A pyhcotherapist thinks I'm crazy because of lucid dreams!

Okay I personally decided I need extra help when I was overcoming my APD(avoid-ant personality disorder) and fear of people. I finally got a appointment. The session went fine until I happened to mention some of the things I used to help me get over APD. I had used Lucid dreams to help me get less fearful of people. Well the doctor never heard of lucid dreams in his life and made me explain it all. As you know, lucid dreaming doesn’t sound very sane. He even called in my parents. My parents think lucid dream could make me literally insane(Ironically My mom can naturally lucid dream and OBE, but is scared of everything) so they expressed "concern " and even mentions O.B.E!!! Now the doctor wants me to undergo a 4 hour analysis to make sure I"m not insane. I figure I could pass it easily, but my parents are convinced stephen la berge is a crackpot and lucid dreams are in my imagination or dangerous. I tell them to read a book or look at the scientific evidence, and they literally refuse to even touch. :eek:

Well any help would;d be appreciated and just for the record, I’m not insane! :wink:

what would happen to you if you were insane?? what would they do to you?

why do they think LD isnt safe? how can it make you insane if it is just like a dream but more vivid?

Ooo, lots of questions…

Hope they dont lock you up!

WOW! so sad… You really should get that pyhcotherapist to check out: https://www.lucidity.com/ https://www.lucidity.com/LucidDreamingFAQ2.html
This is indeed a sad case… Why i think its best to keep this things in private.

He/She should read up on this, its allready proved so…

I told him to go search and research on lucid dreams and it’s uses for psychology, but I’m gonna have to wait till he actually goes and does it. I expected he would have heard of it, but he never heard of it. He also misinterpreted it, at one point he thought I Confused Real life and Dreams. Never trust a doctor who talks slow and wears a hawaiian shirt when deciding if people are crazy. He didn’t even get around to helping me solve my problems with people. :grrr:

And actually lucid dreaming is often used to overcome such problems, like fears and similar…

I guess this is just another proof that there is something seriousely wrong with the system this days. This easy to get labelled crazy?

Indeed :bored: Hopefully the guys giving me the four hour test will know what it is, I’m questioning whether I should bring up lucid dreams at all, but they gotta know since I expect these guys to be pretty exprienced and knowledgeable to deem people crazy. It would suck if I ended up getting the same slow talking doctor who suspected crazy elements in the first place.

My parents think that if it has psyhcological healing powers then it must have negative ones as well. My mom and dad have seen crazy people and are afraid that I will lose control over reality and end up in a mental institution. I keep telling them to look it up but my mom figures it be much easier if I stop versus her actually “researching” :eh:

Let them (your parents and psych) read this thread!! I think it could convince them that you are not just crazy, but just being reasonable and serious!!

On the other hand, some people just don’t understand, and think that you should not explore your own mind, they just don’t get the whole point and never will. And indeed, that is very sad…! Many people have the mentality of (in dutch) “waar is dat nou voor nodig?” (translation is difficult, but it’s like: “Where would you need all that for?” mixed with “just be like all other people instead of all this complicated stuff!”)

By the way, a psychotherapist should start exploring his own mind, before ever starting to get into other people’s minds! If he seriously had done that, he would know about LD’ing.

Come on sleepy, don’t let them bother you! And good luck in the test :content:


That is one of the most stupid things i ever read on this forum. If people think you are crazy because of lucid dreaming then there realy are a lot of insane people around. Lets say maybe 1 on every 10 people have lucids now and then, whahaha then we get 600 million idiots !
Btw i agree with jjj that psychotherapist is no good (actually i think they are all a bunch of idiots) if he has not explored his own psyche, his own mind. I bet they (parents + therapist) think all drugs are bad also (well ok some are, just not all) and they are probably very religious people too.

Well my final verdict would be, if they dont get interested in your LD and stay stubborn, you should avoid talking about it. Let them just be in their narrow minded world. Same kind of things happens to a lot of us i suppose, theres always a lot of narrow minded ppl around.

Good luck with the test, if i were to make it i’d realy fool around to annoy them :grin:

As long as you question your sanity, you are not insane.

In “28 Days” (Movie with Sandra Bullock) the therapist said:

“The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior expecting different results.”

Not sure if it helps but I’ve never heard of lucid dreaming, you must be KRAZY!!! :grin: j/k Don’t sweat it. You won’t be institionalized. But if you are remeber this line:

If I am anywhere other than the asylum, I will do a reality check and become lucid.

Thx for the support guys, but I was courious if you guys think the guys who give me the test would know about Lucid dreamings, I’m gonna be interogated for four hours and even my parents think they doctors will squeeze out me Lucid dreaming some way(Hopefully not through torture :neutral:). It would REALLY suck if the experts(I’ll assume they know their stuff if they have power to lock me up) said something like"Lucid dreaming?! Whats that, something where you fall asleep high, are you a pot head?!?


seriously, you should tell them to look at this forum. see that there’s a whole community of people who do this stuff. one of two things will happen

  1. they’ll apologize profusely or
  2. they’ll track down our names and addresses and commit us all

but in case number 2 goes down, at least you won’t be alone :cool:

but yeah… denying all knowledge of lucid dreaming is probably your best bet. who among us is truly sane?

Let’s keep the narrow-mindedness to them!! (Watch out for generalising, that’s my point)

For the rest, I totally agree with you, Xetrov!

Sleepyhead: those ‘experts’ should study your case, before examining your ‘madness’. Therefore; I think they will go over the ‘LD thing’ also. We will have to hope, that they will find the right information about it, but I really think they will.

The biggest mistake they could ever make, would be switching the relations between your APD and the LD thing. Maybe both APS and LD are caused by your very ‘self-conscious’ or maybe ‘complicated’ mind, but the APD is not caused by LD’ing. If they see that relation in the right proportions, no one could hold them from making the right diagnosis!



Seriously, just go in and act sane (don’t gnaw the funiture), it is so expensive to institutionalize someone here in America that it is generally a last resort. Much more likely is the suggestion that you take some type of
Psychotropic Drug (big business here in the good old USA). Remember, remain calm

maybe you should print out some docs on lucid dreaming, just in case…

Well the problem with my parents is they think it’s dangerous and useless . They have had far more encounters with Meta-physical than I have and my mom has had plenty of instense dreams. The problem is that they think there is a huge risk invovled. At first they were okay with the lucid dreams(they wanted me to stay far away from OBE thought) until this doctor started acting like I was nutz, Now they got his opinion to back there opinion and even wanna confiscate my dream books :bored:

Plus my mom and dad are pretty much scared of anything out of the usual. My mom wouldn’t even attempt to take advantage of the ability to naturally OBE or lucid dreams. I think I’ll do what tomas said and print out some scientific facts and FAQs abotu lucid dreaming. I think I can let them read this forum but the problem is that THEY REFUSE to even accept the possibility that they may be wrong. I would physically have to push them onto a computer to see this forum, and most likely she would just exit the site and go play spider solitiare soon as I left the room. I think I can make a Q&A session topic where she could ask about any risks or problems. Yet my mom thinks the majority of the Internet is filled with Child molesters and people who have nothing better to do than to get people insane. I try to get her to read books or magazine articles and she refuses too.

What kind of psychotherapist is he if he’s never even heard of lucid dreams? He should at least recognize the phenomenon. A good doctor must be sincerely interested in his profession, and that means you keep up to date with recent research. If the doctor has not done that since 1982 he is not a good doctor! He is not helping you with your problem at all, right? Sounds like he wants you to have as many appointments as possible: More appointments = more money.

YEAH, Lucid dreamers meeting at a room with nice soft walls :cool:

Seriously, when I read this I was like WHAAAT?!
My first idea was to refuse doing any tests until that doctor knows exactly what lucid dreaming is.I mean, he can´t say you might be insane just cause he as AS AN PSYCHOTHERAPIST doesn´t even know what lucid dreaming is :bored:

Then again FireHorse is probably right.
Don´t direct them to the forum (too much “strange” stuff discussed in here, especially in the beyond dreaming forum).If you want talk about it, print some documents about LDing (make sure to get the “official scientific” ones, not the ones that sound like some newage stuff).
Just try to stay cool, do the test.

Perhaps that test will make your parents feel safer, and after it you can have another try at explaining it to them.
Try to understand their point of view.In my opinion, they aren´t all wrong: Any medicine can be poisen (and vice versa), same with LDing.However, I think LDing usually does more good than harm.Still you should consider any risks/dangers that LDing could bring.Apart from the fact that every LDer should do, it will make it easier for you to speak to your parents.
Perhaps you manage to calm them down a bit, so they start to really learn what it is.
If really nothing helps all you can do is just stopping mentioning it.

Good luck, I hope everything will be allright


P.S: If you do the test, I´d be interested to hear what it was like, what kind of questions they asked (if it isn´t too personal of course)

One who wears Hawaiian shirts and thinks I"m insane, Hopefully he researches it like I told him.

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