ok, i just need some feedback on the :cool_laugh: PLAN :cool_laugh: i intend to follow…

  1. Get to sleep at about 12-1 (that’s my normal)

  2. Alarm at 3, set alarm to 4:30

  3. Alarm at 4:30, set alarm to 6

  4. Alarm at 6

  5. Wake up proper at eight

I :cool_laugh: PLAN :cool_laugh: to just stick to this for a week or so, mabye have a half hearted attemt at a WILD a few times, and set it in to my body’s sleep schedule (uberman style). Then, when i have set it up, ill stop with the alarms and just keep doing it… but ill add WILD/MILD attempts to each of the 3 "slots, and see what happens. Hopefully it will be easy to get to sleep in a few minutes, and seeing as boredom is the main thing stopping me from WILDing proper, it should help greatly… well thats my
:cool_laugh: PLAN :cool_laugh: !

Anyone have feedback for my :cool_laugh: PLAN :cool_laugh:?

How many hours do you need for refreshing sleep? IMO 7-8 hours with 3 times when you wake up and try to WILD for the whole week, will make you tired after few nights. Of course if you are fine with 6-7 hours of sleeping and can manage to have some LD’s during such short sleeps, then it can work :content:

Meh, ill give it a go, i used to have to get up at 6, so only about 5hrs…lol

Has anyone had any experience with this kind of thing? If so, how well did it work?