Im new to lucid dreaming, any help?

Im new to LDing, i want to be able to lucid dream regularly, i have adhd and i dont use an alarm clock, im also 14 if that helps i want to know the best possible method for me, any help?


Howdy, Novagenix, welcome to the forum! There’s a subcategory here called #quest-for-lucidity:faqs-and-tutorials that I think you should check out. Lotta great stuff there!

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Welcome @Novagenix,

I’m curious about your current ability to recall dreams and whether you’ve tried some technique already and maybe achieved lucidity before.

If you’re really completely new to lucid dreaming, I suggest you keep reading about it on different platforms on the internet and maybe even books. Get familiar with the topic and get the hang of RCs. Make a plan for your first LD: What is the (one!) thing you really want to do and what would it look like in the dream when you’re successful, try to imagine that regularly. And of course make sure your dream recall is above average, hence the question above. How do you stand towards journaling? ;p

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Welcome to the forum!
As mentioned, there’s lots of great resources here on the forum, like the All LD techniques thread.

My general advice to beginners is:

  1. start keeping a consistent dream journal (which will help your dream recall, help communicate to your mind that dreams are important to you, and help you find your dreamsigns).

  2. Choose one LD technique that appeals to you, and be consistent with it for a few weeks to give your mind the time to accept it before trying another technique (unless of course, you really really don’t vibe with a certain method after trying it).

  3. Be kind and patient with yourself. You’re learning a something new and you should honor both the big and little successes.

You mentioned having ADHD and knowing that is great; my girlfriend has ADHD and being diagnosed with it is so helpful for her to anticipate challenges and choose strategies that will be most effective for the way her mind works.
I know ADHD is a spectrum and I mostly know her experience, so what I suggest/ discussions I’ve had with her may or may not be helpful for you.

She has had a few LDs, but she’s not really into pursuing it like you sound you are, so she hasn’t really attempted much as far as methods go (most her LDs are spontaneous). However, she has challenges with prospective memory (remembering the intent to do things in the future) and therefore I wouldn’t recommend MILD for her as a technique. If your prospective memory isn’t very strong then I would suggest something other than MILD, (even though I think it’s the easiest for a beginner to try.)

She also has mentioned challenges with forming habits, such as keeping a regular journal. The journal element of lucid dreaming is really important -or at least, I don’t know anyone who is able to regularly lucid dream and doesn’t keep a journal. In my experience, my journaling habits are directly correlated to how often I seem to lucid dream (or at least recall my dreams). If keeping the journal might be a challenge for you, know that you don’t have to keep a super detailed written journal. You can keep it to a few sentences if needed. I think some people do a verbal (voice recorded) journal too if that’s more your style.

Again, this is just based on discussions I’ve had with her. I also know that a lot of people with ADHD can hyper focus with things they’re interested in, and that might end up helping you succeeded with some dream habits (like the journal), or your chosen techniques. Shoot, you might be a great MILDer! You know yourself best so take my suggestions with a grain of salt and adjust for what you think will work for you!

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I second this advice! I’ve got a buddy with ADHD and a pretty bad prospective memory and she can still LD pretty frequently. They actually seemed to be pretty good at WILD though, which was surprising to me, so that might be worth a shot, @Novagenix.

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is as easy as follow
Have fun and passion in your creative space or however you classify your private time with yourself.
Youre in for an adventure, but first you need to proove your discipline by taking care of your nutrients and attitude towards your inner workings, if you havent already.

There is too much to discover for communication to still work.


I dont have ADHD but I have Autism. I feel like my autism makes it easier to lucid dream because I can obsessively focus on it!

What works is building dream awareness and finding out dream signs. Like often being at a school if you are not in school, seeing a strange tree, etc things that often appear in your dreams which if you keep a dream journal you will be prepared for them and when the dream sign happens you can realize it is a dream and start to explore. That works for me more than even doing reality checks (RC) which I do but I dont always use them in dreams.

Good luck!