Lucid DayDreaming (LDD)

I’ve never had a “true” day dream… a hallucination as such, not even for a moment.

Well you’re still supposed to stand or sit where you are :tongue: True hallucinations require trance states, as they would mean losing contact with the body. It’s not really important how much true they seem, it’s about how much true they feel they are. Emotional engagement works a lot torwards this, and it’s all that matters IMHO. With that, it’s quite easy to experiment sense stimulatons of any kind (while still being feeble, but that’s not really important).

I find it impossible to realize I’m daydreaming without getting sucked out :sad: It seems there’s no delay at all after the realization. Like one time I was trying to visualize and an image appeared for a split second, as soon as I noticed it (before I could react and even look at it) it was gone… :sad:

Anyway, if anyone has any tips for that… :smile:

Well, in my practice, when that happens to me that’s actual HI and that’s far above my objective :tongue:
I only daydream with mind images, accustoming myself to the idea of being in a dream and living my adventures, only that.
If you can do that on the spot with HI, you’re just a step away from standing WILD :lol: keep someone ready to catch you.

I used to do this all the time…
It was a means of escape really. I used to get bullied frequently and I also have other personal problems and family problems to deal with. As a way to escape it all, I’d sit by myself and start doodling on a piece of paper and then that would start the daydreams up.
There is a kind of LD feeling about it. The control aspect and the feeling of losing the daydream. To remedy that, I’d either draw another doodle to reinforce the daydream, or “chain” into another one. The more depressed I became, the easier it was to separate myself from the real world. Obviously I’m gonna advice against excessive escapism but I suppose it did help with:
Long LD’s/not waking up

However… mental illness runs on both sides of my family. I became delusional as a result and hallucinations started replacing my daydreams.
In that regard it can potentially hinder:
Becoming lucid

So my advice, don’t use it as an escape. Well, at least not excessively. Everything in moderation I suppose. My reasoning for not ever trying CALD. But you guys can. I just need to be careful.

Also, practice some Lucid Living along with this. It’ll help with becoming lucid in the first place.
Hmm… I don’t know how being more aware will affect your daydreams though in the ability to maintain them. If you’re constantly aware of yourself, wouldn’t that put you more at the risk of “waking up”? I haven’t really allowed myself to daydream very long in a while.
/me pokes Tosxychor

Hmm, interesting input! I had more in mind catching the daydreams you have naturally, mundane things like rehearsing conversations in your head, rather than purposefully going into a fantasy.

Well, there are certainly various ways of being aware. If I try to be conscious of my body, my surroundings etc. then the daydreaming becomes very feeble and discontinous; just knowing that you’re daydreaming, however, while focusing your awareness on your thoughts only (I find it useful to focus body awareness first on the centre of my head), it’s another story, and allows for continous daydreaming. Trying to stay on the verge of awareness, though, can indeed bring one to interrupt it, and that’s what practice is for: by training oneself to being aware without interrupting the flow of daydreaming, the same thing can be used in a LD, being now capable of thinking and acting freely while mantaining full awareness of the dreamstate, and being able not to wake up.
From experience, with daydreaming practice i managed to bring myself to a calm state of mind at the beginning of DILD’s, get more and uninterrupted awareness of the state of dreaming, and most importantly, I fought the impulse to wake up after a while, that was tormenting me. Great stuff ^^
One way to do that is keeping it easy, just focusing on what’s happening without interferring, or realizing more than necessary, just enjoying the ride, with a back-of-the head feeling that you’re there, watching. Nothing more is needed for starting, then you can get to more adavnced stuff :wink: (and by more advanced stuff, there is indeed HI visualization, like mattias said, it just takes a little dedicated practice)

same thing here. I just think about stuff, but I never get any visuals. Also, by Lucid Daydreaming, I though you meant that being Lucid in a dream during the day :smile:

Up untill I was 8 years old, every thought was accompanied by a visual… (I once played a game of pong mentally!) After I turned 8, however, I seemingly lost the ability…

I tried it and… I had a dull daydream… was able to become “lucid” without becoming roused, however, It would’ve been better a few years back when my visualization skills were better…

Iv’e had some truly amazing day dreams whilst being in a trance state whilst meditating, I’m not sure whether to consider them day dreams really, they were extremely vivid and I still remember every detail, I was aware in these Day Dreams but I just let it all play out because of how awesome it all was. I completely lost contact with my physical body but I was still sitting up when I ‘woke’ up. :eek:

Very interesting post, heck there is so much to learn. :smile:

so when i daydream, i can get lost for a LONG time and miss important things in waking life, so how can i make them shorter?
any advise is appreciated

By being lucid? :tongue: When you know what you are doing, you know you are in control and can stop whenever you want, so you just have to do so.
You can have a test run, just imagine yourself having IF you were lucid while having a daydream, go on it for a while, try interrupting it, see what happens, perfect the technique, rinse and repeat :content:

no, just regular day dreaming-- i haven’t tried to be lucid in a day dream yet; but my regular day dreams go on forever!

Yeah, and what I’m suggesting is, since you don’t like how a thing is, you should change the way it is. I proposed a change, you’re free to follow it or think otherwise. In fact, I just asked you to use a different approach for once and see for yourself the results. :content:

oh… :happy:

This interests me.

I think I’ll try it later when I’m not tired. :tongue:

This is a really great idea, and I’m definitely going to start trying it. I think it even deserves its own big topic. In thinking about this I really realize how many daydreams I have. :tongue:

I’ve been trying this technique for a while now and I have gotten better at it. I found that you can get a more in depth daydream if you try to visualize something, and it is easier to enter daydreams when you’re tired. I will continue this method and update on the effects it has on dreaming.