
The shadows indeed made a huge mistake toying with me, how?
Well after each attack, I became less fearful of them, I grew stronger.
I grew angerier; I could sense them before they even showed them selves.
I instantly became lucid, when I saw them, which gave me tremendous advantages.
Possibly the biggest mistake they made was letting me know they even existed! The jokes on you fools.
So I began searching and searching, not just while awake but also in my dreams for a power to defend my self against the shadows.
As I was saying, the book The lucid dreamer, had what I indeed needed to fight these beings on a spiritual level.
What is the power I found within its pages you ask?, it is of cause, Light!
I taken what it taught in the book to a whole new level & beyond though, and my love and thanks goes to the author of, the lucid dreamer.
Not only do I know they exist, I can let the world know they exist, and that they are going to hate!
Idiots you should have just left me alone.

Unlocking your inner light

Everyone has a seed within them, a seed god himself placed within us, or so they should, I highly doubt that dark souls have this seed.
The training to unlocking your inner light begins right now!
all you really have to do, if you want it to show its self, is simply wish it to show, and it shall manifest its self.
Practice this within your own bubble world first; start small, nothing too big in the beginning you don’t want to try to hard either.
Start with one arm or something, that’s how I began; now I can instantly change my dream/spirit body into a roaring fire of this awesome light!
I swear there is nothing else like this light anywhere!
You’ll be surprised what it can do for you, it can heal and kill.
What does this light look like? Awesome and beautiful, there are one or two places on earth where you can get just a little taste of this wonderful light.
Ever walked into your kitchen during the day, and saw the sun shining on your sinks taps?
That’s kind of what it looks like, or ever watched the light dance on the surface of water! That’s what it looks like, though imagine allot more of the stuff!


Sometimes, you might have a uninvited guest within your bubble world, don’t start shitting your pants straight away, it may be nothing but a explorer type spirit who just wants to see and experience your thought realm.
But then again, it could be an evil spirit, or one of my least favourite them wanker-spirits.
It’s very easy though to tell though if they are indeed evil; there are some signs that you have to watch out for.
There eyes are dead give aways, watch there eyes!!! I now recount an experience of this type:
I became lucid I was within my mothers house, and there was a lot of dream characters around dc for short, people I didn’t know but I knew they were my own creations.
But something didn’t feel quite right, a certain dc was giving me a dirty look, glaring at me when he thought I wasn’t looking.
When he noticed me watching him, boom! The presence left the dc, and the dc was just a dc.
Weird? But true, I was watching them very closely at this time, and I could notice something happening.
Whenever this presence took control of a dc, there eyes would become darkish scarier looking, so it was becoming easy to know which dc was inhabited by this presence at this time.
I was having a little fun, but I was also a little worried, I didn’t feel like I was alone anymore.
I soon learnt that whatever it was, didn’t like the fact it couldn’t hide from me, I soon felt the dc’s with me were not inhabited anymore and were not going to be.
I felt the presence outside in the night, I went outside to comfort him, he too wore a type of cloak trench coat, he also had long blonde hair. Though he was human looking not a shadow, a possible night-stalker I believe, a human with the dreaming gift but using it to freak people out, or my least favourite thought I had a fallen angel.
This guy was one dead set arsehole! He wouldn’t answer any of my questions, not one!, he was just standing there acting all stuck up.
I bored of this dude so very quickly so I started running away from him, I didn’t feel like fighting, I should of though! Don’t wish to answer my questions I should have said? Take this!!
For some odd reason, he started chasing after me, what a dickhead! I was right in front of him fool!!
And he didn’t make any move on me then.
There was no way he could catch me I was way faster!
As I was mixing up my movements with running and teleportation, I was having a thought, how was he able to hide in my dc’s?? If he could do that, so must I???
I came upon two dc’s painting a wall some white dude and a Chinese man, I walked up to the Chinese man who was painting the wall, and placed my hand on his back, and willed to takeover his body.
Next thing I knew I was the Chinese man painting the wall!!!
Soon enough the trench coat dude ran around the corner I ran around a minute or so ago.
He asked me if I seen anyone come this way, I pointed that way that way! I even asked him do you want to help paint the wall. He looked at me strangely and said no.
He asked me a few more times, I kept pointing in the same direction I continued to paint the wall, he ran away looking for me.
Weird though true, I even sounded freaking Chinese!!

How to tell if a being is evil

You must awaken your inner light before you can do this; you must be able to not only control it, but to manipulate it!
EX: being able to completely surround your dreaming spirit body in the fiery white light, being able to… shoot Light energy out of your hands, become the master of your light!
Your birth right!!!
When you do reach this stage, you will be able to summon forth light balls in your hands instantly! And you’ll be surprised and shocked! I know I was, though not anymore, though I will never truly bore of it either!
Soon ill go into how I used a light technique to tell if a being was indeed evil.

Home origin

Many people ask themselves where these shadow beings come from, where do they reside?
I know that answer, and you will too if you continue to read!
Think back, remember my first spiritual awakening? If so good!
That’s where I believe they come from, are born in, and reside in.
How do I know this? Because 1. Shadow beings are built of shadow, but more then that:
Shadow beings have a distinct energy, easily felt when they are near, and 2. There home dimension has this same type of energy.
People call this realm, the abyss, or the void, I call it the void. That’s what I called it before I even researched it.
I often still find my self walking this dark place, I don’t plan it, it just happens.
and when I walk this dark place, I fear using my light that it may red light me to the enemy, the question I should be asking" why do I even come here?

Researching the shadows is over

It is over; researching the shadow scum is finally over, for me at least.
Though it isn’t over for many people all around the world, why you might ask?
It’s because they are still a mystery and mysteries will be researched by not only
The scientific minds of the world but also the spiritual minded and explorers of spirit and seekers of truth, it sounds funny but I fit in all four groups.
Thankfully I now fully understand, that shadow beings cannot be trusted not at all, they will say anything to get closer to you, they will lie to you, and they will betray you.
I shall now recount my last experience with a shadow being beware this is intense:
I found my self within the void, not just I was here, but I wasn’t alone.
I was in the embrace of a shadow female; I am a bit ashamed of my self as I write this.
I was running my hands through her possibly curly long hair, though I couldn’t see it, I could feel it, and her body" something tells me they love being touched for some odd reason.
I am not entirely sure now if her body felt human, kind of disturbing if you ask me.
The whole time, we were in this embrace, she kept trying to get closer to me, I held her at bay in a embracing type of way.
Anyhow through all of this, I was asking her questions. Questions like, what is your name?
It sounded like: reminas or remins something like that, I was trying to get some information about her people/race/ anything I could bring back into the human dimension for mankind.
I also asked her, if her race was evil, she answered no, I also asked if her kind was demons, the answer I got was a simple no.
Now this might sound a little hard to believe, but I ran out of questions!! I did feel like a total dickhead at this time.
As I was saying I been researching these shadow beings for a long-time, just what should I do at this time I was thinking?
On some forum on the internet, some guy mentioned that a friend of his was in communication with a shadow being, he suggested that his friend attack this shadow, to see its true colours so to speak.
just what was I going to do I wondered, as the shadow female and my self were embracing each other, a great idea came to my mind.
I placed my hand on her shoulder, and said to her, this is love and channelled the special light I taught you earlier about, right into her!!!.
She then took a very scary and quick turn from not being evil to being very aggressive, throwing punches at me from the darkness.
This bit is a little hard to explain, mainly because not many have experience with both sleep paralysis and dual consciousness, but I am going to try.
It was as if she cast a spell on me, or possibly a type of psychic spiritual attack.
This is what happened, my dreaming body became parallelised but I was still fully conscious of being within it and the void, but I was also fully conscious in my bedroom, I could even see my room.
She then bent down beside my dreaming body and begin biting/eating at my hip area, the pain I was feeling was beyond any pain I have ever felt in my entire life, the crazy thing about this, my physical body could also feel the pain that my dreaming body could feel.
While lying in bed, I was wondering what the fuck to do!
I know it may sound strange; I began to meditate why I don’t know really.
My main concern was to block this pain out, so that was what I was meditating on.
This bit was strange even for me, I did manage to block out the pain by changing frequencies in my brain/mind I did this by instinct, ask me how I wouldn’t know.
When I succeeded blocking out the pain entirely, my goal was then to get back into my dreaming body as fast as I possibly could, why you might ask? Would you want to leave a part of your self in that situation? I bet not!
I then flew down that familiar tunnel smack dead right back into my dreaming body, upon standing up I gave that shadow bitch a good kick in the guts and send her flying across the ground of the void, I then healed my self of any damage done to me using my light,
I didn’t care much using my light at this time since I been discovered anyway, to be honest I am not sure if I used light to heal my self or darkness now its a little blurred.
Upon better inspection I soon learnt that I was totally not alone anymore, I was surrounded by shadow beings!! By how many exactly I couldn’t say for sure, though I was extremely pissed off, wouldn’t you be? There was no time, nor room for fear.
here is a little trick you may wish to use in times of trouble, I handed over my power to my higher self, higher selves know how the dream time work a lot better then our conscious selves.
I was still conscious of my self and only a little bit lucid.
I believe my higher self was just as pissed off as I was, I begin pointing at them angrily, saying as I was pointing you want it? You want it! Pointing at different shadow beings, you want it!! You fucking want it!!! Get the drift? It got a lot louder from here.
I then channeled up a type of dark shock wave which knocked them flat on there ass, wherever I caused lasting damage I don’t know, I hope so though, I flew upwards and teleported out of there and awoken, you defiantly can say that researching the shadow beings is totally over for me, if I see one I attack first then ask questions later, I’m not getting over this anytime soon if at all, I am starting to believe the void is hell, to hell with shadow beings I say.

A some what beautiful experience
I found my self, lucid in… what could best be describe as box cars in the sky, like those things people use to reach the summit to ski down, though these were very different.
But where were they heading I have no clue, they were just slowly moving through the sky and clouds.
Within the box car I was within, there was two aboringals females, one was really lazy and strange to talk to and laid down most of the time, while the other would pay me more attention.
I was asking her if she was a dream character, she claimed to be real and a spirit.
I was asking her, so this is the realm I come to when I die? Yes she answered and smiled.
I guess I got a little excited, and lost my lucidity for a bit, she started letchering me on about something, what I cant recall, but I felt slightly belittled and I don’t like that, it was as if she was calling me unexperienced or something, in fact I think that’s what she said.
That was enough to bring my lucidity back; I was glaring at her yet also listening to her.
I didn’t know what to make of her to be honest, appearance doesn’t mean that much within the dream time.
Being belittled, made me summon up two Light balls in either hand, to show this gal that I’m the shit so to speak, and this shocked her a lot and I’m glade!!
Her response to that, was whoa instant combo, she looked at me and spoke differently to me after that, but still I wasn’t to sure about her, she could be evil I just didn’t know it.
So I asked her, do you mind if I do something to you?
She asked what?
I can’t tell you I said, its something I do to make sure spirits aren’t evil I said, if she refused that would give her away! But she didn’t she was up to it.
So I laid my hand on her shoulder and channelled my light right into her, and she smiled.
I channelled even more powerful light into her, she smiled.
So I thought ok, have more! And with each burst of light I sent into her, she smiled more and more.
I became happy and loved filled more then I have ever been ever in my life within that moment, I knew I found someone who wasn’t evil, who was a pure soul.
ill never forget this, for some reason I picked her up and hugged her silly, spinning around once or twice putting her down, I am glade I learnt this technique.
I bid her Farwell, and walked through the wall of the box car, falling and falling through the endless sky and clouds, with a smile on my face.
I was so happy when I awoken from this experience, since I have only used light once so far to find out if a being was evil, and it turned out rather bad, this totally made me feel better in my self and healed me in some unknown ways.

Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is one touchy subject, ask someone who can’t deal with it, it’s called a medical condition, ask someone who actually is knowledgeable on the subject you will get the scientific explanation for it, ask someone who actually enjoys it, you’ll get a whole different answer.
There are said to be two versions of sleep paralysis, the first known type of sleep paralysis
is when you become aware of your body in a parallelised state nothing scary happens its just you cant move or talk or do much of anything, this can be a little unsettling, though you get over this pretty fast if you experience it a lot, to be honest I don’t mind sleep paralysis that much it doesn’t worry me.
The first time I experienced sp, for short, I honestly thought I died in my sleep, shall we move on now I thought? But then I woke up in the morning so all was cool.
I have always thought that sleep paralysis was chemically induced, and I just may be right.
40 percent of the population has had such an experience at least once. 40 percent? There is no way sp is a medical condition unless the 40 percent are sick?
Science says: The paralysis is caused by the release of hormones during REM (rapid eye movement) rem acures during the dream state: that paralyses the body and keeps it from acting out the contents of the dream. Personally I would love to know which this hormone is called, that’s saying if the scientific people of the world actually know what it is.
Then we move on to sleep paralysis with hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations, personally I don’t believe this part of the subject, why? Because it seems to me the scientific minds of the world just want to blame every demonic thing on it, even my own experiences with the shadow beings, even though I have never seen a shadow being while in sp.
I tried explaining very slowly to people, no I wasn’t in the sp stage I was conscious within my dreams, while I encountered the shadow beings, but its like talking to a fucking wall, there minds are made up and set in stone.
That’s pretty much why I don’t buy into the hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucination aspects of the subject.
There is a wide spread phenomena that seems to go around the whole world, known as
Old hag phenomenon or old hag syndrome, I really can’t say to much about this aspect of humanity, I believe I seen her once though but I was taking malatonin at the time and that could of induced it, though it was strange I felt no fear like other people have.
Personally, old hag syndrome sounds very much like a incubus or succubus experience, I believe I have had the succubus experience before, and what can I say about it! Damn.
that’s all I am going into sleep paralysis, personally this subject pisses me off, why?
because the scientific people of the world are only fucking theorizing on the subject, they are not god, I am no expert on the subject either, at least I admit that, just for knowledge sake did you know that sp is also called astral catalepsy?, remember knowledge is power.
Personally I would like to know how hallucinations can cause physical pain!!!???
Ok, now I will take sometime to talk seriously about sleep paralysis, and go further into my own experiences with it.
I believe I have had sleep paralysis with hallucinations, that’s just what I hope they are!
My experiences with sleep paralysis have been both fascinating as hell! Yet totally painful as well, sometimes when I realize I am within sp, I can feel things working on my body, working or just causing me discomfort and pain I do not truly know!
Damn: 28, 11, 08 this night, I went through what I call the sleep paralysis bender.

had a rather very interesting experience last night, it took place either one hour or two after meditating, and to be honest I am not sure what state of mind I was in, im pretty knowledgeable on sleep and spiritual things, but this really was weird.
things were manuilateing my body in some way, some were digging into my sides, while something was playing around with my spine!!
honestly when they were doing whatever to my spine, I am unsure if it felt good or painful now, bit it feel kind of good like it was being cracked and stretched out.
at some point I had this conservation going on in my mind, but it soon became more and more, it became so bad I couldn’t listen very well it was all garbled like listening to a lot of radio stations all at once, I thought I awoken: took a look around and realized i was awake i realized in the bed i wasnt alone, there was a lady in pink and i said no your not! and i hugged her: this kinda freaked her out so i moved back to my side of the bed saying sorry as i did, then something clicked within me, hang on! there’s a girl in my bed!! this hasnt happened for sometime!! so i went back to hugg her again! this made her jump out of bed!
i dont know what happen here, the next thing i know i have my eyes shut so i cant see her, but i see a golden light under my eye lids, and her telling me she is a angel!!! what the fuck, she’s telling me she’s just looking over me: i respond: now can i sleep??? lol!!!
this experience acurred pretty fast! i couldnt believe how long it took to produce, did i produce anything is what i am asking my self seriously? or was i attacked? and a angel helped me? whoa!! or was all of this just a vivid dream experience i dont know, though the last thing i remember is being pulled within a dream by this women who appeared very differently within the dream, letching me on something: she first told me to love what i got, then she was about to tell me something else, but i could feel my self awakening.

this was cut and pasted from my sp records, I often have sleep paralysis mixed in with other crap, such as false awakenings… i should of though, when i found my self laying beside this lady in pink, that the bed we were laying in was not my own bed, it just had way to many blakets on it, i should of realized this but all i was fouced on was the women in bed with me, this was my first angelic experience i have ever underwent, now i totally do not know where i stand! when i saw this golden light, there was a sound like a resonce attached to it.
i realized when demonic attacks acurre while in sleep paralysis that god him self is very much unlikey be unable to leave his throne and help you directly, but try and ask him’’ to send a angel to help you, i never believed in angels until 28,11, 08.

the wanker spirits
These are one of my least favourite types of beings that you may encounter, usually they like to play tricks on you, like the body jumper i encountered. though sometimes they like to instill a sense of hopelessness and fear.
a new type i have been encountering lately, are very very strange indeed, they look human
though there eyes are black! they sure are one of the wierdest ones i have encountered, they dont talk not that i am aware of, i dont know what they want from me, other then trying to have sex with me! ill go into a encounter now:
i became lucid and was running away from this woman who i knew was one of these black eyed things. i came upon a mirror and begin going through it, thinking i could loss her through it, upon getting into a new location, i turn around and watched her come through the mirror! the hell??!!! i dont know why i did this, i layed on the ground just to see what she would do, and she jumped ontop of me and begin to have sex with me, i pushed her off and continued to run around, i cant make much of a statement about these things, they seem somewhat powerless yet they are a little unnerveing.
the wanker spirits, might know your a dreamer, and they might just want to push you around, you need to be strong, you wouldnt lett anyone push you around in reality why let them in the land of spirit? fight back! stand your ground let your self be known!.
a wanker spirit might even be a trained dreamer, having fun triping you out scaring you and shit, fight back or they will keep coming back!!.
just like in life, you get your wankers as you will learn they are everywhere!.

incubus & succubus

this also is a touchy subject, people try and blame sleep paralysis for it, though the experiencers know better!.
Sometimes when i wake in the middle of the night dew to something, i can feel them touching me, sometimes trying to peel my clothes off of my body, and what makes it real wierd you are unable to move, though sometimes and rarely you can actually move!! and feel them back, i am unsure if you can actually really phycially move, but more like your spiritual body parts arms and legs and such.
if you wish to learn how to stop a incubus & succubus in there tracks, its pretty easy actually, i wont go into how to produce a experience like this, maybe in a other book
befor they dessend upon you, they usally are visble near the ceiling, just floating around susing you out.
there just may not be a incubus & succubus, it may just be the sleep paralysis setting in, though do i honestly believe that? i cant say.
my first succubus experience spun me the hell out, why cause thats not normal!!!
do i dislike the succubus expeience? hmmm no and yes, i just pray its not a incubus!
my succubus expeiences have been strange indeed, normally they seem like they are invisble to me, i can only feel them, only rarely can i actually see them.
i deafenlly feel more research has to be put into this.
now, usaully befor they dessend upon you, like i was saying they float near the ceiling.
you can actually speed the process up, by asking them in your mind come down come down!
now when you feel they are right near you, imagine that special light i taught you about sourrounding your entire phycially body, this will not only shock the hell out of them, it will send them running for the hills.
in my last succubus experience, i called it down to the point it nearly covered me, then i let my light rip! saying in my mind to it, oh you dont like that do ya! the sleep paralysis soon broke.
some of the succubus i have seen, are actually shy! in those rare momments when one can actually move, if you actually wish to experiences the experience of the succubus, you dont want to move to fast, or you will scare it away, sounds funny though its freaking true!.
I also have a theory, the incubus & succubus experience could in fact be bloodline connected, the incubus & succubus experiences is the one and only thing me and my mother have in commen, sad though its true.
though she doesnt know what name they go by, she told me one late night she gets more then just one! i called her a slut
to be very honest, i dont like my mother much at all, why? well she calls me crazy and thinks i need help, why? because i fight what i believe are demons, she’s like there not real!! your crazy!!!, i can always shut her up by mentioning her sex friends, telling her yeah i suppose you believe there not real too right? it always shuts her up!.
though its a interesting thought i had, could it be bloodline connected? do they perfer certain familys?.
i also have another theory, i’m starting to believe the shadow beings i have encountered could be in fact be the same things as the incubus & succubus, though not enough experience on my part can yet prove this.
there is also a another theory i have in the works, that the incubus & succubus experiences could be in fact, be humans who have trained them selves to do this, there are peoples reports i have seen after long hours of research, peoples experiences involveing dream characters who are able to put the dreamer into a state of sleep paralysis!! what the hell?
how could a dream character do that? the answer is they cant! or they shouldnt be able to.
normally after the dream character does this, they often appear in the bedroom of the dreamer, and does god knows what to the sleeper, i highly doubt that these are dream characters.
why am i bringing this up? well one reason i find it extremly interesting, and two i do sense my own incubus nature within, though i dont like it one bit, more experimenting on my part has to be done.

I cant trust all that is light

I do not believe all light can be trusted, i had a rather interesting experience yet a total eye opener aswell.
i was just standing in a dream, and there was a man standing befor me, what made this man somewhat different from any other being i have encountered, he looked just like i would if i were in my light form!
i have never encountered anyone like my self, and it was a strange feeling.
but what made this a little scary, the man with the light aura attacked me!
kept flying up to me, and throwing punches, i was screaming at him, why are you attacking me??? who the hell are you!! answer me damn you!!! he kept coming and coming.
i wasnt going to take it anymore! i cant stand rude fuckers who dont talk to me when spoken to, i got extremly angery, thus becoming completly lucid went into my own light form and fought back!
to be honest, i was having alot of fun in this experience, actually the time of my fucking life!! it was just so much fun for some odd reason.
i was switching between, my dark form human form and light form just to experiment what was stronger against this dude, when i was in my dark form, the blows he threw at me hurt like hell, when i was in my human form, not much but still it hurt a bit, when i was in my light form, we were equally matched.
though i realized in this experience the darkness within is hella lot faster then the light, being able to switch between the two is a great gift i believe, though i believe children of darkness who are evil dont like me one bit, they consider me taboo.
i realized during this battle, i had to go into my ultimate form, which i cant tell you what it is sorry, if you cant read between the lines and cant figure it out for your self you never will, read between the lines, i dont like going into this form all the time, i save it for mostly emergencys, i consider it cheating for some reason" i shall only save this form for the hard core fuckers/evil out there, i am sorry that i cant share this form" everyone has there secrets, and this secret is mine alone!.
after going into my ultimate form, i knocked him down to the ground in two blows, i was out to kill him then, but after seeing him on the ground i felt bad for him, so i healed him.
i said something to him befor leaving and left, but if he ever attacks me again in the future nothing will save him!! i swear upon that!
what did i encounter that day? i really dont know, possibly someone who has reached the light aura stage? or a fallen angel? its still a mystery to me, or possibly i was attacked by this being of light for he sensed the dark energy i have within? who knows.
if you ever did encounter me, you two would believe i to be a agent for the darkside, though i am not.

im not that great

im deafenly not perfect, i have a longways to go, but this needs to be said and im the man to say it!
the bible speaks of dark forces, which are the spiritual armies of the darkone whom they serve.
did you have any idea that the dark forces are recruiting? nope? well they fucking are!!!
as a spiritual researcher, you tend to find the most interesting things out there, did you know just like christianty, satanism too has its different branches of its religion? well it does.
i am no expert in Satanism , i was dawn to one branch of Satanism more then the others, and its known as spiritual Satanism, people like my self with the gift of spirit who uses it for evil purposes!, these wankers are corrupting spirituality.
a good exsample of this: there are people out there that wish to cause harm to angels!
and believe me it can be done, dont think they are invincible cause there not! they can get imprisoned or sent into a place far worse then death, oblivion.
this greatly disturbed me when i realized what spiritual satanism was up to, what its teaching its students, but there is something even far worse that bugs me, its the fact not one christian branch will teach how to fight this war!! i am christian a son of god, a son of the most high, whoever he is… i serve, and i shall fight, this isnt a war of the flesh its a war of the spirit!!!
i feel as if i should start my own christian group or even a church!! why not?
dont say it cant be done, just how many different branches of christianty are there? to many for me to count!! you just gotta ask your self this: why is there different branches in the first place? i recon because everyone cannot agree on everything, thats just life i guess.
personally, i cant stand christians: sorry but i am being honest with my self and you.
why cant i stand christians you might ask? well there’s a few reasons to be honest, i dont feel most christians read the bible as much as they say they do, or even follow it to its word correctly, i also feel alot of them wannabe christians are at church just for something to do.
now this is the main reason, i been to just about every church you can think of, and they are all the same in this aspect, alot of backstabing goes on, talking about and putting down other faiths, would you believe me if i told you, even christians backstab other christian faiths? i hate this when this happens! i cant stand to listen!! though i believe no other christian faith does this more then the pentecoastal faith.
i was homeless for a few months living on the streets, it was ok but you got hungery sometimes, i started jumping on this bus on a sunday that took you to a house for a feed, but also a pentecoastal service, reel em in why dont ya! though the food was ok.
i sat there, and listened, i couldnt believe what i heard!!!
he was actually putting down the budhha, calling him a fat bastard who wasnt lucky enough to have jenny craigs around in his time, going on how jesus was better then budhha, this is what the pentecoastal faith is like" my god is better then your god, my god could kick your gods ass, so on and so on.
i honesty felt like saying to this bloke, what the fuck did the budhha do to you prick face?
but i remained silent, though i regrett it intirerly! this is what i mean, but as i was saying the pentecoastal faith is the worse of the backstabers, though there are a few good christians in the pentecoastal faith who arent like the rest, though do remember this the pentecoastal faith is fairly new, its a movement.
there’s also a other thing about normal christianity i cant stand, it doesnt matter what branch your in, you think and totally believe your church is the one true way the truth the light, you all say this! you tell the people in your church, nope the others are wrong our way is the only way!, thiers the devil’s church!!! its enough to wanna make me go on a christian shooting spree!!! i wont though i promise : ) it just pisses me off hearing the same old bullshit all the time, why cant you say a christians way is the only way? wankers & money hungry fuckers will always continue to say our way is the right way and only way, and they will also go as far as trying to steal members from other christian faiths, i hate these fuckers! its sad, but chirstians are not united’ i wonder now, how long did the seperation take? how long after jesus death? before you formed your little groups?.
listen having faith is one thing, but being totally irgorent of your fellow christian brothers and sisters is just plain old stupid, and makes us all look dumb, no wonder christians are a dieing breed, i am a stay at home christian! thats the way to be! though some know all would disagree with me on this, there oppion doesnt mean much to me, one thing i learnt about life is if someone has a problem with you being who you truly are, then you dont want that person in your life, please get out of my space.
do you know how a non-christian looks upon any christian?? they dont like christians one bit, if you dont know why read above again.
i hope i have opened some eyes with this page as i am continueing to write this.
now back to my main concern, i am worried and a little scared christians are on the loseing side.
you are forbidden to travel in spirit, so how are you going to fight any war? and help protect the dreams and spirits of your family and loved ones?, how are you going to take place in the war? pretending it isnt happening isnt a option!! and if you want to think like that you can, but i hear a roaster somewhere, i am sorry if this has turned into a sorta of a rant, but there’s always a boring part in any book you will read, skip it if i am hitting to many nerves’’ just talking about the war isnt going to do jack shit, actually learning to fight it is.
i’m asking as a christian, will you help me battle this threat?
would you be willing to travel in spirit to fight the very war the bible speaks of?!!! and help battle the dark forces? and walk where the angels fear to tread?
if not, i wouldnt call my self a christian soldier anymore, cowards! the bible never says the war is over! its still waging on stronger then ever, you think your safe? well the truth is your not" far from it, ““I know there are countless women that this [demons sexually abusing them] is happening to, because every Christian woman I have spoken to about it, 9 out of 10 it has happened to.” Nine out of 10 seems pretty high”” i took that from a site off the web, its so very true.
actually christians are more at risk of demonic attack then anyone!! if only they knew how to fight back!!! and just saying the name of jesus isnt going to help, im sorry its not it will only make the attacks worse!!! even praying isnt going to help when you are under demonic attacks!,“I too have been dealing with this problem for years. What I have come to realize is: 1) The more I feared it, the more power it has. The attacks increased. 2) As I began to ask God for help, the attacks have decreased, but haven’t stopped as yet.
but holding the image of jesus within your mind and your heart as you fight back will unleash a strength you didnt know you had, actually holding the image of anything postive will empower your self, i hold something very personal in my mind as i fight the darkness.
have you ever asked your self why satan defied god and tried to takeover in the first place?
it was because of us!!! god created a master peice when he created the human soul, very powerful our souls are so powerful, they are more powerful then the very angels them selves, so powerful satan couldnt just stand there no longer, he couldnt.
thats the truth of it, satan couldnt stand the fact our souls would be closer to god’s image then his is, that we would be lifted high above him, and much stronger and more powerful then his own spirit body, we would out shine him.
want to know something scary? i actually encountered satan!! i know he exists there’s no question about that, what a smuck! he was trying to get me to change my path!! fool, i shouldve kicked his ass, but we just talked instead, i listened while he told me what i was doing is wrong. actually now that i think about it, i am glade i didnt fight him, for he would know my tricks and shit! i dont tell many people i meet satan while traveling in spirit, but i did learn one thing, i got the fuckers attention!!! haha.
i so feel i have to start my own christian church for those that are willing to learn how to fight the very darkness that is real, that is outthere somewhere someplace.
if your not willing? do i have to say it again??
the reason i ask is, is because i cant do this alone! i am doing the best that i possibly can little by little person by person soul by soul,
but im not that great, i am but one man.

Spiritual warfare

anyone who has actually experienced true spiritual warfare will know and understand, that all i have talked about here in this book, will know it to be the truth of what spiritual warfare is all about.
but i feel so sorry for the ones that dont know what real spiritual warfare is, yet go through it anyway.
some people got no idea whats involved with spiritual warfare, there’s crap out there that people spread, thats not even spiritual related!! hence the word spiritual for a second,
the battles is fought spiritually, not anyway else’ the spiritual world is the battle field.
most people when they first hear about spiritaul warfare, will do what most people do these days and check it up on the internet, where they will be feed alot of horse shit!
im telling you, there is alot of misinformation out there, if you in fact know what spiritual warfare is, just do a quick internet search and you will see the lies for your self.
why lie though is what i am wondering? why not tell them the truth instead?
what are they to lose?
there probable is

some correct information out there somewhere, it will just take time to sift through the crap.
i have presented in this book, what spiritual warfare truly is" a war against mankind.
people and christians alike are literally ripped out of there bodies when they sleep and are taken to other places and tutored, if this isnt a war against mankind i dont know what is then!!!.
though i hope by writing this book, i have enlightened the unenlightened on the subject of
real spiritual warfare.
onwards christian soldiers! and my spiritual brothers and sisters whomever you may be, see ya out there!

Hey there homie.
Ignore the various homies/homeboys you may read here, friend, I sort of just picked it up and find it a fun lingo
So, I am a spiritual Christian(the technical title would be charismatic non-den) I read through most of your rant(I’ll finish in a moment, I swear) and I wanted to connect with you because you have interesting ideas that are at least somewhat right and a handful that I feel are spot on! I also agree that too many of us are too judgmental, hypocritical, and not active enough spiritually. Anyways, I have enjoyed reading of your various experiences and I would like to see/hear more of your experiences/knowledge.
I wish you the best and hope to connect with you!