A Newbie with FAQs

Hi, I’m a newbie to the whole lucid thing, I had a very odd dream experience and decided I’d try to figure out what was up, low and behold I discovered lucid dreaming(worships the internet). I’ve only had a few lucid dreams and one very odd experience I think may have been an OOBE. Mostly I dream in third person, like seeing a movie, and I often think that I am dreaming but the experience is vague and kind of thin. Just like i’m envisioning a regular day dream. There are some dreams I have that are very rich and they are always in first person but they are few and far inbetween and most rare are my lucid dreams which I had so much fun with, and would like to have more of.

My questions to you pros out there is how you got started as a lucid dreamer, how old you were when you got your first and whether not it was a spontaneous thing or something you trained yourself to do. What kind of experiences do you have in your lucid dreams, which mode of view do you ususaly see in? And I think most important, how do you define lucidity?

With that up in the air, i’ll talk about a couple very odd experiences I’ve had with dreams. I was in a lucid dream where I was walking toward a hall in house i’ve never been in before. It was luxurious, there was a party going on outside in the back, where an inground pool was and a jacuzi. Butlers walked around holding trays of caviar and champagne and I only recognized a couple of people. One, my cousin Jesse who is a good friend of mine and two, his wife’s young sister, Britney. Anyways, I decided that I didn’t want to participate in the party and instead made my way down a long sterile white hallway, set far off from the house’s western wing. The hallway came to a room, all white, a simple wooden table with a piece of paper was on it. I picked it up and read a word “Chasm”. There was only that word, but I decided I wanted to read further, and faster… I kept reading more and more instances of the word ‘Chasm’ on the piece of paper until I was reading it off the paper into the air, on the walls until everything was covered with the black word ‘chasm’ so much so that there was no light at all, just darkness. I had a large spike of fear as I felt like I was falling into what this word represented.

I woke up from that but found myself in sleep paralysis. I stayed that way for 10-15 minutes and then something even more insane happened, I started moving horizontaly out of my body, my room, and into more darkness. I felt like I was in warp speed, which seemed to last forever. I came to a crashing halt in the room of my step brother, who was meditating and chanting some odd mantra. I was seeing through what seemed kind of like binoculars, a faded out, narrow view. I kept moving (in my point of view, which it seemed it was all I was) closer and closer to him and as I did his body began to twitch and looked uncomfortable. For whatever reason I then decided to abandon my ‘Dark View’. And came zooming backwards, back into my body where I waited another 5 minutes to escape sleep paralysis.

Now, I spoke to my step brother after the event the next evening. I asked him if he was meditating that night and he told me he was. He also said he felt an ‘odd presence’. Now, thats good enough for me, and its quite scary to think that this really did happen. Alot of me wants to believe it was just a lucid dream, because it was quite an unnerving experience. Its the only experience of its kind i’ve had in dream state. I didn’t think it was possible to achieve it out of a lucid dream (I’ve had similar experiences meditating and on LSD)

Anyway, I am new here. And I really like your little community. My name is Brandon and I think I’ll stick around for awhile and see what I can learn to control my lucidity and/or OOBE skills from you pros out there.

Thx for your time.

Holy mother how am i gonna get all of this… type less next time it hurts the eyes…

how old you were when you got your first and whether not it was a spontaneous thing or something you trained yourself to do.

it was a few days after reading this site. I was so excited that it happened just spontaneously. Never again. These days I’m lucky if I remember a dream at all… getting lazy… if you get lazy it all fades…

What kind of experiences do you have in your lucid dreams, which mode of view do you ususaly see in? And I think most important, how do you define lucidity?

Usually first person, I usually fly, try summoning people, and do crappy stuff because I’m not truly conscious. A lucid dream to me is whenever you recognize the fact that you are dreaming, whether or not you’re intelligent enough to do anything about it.

Can’t offer anything on that one. NOW I realize why you wrote so much, it’s not in the questions at all! shy:

Anyway, I am new here. And I really like your little community.

I like it too.

My name is Brandon and I think I’ll stick around for awhile and see what I can learn to control my lucidity and/or OOBE skills from you pros out there.

Hello brandon, and welcome. I can’t OOBE but I can offer little tips here and there. Oh, and check my signature. I think that could be of use to you. It’s like a book only better!

Oh yeah: I keep making the mistake of clicking the fudging table of contents instead of the real links. CLick the stuff under the header named “LUCID DREAMING” NOT “Table of Contents” because the table of contents just describes to you where everything is.

Hello Void,

I started to investigate lucid dreaming after finding out about it, do to my big brother one day telling me it was possible to leave your body. Being open minded I wondered if in fact you could and went to my local library to see what I could turn up. It lead me on the path of studying OBE’s which in turn led me to the study of lucid dreams. That took place when I was about 12 years old and am now 34.

I would have to look up in my dream journal to see when I had my first lucid dream…hmmm…let me do that…hold on…ok
I had my first lucid dream on 10-31-92 at 2:05 am …Yes I recorded it and still have the journal. I will never forgot that dream! So I was 23 years old. I should mention that I started out studying OBE’s and didn’t start studying or trying to have lucid dreams for many years. I was to focused on trying to have an OBE not realizing at the time the significance of lucid dreams. Im not actually sure when I started to try to have a lucid dream. Going by my first dream journal that would have been 8-29-92. Yes that is correct. I even have it written that this is when I started my first real attempts at lucid dreaming. So I had my first lucid dream within 2 months. This was definitely self induced! I had practiced regularly for those two months.

As far as which mode I usually see in, that would be 1st person. Once in a while I dream in 3rd person, but not as a lucid dream.

I define lucidity as when you are dreaming and you are fully conscious, you know your dreaming!

Now I’m not a pro but usually when I become lucid I start conducting experiements. So in my next post I’ll include my first lucid dream as an example. This post is getting a little long and this way people can just skip it if not interested.

This is how my first lucid dream came about.
I had been trying to have a lucid dream for some time, about two months. I had no real lucid dreams but was recording 2-4 dreams a night. Some of these dreams were flying dreams. This kept up my willpower to keep pushing on. I didn’t give up!

Then on 10-31-92 at 2:05 am the coolest thing happened! I was dreaming I was walking down the sidewalk in this unfamiliar neighborhood. There were houses to my right and left. It was early evening so kinda dark out. I was noticing how all the lawns look so nice. Every house had a perfectly cut lawn and the houses were pretty close together. I remember thinking that was strange then I started thinking about how I was wanting a lucid dream. Then all of a sudden I realized I was dreaming. I felt a big grin come across my face. Then all of a sudden I felt this like wave of energy coming toward me very fast. It was like when you drop a stone in a pond and you get that ripple that spreads out from the center. I couldn’t see it but felt it. It was very strong. As it came toward me eveything behind it became very vivid, much more real. The wave went right through me and kept on going. The entire neighborhood, sky, everything was crystal clear. I remember looking down at the lawns but this time they were more green and alive. I could practically see each blade of grass. I was 100% conscious.
So I then looked up at the sky and thought I want’ed to fly like a bird. I knew I had the power even before I thought about flying and the thought of flying scared me. I was surprised by that. Didn’t think I would be. Then at that moment a bird actally flew by and I thought well it must be safe to fly. I knew it was but the bird was reasurring. So I flew up like a rocket toward the night sky an then realized that if I didn’t stop I could leave the planet which also was a scarry thought. So I then thought of going back down just over the houses and so I did. I flew around a bit and then lost consciousness.

I had another dream just after this experience which I also recorded. This was a normal dream.

Well, I’m also new to lucid dreaming . In fact, I haven’t had any LDs through MILD, WILD, etc. yet. But, I’ve had at least one LD as a child, completely by chance.

I had a recurring nightmare in which I always found myself in a dark room and the only thing I could see was a huge hole on the ground before me. Then , a cloaked figure would appear out of nowhere and push me into the hole. I was having that exact dream one night when I became lucid and could react. As soon as I realized I could do whatever I wanted, I punched the figure and threw it into the hole instead! I think I lost my lucidity for the rest of the dream after that, but at least I never had that nightmare again. I’m pretty sure that dream was in 3rd person , but these days my dreams all seem to be in 1st person.

Apart from that, I can’t remember any lucid dreams, but then my dream recall is still horrible. Since I found this site about four months ago, I’ve been mostly been practicing WILD, because I find its concept fascinating. Not much luck so far but many of the dreams I can remember are LD-related. For example, last night I saw my dream journal in one of my dreams.Hmm, does that mean something?