A Potentially Usesful Tip

One of the things that I have found that helps a lot with LDing is not thinking of it as difficult to achieve.

Since lucid dreaming is a mental thing if you believe it is a hard state to achieve it will be. But if you convince yourself that it isn’t hard then LDing will likley become much easier for you.

i see how that wud work :wink: i get sometimes when waiting for something to happen i get to botred and distracted and either fall asleep or decide to goto sleep, coz sometimes u don’t wanna stay up for 40 mins waiting and nothing hapopening it gets bit diheartning lol. but i am gonna try WILD in the morning and see if it works.


I found this to be true, but instead I believe it is a natural thing that will occur. This “realization” happened when I was watching animatrix “the kid.” He basically becomes lucid in the matrix. I don’t know if that explains why this made me come to that realization, but it did… heh

Coupled with waking myself up at 5 am every night for like 5-10 min, even just to goto the bathroom, I have an LD every other night if not every night. Granted I have practiced for the past half year, but my percentage of nights with LDs shot up like 500+%.

When people like holy_reality explain that they don’t really have an induction technique, that isn’t true… this is their technique (luciditymaster has lots of LDs too I think, so this would probably apply to him, especially since he posted this topic… heh?). Just knowing that I am going to be lucid dreaming makes it happen.

Good luck to everyone taking on this attitude

i don’t need to tsake on the attitude, I WILL LUCID DREAM!!! IT WILL HAPPEN NATURALLY!

I completely agree. The harder and more complicated you make LD ‘ing the harder it will be. In my experience I found that LD ‘ing is a lot easier than people make it. I recently read a few posts from people who described how much easier WILD was then they thought. In my opinion WILD is not harder than MILD it’s just different. All of the techniques work and anyone can learn them with practice.

It’s kinda funny. The first time I went lucid it WAS easy… and I’ve turned it into this complex objective and just made it harder for myself.
I read your post last night and just relaxed and said to myself that it was easy and sure enough I went lucid last night.
Cool. :smile:

Awesome :thumbs:

Enjoy and keep it simple.

Happy Dreaming :smile:

I’m glad to here this has helped some of you as I know it had a major impact on my Lucid Dreaming ability.