I want to LD again [split from scribes topic]

Hey guys, ive have lucid dreaming maybe “100 times”. But now i never lucid dream. I dream normally but no lucid dream. :neutral: It stopped like maybe 5,5 months ago. What could happen u think? Thanks


To be lucid in your dreams, you have to be lucid in life. Always be aware of where you are, and what you are doing. Don’t get lost in your thoughts, and don’t daydream. If you make those habits, you will daydream in your dreams, which will make the day dream come to life, and you will have an even smaller chance at being lucid.

Hope this helps!


Well that is not entirely correct. Daydreaming is fine, as long as you know you’re doing it :wink: it was calledLucid DayDreaming in another topic. Besides, Dazino’s pretty right, in order to be lucid you must be aware, so you will recognize if it’s a dream or not from the feeling and the (not so) subtle clues :tongue:. And being aware can be done in daytime too, so you can start practicing right now :smile:

Besides, what that “split from scribes’ topic” mean?

:peek: means it was posted as a reply in the scribes apply topic and I made it into a separate post.

thanks for replying me. yea i actually kinda daydreamin to much (i think). i dont concentrate what im doin. @Dazino so if im ex: walking to school, should i think about walking or? what excatly should i do?

No, you should just walk. Be aware your walking. Don’t be in your thoughts, just be aware of everything around you, and what you are doing. You don’t need thoughts to be aware.

Alright goin to try that :smile: