I can't lucid dream :(

First of all you need to stop relying too much on techniques.
You have to develop a confidence in your own ability to get lucid dreams, and that confidence should be based on your own excitement, your own concrete LD goals and your ability to recall dreams.
Techniques are only useful if you think of them as some extra assistance.

I say spend a few weeks on simply writing down your ordinary dreams as much as possible, and look for dreamsigns - just writing down your ordinary dreams and reviewing them can be extremely exciting in its own right.
I think it’s very important to appreciate even your normal dreams, at least as long as you are chiefly improving your dream recall.

Also, you need to have a real goal to aim for.
“A lucid dream” is not a real goal, it’s just the environment where you want to experience something - but what?
You are the only person who can answer that.

And finally, it’s important to take it easy in your first lucid dream.
Don’t run off and attempt some wizardly the second you become lucid, spend some time on much simpler tasks, like looking at things, touching things and talking to yourself, just so you activate your senses.

This is what I’m doing atm. I haven’t had any success with WILD and other techniques.
Some nights I can’t even remember a ND and that’s a bit dissappointing. My main goal is to have very good memory of NDs which in the future may lead to very vivid LDs.

You should do a little research of how you can increase your DR. Even if you did manage to get a LD the first night you might not even have good memory from it, what’s the point then?

Nicely put. I should think more like this! :wink:

Keep trying. It might take a long time but it will be worth it. Keep a dream journal, start doing reality checks and maybe try new techniques. I have had three now and i have gotten them all with DILD.

Don’t tell yourself that. You have the capability to lucid dream; you just have to preserver, and you will have one. As someone once said (don’t remember who):
“There is nothing impossible to him who will try”

It’s very important to really believe that you can succeed.
A lot of beginners are intimidated by lucid dreaming and believe it will be really complicated - you need to become master of your dreams, and believe that you have the capacity to direct them the way you want.

I think you definately can have a lucid dream. :smile: However, although it might not happen the first night doesn’t mean it won’t happen soon. It’s important that you have a positive mindset towards it so you don’t lose hope so easily. Also…

I would recommend WBTB combined with SILD or SSILD (they are the same thing I think). It stands for Senses Induced Lucid Dream. Just type it into the search. It’s pretty straight forward and I heard it gives promising results. It has been a good technique that I use and it requires little effort. However, you NEED to keep a DJ. People try to skip it but effort needs to be placed there. That way when you succeed in having your first lucid dream, you can remember the details.

:bounce: Good luck! :bounce:

Keeping a Dream Journal is important for many reasons, and although it might not directly seem to relate to becoming lucid, it actually does.
If you write down your dreams in as much detail as possible you will train your brain to notice details, and this means you will eventually start paying attention to those details while you are dreaming.

One very powerful way to train your lucidity is to try making sense of your dreams - try to find natural explanations for everything, and force your brain to think as logically as possible.
Of course you won’t always be able to find sensible answers to some things, but it’s still a great way to teach your brain to become more critical.

No problem! You are starting out from a great base IMO. Experiment with lying in bed for a moment, gathering your dream memories into your mind, and then move for your dream journal.

Write down everything you can remember, without judgment. Take the time to put it to paper as best you can. Try to trace back from the fragments to other fragments and attempt to reel the whole dream back in if you can. If you can’t get much this time, no big deal! This is part of training yourself to connect more deeply with your dreams. It’s all valuable and it will get better over time.

Lucid dreaming is a process. Trust the process and stay patient and forgiving with yourself. It’s not hard per se – it’s just different from other things that you have done before! Give yourself time to learn it. But understand that you are fully capable of having lucid dreams. In fact, I think it’s critical that over time you think of yourself as someone who becomes lucid in dreams. It should become part of your expectations in the dream world. And it really is true!

So definitely drop the idea that you can’t lucid dream. It’s likely to hold you back and it’s false. Think of yourself as a kid who just fell off a bike after trying to ride for the first time. It’s not that he “can’t ride a bike”. He simply has to take time to learn how.

And later when that kid is racing around the neighborhood at top speed (with no hands), we’s going to wonder how he ever convinced himself that it was so hard. :smile: Take the time, put in the work, and have patience. (Like, months of patience.) And yes, I sound like a broken record these days, but I second Lucere’s recommendation of SSILD (which you can check out here.) This is what I use.

Just a tip, if you don’t use your DJ you probably won’t even catch your first LD. IF you don’t bother to try and remember dreams and get better recall, who knows, you may be having your LD’s already but you just… don’t remember. Such a thing happened to me, I went through the whole day but then luckily I was able to have a flashback of my LD and I totally forgot about it the whole day when I woke up. Something just triggered the memory, and I was so upset because it was a really cool LD. and I couldnt even remember it.

Probably the best reason to use a Dream Journal.
A DJ doesn’t even need to have anything to do with “activating lucidity”, the ability to actually remember your LD’s is clearly very important.

It’s like in real life - you can have the best moment of your life while it’s taking place, and still forget about it ten years later.

Bonjour, je t’aiderait volontier dans ta quète de lucidité si tu n’arrive pas toujour a fair des reves lucides :tongue:

When you are in this forum you should try to speak english… It looks like your language is french (maybe I’m wrong), there is a french forum here: ld4all.com/fr/forum/

It’s okay threlm you’ll get em in time don’t worry, just keep up with wbtb reality checks and your methods. And ask tons of questions on these here forums :smile:

All is well. Maybe try and get into your normal dreams some? They are interesting

I know that feel bro and when somebody tells you " you’ll have them in time" it means 1 weeks or 2 years soooooo …

“there is a french forum here: ld4all.com/fr/forum/” said by Threlm
This forum is down ;(

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I believe that I am a little slow today

i agree with every one else, just keep trying.
but on the bright side, you recalled having 13 dreams in one night! thats an achievement by itself. ive recently started LDing again, and i can tell you i seem to remember only about a tenth of a dream.

Most people don’t see this… but how fast lucidity is achieved is not determined by the person, but by the mind. Believe it or not, ability is 90% mental. It may be the body that’s trained again and again, but it is the mind that pulls you through it.

Self hypnosis is a HUGE tool for obtaining lucidity because it makes you highly suggestive. The key to lucidity is BELIEF. I saw a post… someone was told a word by a dream character in a lucid dream, and whenever he wants to lucid dream, he says this word and his dream that night is lucid. This is complete belief… it became truth…

If you believe you can lucid dream whenever you want… you CAN. Convince yourself of this the same way you did with the possibility you could be dreaming at any moment. Aside from belief is commitment. Don’t get down if you can’t lucid dream at first. This will push you down into thinking you can’t lucid dream, which is completely FALSE. You can lucid dream, keep at it and just know the techniques you are using become more effective the more faith you put in them. When they fail, put more faith in them.

If this seems far-fetched, look up psychosomatic death.

That’s the spirit. You are doing good.

My first LD was after I practising this: https://community.ld4all.com/t/how-to-find-your-dreamsigns/36668

Try it. It’s fun to question your reality in dream point of view :content: