a place between a LD and your Physical Body?

anyone know what this place is or is termed?

last night I had a LD, and I had 3 goals. I end up in this room of a house & half assed done the first one which was to touch my dream body all over. and went straight to the 2nd and 3rd. because of me rushing and my excitement, the whole dream went blurry, and it it all went blank. then I would end up in this place that felt like I wasn’t in my physical body, and I wasn’t in the dream realm. I would have the EXACT same experience when I had OBEs and they went blurry and blank. so it’s a place between either a Dream or Astral Realm, and your physical body. you’re not in your physical body, but you’re not in any realm per so.

everything goes blank, sometimes dark grey, but most times pitch black. last night I had started to visualize and saw different colored letters and other shapes. but it felt so freaky and empty, it really freaked me out. fear really kicked in and i woke myself up. I feel as if I aright in between realms in this stage. anyone knows what this place is, or a terminology that’s been created for it?

Most of the times when I felt that it was in hypnagogic or hypnapompic state. It really is in between state and when you started to visualize something happened, you started to experience things as it is in hypnagogic/hypnapompic state.

Many dreamers look at this state as I stated above a in between state and treat it as such as something you need to go through from waking state to dream state and they don’t give enough attention to it. In my opinion it’s one of the most relaxing states because it’s very similar to meditation and the trance you can get yourself while meditating and when this is combined with meditation it gives awesome results.

In hypnagogic/hypnapompic state you can also practice for lucid dreams as I see it because the key while being in hypnagogic/hypnapompic is to maintain awareness from waking life and not “loosing” yourself in this state. I say loose yourself because most of the times I experience beautiful music in this state/trance and it’s really easy to give in and holding on to your waking awareness will also teach you how to do it in a lucid dream.

This hypnagogic/hypnapompic state I see as a training before a big game(lucid dream) and it really helps… :content:

interesting, it does sound like you backed into the in between state. usually you experience it when you go from waking - in between - dream, when things get less clear and foggy is due to losing consciousness/awareness, since you were already in a dream it sounds like you took a step back into the in between before you go back to the physical.

out of curiosity, when you found yourself in that “black” place, did you feel you had a body looking from a first person view, like in everyday waking life and most dreams or was it another feeling?

thanks. i just looked these up. seems like this blankness state i was referring to is hypnopompic state, as I lose the grips with OBEs/LDs and everything goes black. but hypnogogic state would be astral noise while in sleep paralysis, or like you described, hearing music and such while being in this ‘trance’ of sleep paralysis. i’ve had this before. i heard music like that of some of thetarealms tracks youtube.com/watch?v=0wSUnuq7HPM or straight up music i haven’t heard before. this was before i left my body or just remain that way until i woke myself up from fear.

yes. but I was just unable to see anything, outside of the visualizations i was achieving. other then that, it’s usually pitch black. scary as hell to me since total darkness is one of my biggest fears. when i first started having this experience, when i first started to have OBEs, i experimented with it before backing out. so once i felt i was in this cocoon while waving my arms up and down on the sides. it was weird and empty, but I’m guessing you’re supposed to progress from this stage somehow. i usually wake myself up cuz my fear always kicks my ass. and i felt groggy this last time. i guess your body is still in deep sleep, and if you can remain calm and experiment in this stage, your body will technically be in a sleep mode. from what i understand, your consciousness is just traveling in between places, as your physical body is getting rest.

interesting, next time youre there try to calm and use your visualization to create, it reminds me of something i experienced only you might have been more aware while in there, think of it as a blank canvas for you to draw, create, whatever it is you want to create, try it out and see what happens.
please let me know when you do :spinning: