A new technique?

Sooo…the other night I was on the phone with a girl and we were watching a show on tv together and we were both tired and were talking forever. The conversation started to die down and i stopped watching the tv and was drifting to sleep.

She said something like “do you want to go?”
I had started to dream…and for some reason, when she said that I was hallucinating or something that Ryan Seacrest asking me to go to hollywood… like American Idol. I said “Yes” and yeah…she said “k, goodnight”

That kinda pulled me out of my dream and I said “wait wait, no.” and i thought about what happened.

I am sure that this was a start to a dream. There is no doubt in my mind. Has anyone had similar experiences?

Anyways…do you think this could turn into some sort of technique? Like perhaps you could depend on the person on the other line to occasionally tell you to do a reality check? I will have to experiment with this a bit. It might take some dedication but I will try.

I think it might be effective if i can get past this issue:

-The other person knowing when I have entered the dream state and no longer needing their assistance. (in other words…when they need to shut up ^_^)

I’m sure there are more flaws which is why I should test this somehow.

Well, once you’re dreaming your eyes should start rapidly moving so it should be fairly easy to spot, unless they’re on the phone of course. Good idea.

Yeah, personally, i wouldnt be able to fall asleep if someone was talking to me in person…I dunno about you guys.

It could work I think. If light can trigger you then so could sound. Infact touch can as well. A couple of years ago me and two friends made a device you wear under your sleeve, nobody could see it and it wasn’t uncomfortable. Basically during the day it would sometimes give you a pricking sensation on a precise part of your arm. Everytime it happened you had to really try to judge the world ad decide if you were dreaming or not. I mean really try turning on lights and doing eality checks and stuff. Well you wore it at night and it would be timed so when you are dreaming it would evetually prick you and force you to do a RC and then you become lucid. I never got to try it because one of my friends broke it when he was sleeping! But he had tried it for 2 days and no luck and the other guy had used it for about a week and got 4 lucid dreams directly from it! It wasn’t our own deisgn but we built it. I’d make it again but I don’t know much about the building of it, I just told them what it should do and chose the best time settings etc.

Brilliant Idea…Looks like I have a new project for my Electronics class.

As for the phone idea…still haven’t gotten to experiment. I plan on maybe trying this weekend. I think I have worked out some kinks in the idea and should be able to test it out.