How to find your Dreamsigns

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How to find your Dreamsigns

Everybody has dreamsigns. In contrary to popular belief they are not only one or two reoccurring signs, they are always in your dreams. They vary from really small ones like different position of something to really obvious like pink flying elephants. Note that you probably won’t find your reoccurring dreamsign at first glance. I found mine after few months of looking for one, but when you know how to search for them it won’t take that long.

First steps to finding your dreamsigns.
First, you need to know what types of dreamsigns exist. There are four types of dreamsigns as follows:

  • Inner awareness type
  • Action type
  • Form type
  • Context type

Now I will explain all the types one by one.

Inner awareness
In this category the dreamsigns are altered perception, your thoughts and emotions.
You may feel different than IWL, think something you would think only in a dream or have a different perception of the thing around you, and also, your thoughts can magically alter the dreamworld. Note that dreamsigns in this category are only inside you (your head), they are not the in the dreamworld that surrounds you.
Some examples may be appropriate

  • Emotions
    “I felt extremely happy because my father died”
    “I felt sudden sorrow”
    “I had a sudden feeling of falling”
    or any other emotion that is out of the place in a particular setting.
  • Thoughts
    “I thought I don’t want to fall and I floated”
    “I was thinking how odd that car is”
    or any other thought that is out of place.
  • Perception
    “My sight was blurry.”
    “Everything looked bigger than it was”
    or anything other that is odd IWL, but is only your perception.

Dreamsigns classified as this category are:
When you, someone else or even something does something unusual or impossible.
Some examples follow:

  • You
    “I suddenly flew away”
    “I somehow knew how to play piano”
    “I lifted a truck”
  • Someone
    “He could walk on water”
    “He could juggle”
  • Something
    “The flower asked me why”
    “My teacup was dancing all over the kitchen”
    “That elephant cooked good burritos”

In this category the dreamsigns are form of you, someone, something or setting.
The shape can be odd, something can transform or similar
Examples :

  • You
    “I had 12 fingers on my hands”
    “My left leg was shorter than right one”
    “I had feathers all over my body”
  • Someone
    “He had hair all over his body like an ape”
    “Instead of F.s head there was one of a bird”
    “He was cubical instead of round”
  • Something
    “My room was octagonal”
    “The house looked like it was built like a 7 year old”
    “My pillow turned into a squirrel”

Dreamsigns in this category are one of odd context in a dream. The dream is taking place in unusual place, you are playing an unlikely role, you find yourself in a weird social situation etc.

“I was Bond, James Bond”
“We were robbing a bank”
“I was in the future”
“He was a knight of Camelot (past event)”
“I had sex in public”
“I was naked on a stage”
“I was talking to my deceased grandfather”

Getting to work

Now it’s time to warm up your chair, bed or whatever place you find comfortable. It is important that you are in pleasant position and that you feel like going through your DJ entries.
Get a clean piece of paper and a pencil.

Identifying your signs

Start reading through your DJ looking for any category of dreamsigns. When you find a dreamsign, write it down and continue searching. Do as many dreams as you can before getting bored. If you don’t mind underlining in your DJ you can do that too. Try to keep your notes as organized as possible because the next section will be easier if you do that. If you get bored just put it all aside and continue some other time when you feel like it, you don’t want dreamsigns as something unpleasant and unappealing when they need to be aid in reaching lucidity in dreams. When you have found all of your dreamsigns it’s time to go to next section.

Sorting it out

The next thing you will do is to sort your dreamsigns in categories.
Make four collums and write the dreamsigns beneath each appropriate category.
If you want you can use different colors, each representing one dreamsign category, and underline the dreamsigns with them. You can do whatever you think of, it just needs to be sorted out so you can count how many signs there are in each category.

Finding the category that occurs the most

This is rather easy and fast. Just count how much dreamsings each of four categories have and compare the numbers. The category that has the greatest number is one that you are looking for. If two of categories are equal, either wait and count your new dreamsigns , or choose the one that has dreamsigns that are more apparent and easier to notice.

Using the dreamsigns
Now when you know what category is your most occurring one, you should start looking for oddities IRL that fit into that category.I will provide you with some examples how to implement this.

If your dreamsign category is inner awareness type you may want to question your thoughts and feelings during the day. Simple question like “Am i supposed to feel/think like this?” asked when IRL event happens that you have stronger reaction to, would be just fine.

For action type category questions like “Would it be possible to do this in RL? Am I supposed to do this? Do I actually know how to do this? When/where did i learn to do this?” or any similar question relating to what you, someone or even something is currently doing could trigger lucidity or RC if something is out of it’s place.

Form type category. This one is pretty straightforward. You ask yourself a question relating to form or appearance of you, someone or something. "Do I have extra fingers? Is this place like it is in RL? " My favorite is reopening a door that I just passed trough and checking if there’s still the same room or place behind them.
You could question the proportions of various objects in your surroundings.

Last but not the least, context type category. While working with this one, you have to be conscious as much as possible on the events taking place IRL and foresee their development. You need to have logical expectations of where the story should end. If something does not meet your logical expectations do an RC!
Questions during the day like "Am I playing a role I should? Am I myself (name and surname) ? Are everybody who they should be and is their role what it should be? Have I been in this place before and is it the same? " or any question relating to consistent meaning of events taking place, your role and role of others is completely good as long as you ask it with awareness. If you answer your self with no to these questions do an RC! Also questions relating to timeframe of events are
critical. Make sure you are not in the future or past.

Happy hunting
Now when you know how to identify and use the dreamsigns all is left to form mental habit of questioning RL situations that fit into your most occurring category. You could question everything but that’s Lucid Living then. Start with questioning only one category in the beginning, and advance gradually to questioning next most occurring. With enough dedication you shall be lucid in no time :smile:

Enjoy your dreams !

Written by Spider