A new method of some kind?

Well, today I got a little bored so I just lied out on the sofa listening to some music.

My laptop was in front of me. It got to a song I didn’t like. I must’ve been lying there for about 10 minutes at the most.

What happened was I was thinking whether or not I should bother changing it, for some reason I thought about changing it then suddenly realized I was and thought “what the fuck?!?!”, then it turns out, I WAS ASLEEP AND I INDUCED A DREAM WHICH THEN TURNED LUCID BECAUSE I REALIZED WHAT HAPPENED.

Anyone got any ideas why the hell that happened or an explanation? Like usual it didn’t last long, but really, it freaked me out.

I’ve never heard of anything like that. I really don’t think I was asleep because I opened my eyes a few minutes before that.

It was like waking lucid dream or something…

First, I don’t know what you’re talking about… Were you dreaming or not ? Could you please explain a little more detailed ? Like, I went there, found a comfy positions, everything was real etc. etc. Please explain details… I don’t understand what you’re talking about…

As I understand it, he was in a ND and then he realized he was dreaming when the song turned off (or whatever happened, I didn’t understand that part, since something is missing in ‘‘I realized I was and thought…’’).

Well, that was your dream sign. The thing which you see and realize you are dreaming.

Hmm…I don’t know about the last part.
I guess you had a FA, not sure.

I don’t think anyone can tell you exactly what it was without experiencing it :wink:

No what I meant was, I lied down on the sofa and played some music on my laptop.

The song changed to one I didn’t like, so I thought about changing it. I opened my eyes, then shut them again, a few minutes later it was still something I didn’t like so I thought about changing it, it seemed like I entered a dream at that point because I thought I was doing it but I wasn’t. When I noticed that I was just thinking of doing it and suddenly I was on my laptop, I realized I was dreaming and became lucid.

I don’t know how but I seemed to cause a dream by thinking of something and it happened instantly. Even though I had my eyes open about 2 minutes earlier.

Well…it sure is a bit confusing :tongue:
Are you sure you weren’t in the dream already?

If not…well, that was some pretty fast falling asleep.
If the latter is the case, you might have fallen asleep while listening to music earlier and dreamed about listening to music and then realized when the second ‘‘bad’’ song started playing. That would be my guess

Sounds like he laid down with his laptop jamming to some tunes. Next thing he knew a song he didn’t quite fancy was playing and he wondered whether he should change it or not. A few minutes went by and he decided he was going to change it, but just by thinking about it, it changed songs. He was dreaming that he was sitting in the same spot that he laid down, so didn’t realize that he was dreaming… until something out of the ordinary happened. Is that right? That’s pretty cool though. I’d be a bit freaked too.

i had a very similar experience today so i searched through a lot of posts to find this one…

okay its a bit different…but here goes…
i woke up in RL after a short nap…a really short one…went to the bathroom came back…n i was no more sleepy after that, but i dint want to get out of bed…so i just let myself lay there for a while, but then from what i recall, i started daydreaming, to a different setting…this daydreaming felt exactly like the way its proposed in https://community.ld4all.com/t/lucid-daydreaming-ldd/31485/9

i used to do daydreaming before…but this one felt like a lucid dream with very low lucidity…i could feel that i was in that dream but it wasnt the way senses usually respond in an LD…on top of it…i snapped in and out of that daydream…like my focus shifted from daydream to real life a couple of times…since there was some noise around in the real life…
why i’m calling them as daydreams and not ND, because owing to those noises i was constantly aware that my body is lying on the bed…and unlike ND, i was consciously making the next scenes/characters appear in that daydream…the weird thing is i recall that when someone shouted from outside, i would momentarily realise that i’m under sleep paralysis…n while daydreaming i recall some of the times when i changed positions in the bed, did some weird actions like celebrating that i’ve learnt to control things so well…when nothing of it could have actually happened…i was laying still for that half hour…

all this merged in so closely that i cant even explain well…

was it like a daydream within a dream?

because if it was just a daydream then why did it feel so different than others that i have in RL…

n if it was a daydream within a dream then why dint i get lucid the way i usually do…is my lucidity taking a downward plunge? i mean i was constantly aware that it was a dream and that my real body is lying on the bed…

naw, sounds like WILD, and/or, from hypnagogic imagery

I think he is trying to say that he was on his laptop IRL and fell asleep. Either that or he was dreaming that he was on his laptop and became lucid.