A New Lucid Dreamer!

Hey everyone,

This is my first time i want to try and LD, BUT! how do i do it? what do i actually do to get into my dreams. Please no flames, just helpful comments, dont link me to faq or anything like that.

first of all, you cant just do it in one night, its unlikely. First step is to keep a record of your dreams useing a DJ or whatever is the easiest way for you to make your Dream Recall better.

Once you feel that has advanced, try different methods you can learn about in LD4all. Then its all up to you. There really is alot of helpful information on this website that you should look at.

Good luck :smile:

Alright i wont link you to the FAQ, i will just suggest you read them. The FAQ are there for that reason to join together peoples minds, questions and answers, and hopefully you will have your answers there. Another area of the site that i suggest you look at is the guide which is reach by going to www.ld4all.com and clicking on the guide button i wont like you there either but i do hope you go and read it. But to answer your question in shortish.

Firstly, as stated above, you should keep a dream journal, a book or type it up on the comp. This will help improve your dream memory, whats the point of getting lucid and not being able to rememebr it? Also by keeping a dream journal you will start to notice reacurring DS. Then from here you can use oneparticular method to get a lucid dream called Reality checks, but i will get into that later.

So again keep a dream journal!

there are many methods used to get lucid, MILD, WILD, DILD, , etc etc etc. Use the search button on the forum to look up information on each.

WILD- means you fall into a dream from the waking state. Once you are in the dream hopefully you will have kept your awrness and will be lucid.

Mild - keep saying you will go lucid that night

DILD - You notice something in your dream that cant possibly happen and from there realise its a dream and go lucid.

a lot of these methods takes practice, but i found personally that DILD was the most sucussful for me. By using Reality Checks, these are checks that you do through out the day to test your reality. your dream world does have rules beleive it or not, for example, it is commonly accepted that time and writing does not remain constant inside dreams. So one relaity check would be to look at a clock look away and look back, if the time has changed ALOT! then there is a good chance you are dream, a few seconds or a minute on your dig clock is not reason to jump out of the window thinking you can fly.

So look up reality checks.
look up wild if you want quick results, but be aware that his may cause you nto to be able to sleep. actualyl read about WILD before you try it, otherwise you are likely to fall into the common mistake that most people do and that is trying it as soon as they go to bed.

Keep a dream journal!

So thats it basicly. I do suggest that if you want more information you do read the forum and the FAQ. That is what they were made for and they do have a lot of useful information. There is also the knowledge base. Plesae refer there.

I have not included links to any of these places becuse you asked for them not to be, so happy hunting.

good luck with lucid dreaming. Welcome, and have fun.

To get a lucid dream is actually a lot eaiser then people give it credit for. My first real lucid dream came in 3 days, and from there over the years i have developed the skill. Its easy fun and exciting, Read untill you cant read anymore, and there is a good chance that you will have a lucid dream tonight.


I know you may not have wanted me linking you to it but at the front page of this website is a very useful guide found here: ld4all.com/guide.html

Read through it and it will explain everything you need to know to start lucid dreaming. It isn’t complicated