A Problem (Always waking up)

It seems as if I’m always able to realize that I’m dreaming, especially when I’m having a nightmare, but everytime I do realize all I ever do is wake up. Is there any way to help with this?

Appended “(Always waking up)” to the title for clarification. :dragon:

Essentially the trick seems to be the abbility to remain “cool” about the discovery you are lucid …
You could try repeating an affirmation to yourself before sleeping that you will remain calm the next time you realize you are dreaming , and just enjoy it …

How do you react when you realize so? What do you think? I’ve never been really lucid, but I know that, as Sakoda said, you must be able to keep your “cool” when you realize so, don’t panic, don’t go happy, don’t anything like that.

nod Yah calmness definitely helps. Most of my normal dreams are similiar to this, whereas I will be aware that I am dreaming, but will try to keep my active mind at a purely observational level in order to allow the dream to progress naturally.

I am sure with some practice and good thoughts you will be able to work this out for yourself.

btw welcome to ld4all