a new Lucid Dream technique

Hello guyss,
I use the techniques DILD and MILD most of the time, but for me thats not enough; i need to be aware so i am also trying ADA but its not really working. Thats when i started thinking about this:

I have an idea that you can use together with the DILD and ADA, kind of like dreamsigns.
The idea is: you write down some things; Objects, colours, words, smells and noises. (like a seing a lamp or saying ‘thank you’). Things that you do or see everyday. Take a look at the things (or maybe little illustrations) you wrote down and think about this: ‘everytime i see this special things i become aware of my surroundings and maybe preform a reality check and question my reality.’

I think this may be very helpful when you have problems with remembering to do reality checks and you can also use your dreamsigns, for example: when you dream about swimming or showering very much, you can check your reality everytime you feel water on your skin.
I also think it could also be helpful for other people like me, that can’t do ADA because they forget it everytime, for example: when you forget that you need to be aware, and you accidently see the colour purple, you think about it and you can start focussing on your surroundings again.

Do you guys think this could be a good technique to use (in combinations with other of course) ? and if you think so, do you have any good suggestions for things? (here some of my ideas: doors, license plates, the colours purple and yellow, the smell of fire, the smell of soap, itching, the sound of singing birds)
I would love to know!

That sounds a lot like event-based prospective memory tasks! The best way to have DILD s that I use is by combining RC s with my “prospective memory test”

~Prospective event-based memory tasks happens to help with LD because wherever you see some item that you’ve chosen for the task, you perform the reality check.

[For example: every time that you see your bed, you make a RC — this works even better when you get to know your dream signals, so if you dream a lot with school, you should try to do a RC everytime that you found yourself in that place!]

You should do this lots of times because anything you do consistently during the day will inevitably show up in your dreams. If you do lots of RCs during the day your awareness can be triggered inside the dream!

—I don´t know if I have any good suggestions because… dream signals tend to be different for each dreamer but… I guess that there are universal ones that can help you to make RC s while you´re dreaming!

[center]To be in some place of the past (or doing some activity that you used to do months/years ago)
Being in danger (being chased, etc)
Meeting with people from your past (like old friends/co-workers/etc)
Things that don´t work—or work in unexpected ways (light switches, TVs, cellphones, cars, etc)
Unreadable words/numbers
Natural disasters (tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc)
When you can´t speak or move.
Ghosts/monsters/other supernatural beings
Having magical powers (like flying, moving things with your mind, etc)
Etc, etc…[/center]

—As for things that I use to perform RC s while awake:

I use things related to these dream signals, for example; wherever I visit my parents house or my old school/work/etc, when something awful/stressful is happening, when I get to see a friend of the past after a long time of don´t seeing him/her, when objects are defective, wherever I see a natural disaster or violent/scary scene on TV (things that you get to see on TV can be GREAT AWARENESS TRIGGERS if used well!) and the sea! because that´s a personal dream sign for me, lol! :content:

Well! that´s it! Im sure that there are others who can be of more help but I did my best~! hehe
happy dreams!! :cloud9:[/center]

Thanks Lady Yomi! you’re very helpful! Do you know any websites or videos where you found the “'universal dream rules/dream signs?” because once in a dream i realised i was walking really slow and i told the person next to me; why do we walk so slow? this isnt a dream hahaha and thats when i became lucid (the day before i saw something on a forum about bad walking in dreams)

and yesterday i dreamt and i noticed that some things where changing in the dream everytime i looked at them, and now researching it. its a common dream sign.

These what i would call dream rules really help me to get lucid. Do you know more of them/do you know where to find good information about universal dream signs?

Hi again! :content: Well, I don´t know about places where you can find those rules and dream signs… umm… but I can give you a bit of knowledge that comes from my own experience mixed with things that I learned through some books!

:peek: Let´s see:

:clock: Some universal rules about dreams:

1. Temporary

—Sleep can begin at any time, whether it be in our lives, or before, or in the future, or in a totally indeterminate time.

—You can travel intentionally to the past, but the scenes lived in there will never be identical to the original scene that is intended to revive. No matter how often you try, each one will be different from the previous one.

—It seems that the memories of the past and situations of the present coexist, as if our whole life from the beginning until now was all current.

—You can rewind the dreams over and over again until the scenes come out as you want them.

2. Temporal-space

—Both coordinates are very flexible in dreams.

3. Causals

—The logic of causes-consequences within the dreams is peculiar, and different from the one of waking life, happening that certain facts seem reasonable within the dream, but when we wake up we realize that they had nothing logic at all.

—A person can be a mix of several people at the same time, as having the name of one and “being” another, or mutate (being one person first and then another, with no continuity or explanations) same applies to objects and other beings (a kitten can become a baby, a pencil a guitar, etc)

4. Sensory

—Smell, taste, and touch can be present and be incredibly intense. Physical pleasure can be felt as well as physical pain. But if we want to “turn them off” this is easy, so we can pass through a solid object without feeling it, a liquid without getting wet or touching the fire without hurting ourselves.

—It takes less effort to deactivate these senses than to empower them and make them vivid.

—The things that we see on dreams are those that we know how to imagine. For example if there is an object that we don´t know very well in RL, we can visualize it roughly while dreaming, but when paying attention to the details we´ll realize that these are indefinite, blurred or changing, precisely because we aren´t sure about how is that object made up.

5. Ethics

—Ethics within the dream varies from person to person. It can be totally relativized since when we know that we are inside a dream, we can feel that “anything goes” and we can do anything without guilt, from killing, hurting, deceiving or abandoning the other dream characters without this entailing consequences of punishment or guilt. In case it is considered by the dreamer that the dream characters are as real as the ones of the waking life it can be unthinkable to hurt them in any way.

—However, it´s true that morality in general “loosens” in dreams and it´s more difficult to don´t fall into wanting to fulfill wishes (sometimes a little compulsively) For example, when leaving a vice in RL , it takes much longer to “Leave it” in dreams.

7. Mental

—Mathematical operations can be done but is harder than on waking life.

—Memory presents important faults, being imprecise when it comes to evoke memories of either real life or other dreams.

8. Paranormal.

—You can fly, but it requires an important dose of self-confidence, technique and experience.

—The body can stretch, bend, and even be changed for another one. It also feels very light, harmonious, much more than in RL .

—You can have double or even triple consciousness, and to be in two or three places at the same time.

—You can make appear objects or people, but it´s much easier if we make them appear outside our field of vision.

—The intensity of the physical sensations can vary from a tenuous succession of vague images and concepts to being incredibly detailed, vivid, realistic and sensorial, according to the level of lucidity achieved and the will placed in this task.

:clock: Some universal dream signs:

—Devices don´t work as expected.
—There are people, animals or objects in absurd places or situations.
—We feel that we fall from enormous heights.
—Objects are too small, large or strange to use them.
—Our hair or teeth are falling.
—We are barefoot or naked in public.
—We feel paralyzed, unable to move.
—Becoming mute when there are danger.
—Being chased by someone/something.
—We are in a bathroom where we lack privacy.
—We experience catastrophes or natural disasters.
—Our house is different, the rooms changed & there is strange things around.
—To see deceased people.
—We see people who haven´t seen for a long time.
—We are back in our old school/childhood home.
—Trying to open a door (or closing it) without results!
—Turn on a device (such as light) and instead, other turns on (such as the radio)
—Arriving late to places.
—Seeing giant waves in the sea.
—Being at unimaginable heights/seeing huge constructions.
—Seeing non-existent creatures/fictional characters.
—Unknown people appearing in front of us.
—Moving things with the mind.
—To speak in another language.
—Not understanding what you are trying to read/the time of the clocks can´t be read or is inaccurate for the current time of the day.
—Speaking to someone that can´t/don´t want to listen to you.
—The dream scenery changes suddenly.

I really hope this can be useful! English isn´t my first language so sorry if my writing is messy, but I tried to be of help hehe; tell me if you want me to speak more about something that hasn´t been very clear! :whew:

—Im going to edit this post to add a link to another topic from this site that im sure you can find very useful: How to find your Dreamsigns! :wink:

Thank you very much Lady Yomi!! I think im going to write down a list of the things you said, and try to see them as dream signs, and finding my own. I love all this things.
Your reply’s are so good and clear and i want to thank you for that! You are amazing!

Anytime! It’s a pleasure to be of help!! We dreamers should stick together after all~! :content:

Wish you lots & lots of luck with your dreams…! :happy: