A mistake I've made concerning my DJ entries

I have been keeping DJ-s since the third of March 2011. Last time I counted I have had over 230 dreams I can remember and about 30 I can’t recall anymore in that period of time. I have good DR and sometimes I remember 5 dreams a morning or more.

All seems well but for over a year I have been making one big mistake.

Almost all the entries in my DJ-s comprise only the actions I take part of and sights I see in my dreams. Usually they are detailed enough, allowing me to analyse them, come to conclusions about my dream signs and also to draw parallels to WL.

But what I have been leaving out is maybe the most important part of dreams. I haven’t been writing down or analysing my thoughts and feelings, I haven’t paid attention to them at all.

A few weeks ago I decided to remember and write down my emotions and thought patterns. I noticed that they can take up as much room in my DJ as actions and sights. I was appalled at how much information I have been leaving out from the entries in my DJ. I felt like I hadn’t been keeping a DJ but only a mechanical log.

So from now on I will write two entries for each dream: one about actions and the other about the things that go on inside my head. This way I will have more LD-s because I will get into better contact with my SC.

I hope that no-one else has made the error of leaving out half of the information when writing in their DJ. Hopefully I’m the only blockhead that is capable of making this awful mistake.

Sweet dreams

I wouldn’t class it as an awful mistake. I’ll admit I have also been doing this; my dreamsigns consist of a huge amount of contextual ones, many actions, many forms but very few emotions and thoughts. I too am considering changing this, but I have to be careful as I’m a light sleeper and can risk waking myself up too much if I write huge amounts in my DJ.

I say it’s not an awful mistake, as it just means you’re going to have a harder time noticing emotion/thought dreamsigns which, in any case, are arguably more fickle than form/action/context ones.

We’ll see. I’m going to record all mental details of my dreams and see if it makes a difference.

But I still think that omitting half of the information I actually remember after waking from the entries is quite bad.