I can't lucid dream :(

I know that feel bro and when somebody tells you " you’ll have them in time" it means 1 weeks or 2 years soooooo …

“there is a french forum here: ld4all.com/fr/forum/” said by Threlm
This forum is down ;(

Hmm… Was this message meant for me? :razz:

Wow haha that message was not meant for you therlm haha dunno why I thought yu were the author of this thread

jumps off bridge

I believe that I am a little slow today

i agree with every one else, just keep trying.
but on the bright side, you recalled having 13 dreams in one night! thats an achievement by itself. ive recently started LDing again, and i can tell you i seem to remember only about a tenth of a dream.

Most people don’t see this… but how fast lucidity is achieved is not determined by the person, but by the mind. Believe it or not, ability is 90% mental. It may be the body that’s trained again and again, but it is the mind that pulls you through it.

Self hypnosis is a HUGE tool for obtaining lucidity because it makes you highly suggestive. The key to lucidity is BELIEF. I saw a post… someone was told a word by a dream character in a lucid dream, and whenever he wants to lucid dream, he says this word and his dream that night is lucid. This is complete belief… it became truth…

If you believe you can lucid dream whenever you want… you CAN. Convince yourself of this the same way you did with the possibility you could be dreaming at any moment. Aside from belief is commitment. Don’t get down if you can’t lucid dream at first. This will push you down into thinking you can’t lucid dream, which is completely FALSE. You can lucid dream, keep at it and just know the techniques you are using become more effective the more faith you put in them. When they fail, put more faith in them.

If this seems far-fetched, look up psychosomatic death.

That’s the spirit. You are doing good.

My first LD was after I practising this: https://community.ld4all.com/t/how-to-find-your-dreamsigns/36668

Try it. It’s fun to question your reality in dream point of view :content: