a precog dream

I had a recent dream where I was walking with a girl who was a neighbor when were kids. We were walking through the school yard holding hands. I wanted everybody to see it because she was such a hot number back then. In real life I was good friends with this girl’s brother and as is often the case in such situations young girls are more often rude to other neighborhood boys. Back to the dream. We next went into my house and were making out/kissing in the bedroom. End of dream.

A few days pass and I run into this woman now age 68 and not so hot anymore in the supermarket. I have said hello to her there other times but she never said more than Hi deric. But this time we had a nice long talk about the old days.

I had been reading about precognition in dreams and I thought well that’s what that was. But then I thought what’s the big deal. Often times you can be thinking about someone and then you see them or the phone rings and it’s that person.

The difference here illustrates the richness of information that dreams can hold. Whereas if you happen to think of someone then see them that’s one thing but I had the dream of her where we were lovers. The being lovers foretold the warm conversation we had in the store-compared to the rude young girl I knew in my memory up until that time. When I had the dream I just thought well that was a little strange. I didn’t see the significance of the warm meeting to come.

BTW I’ve tried to get back into the dream so she and I can finish what we started but no luck. Maybe I’ll tell her of the dream next time we meet but she could revert to her old mean self and make some insulting remark. :confused: