A question about B6

Hi, I’m new and I only discovered this site about two days ago. I read that B6 helps in dream recall. How much should I take? Also, if I have better dream recall would I have a better chance of remembering a lucid dream?

I usually take 40 mg’s of B6 about 30 minutes before going to bed.
It worked great for me at first, then I took a break from it and now it seems to do more damage than good, but that is probably because i’m also taking Ginkgo Biloba, I’m trying a different approach tonight though.

If you don’t have a good dream recall, that can be a sign that aren’t aware of the surroundings in your dreams enough and that’s why you easily forget them. If you enhance the detail memory of your dreams, you become more conscious of them and increase the probablity of having a lucid dream. That’s my experience at least.

Does anyone else take B6?

Actually i have been experimenting a bit with b6 in the past few days. Got some vitamine B (the whole spectrum of B) pills from the grocery. All B components are in there at 400% of daily need (Daily need B6 = 2 mg). So there is about 8 mg B6 in one pill.
Before i post my results, let me give a small warning. I just read up on the usage of vitamine B6 and what the maximum amount is you should take in 1 time. This is actually about 25 miligrams. I read that Gov takes 40, so im not sure if that is a realy healthy habbit (i think not, but im not sure if you get any negative effcts of an “overdose”). I also doubt very much if taking 40 mg would be any more usefull then taking 8 or 12 mg for example. Since you normally dont need more then 2 mg a day your body will probably break down most b6 in exess of this amount.
On to some of my results with b6. I had some average positive results with b6. 1st of all you should know i have an average dream recall of 3 to 10 dreams a night, which fluctuates a lot over time. Last saturday i was drinking quite a bit of alcohol all evening long. Normally, when i drink about 3+ glasses of alcohol, i sleep very good, but i hardly remember any dreams. But this time i toke 1 pill of B6, 8 mg. That night i remebered like 5 dreams, most of which were quite lenghty. So you might say it worked quite well that time. Yesterday i tried 1 pill (had also been drinking a few glasses of alcohol, but not realy much). When i woke up today i had recollection of 7 dreams, but most of them where quite short, like flashes of 2-3 minutes. Only 2 or 3 where a bit longer.
I will continue to test with B6 vitamine. I have also recently obtained Ginko Tea (Ginko is also said to be good for dream recall). I will use these in different combinations (although i wont take more then 25 mg B6 in one time). When i have some more information i will post it here. Maybe some other more experienced ppl could add some of their experiences, would be nice to read those.

Alright, thanks for the help.

Hi, I found some B-50 in my house. I guess it contains 50mg of B6. On the package it said that in 1 hour it would be dissolved. I took it over 1 hour before i went to sleep. I had no dream recall. Do you think I will have some tonight once it’s in my system?

B-50 doesnt atomatically mean its 50 mg of B6, there are many B vitamins, from B1 to B12 or so. It can mean its 50 mg of B12 also, so 1st check what it is you take! And if it dissolves in 1 hour you should have felt the effect already.
Btw i tried a combination of Ginko Tea and B6 last night and i had 2 very long dreams and 2 shorter ones. Not many for me, but i have a bit of a cold and that might influence the amount your brain spends on dreaming. Perhaps without the aid i wouldnt have had a dream at all… problem is you can never be sure.

Well, actually higher doses than those recommended by the government are considered safe by most sources.

People that take 500mg a day for extended periods of time ( many weeks/months) can get damage to nerve endings. People have been known to get nerve ending damage from as little as 117 mg/day for some weeks/months but that is an extreme case.

I remember reading an athlete’s vitamin supplement combination that recommended 150mg of b6 per day. The site that had this information talked about the pros and cons of taking b6 (so they were well aware that b6 can have harmful effects). They noted that the people took this diet for only a couple of weeks (9 or 12 weeks, i think), instead of for years on end.

In my experience with b6 (I took from 100-500mg of b6 per day for about a week a few times), b6 does improve my dream recall, but doesn’t really help my lds that much. I remember dreams more easily, and get sick and tired of writing them down. If I enjoy writing my dreams down I tend to have more lds. Also, my dreams with b6 seem to have a less mysterious quality to them (probably just b/c of better recall).

Oh, I’m not sure if your body breaks down extra b6 b/c I believe I read somewhere that dream recall is affected in proportion to the amount of b6 taken. I also read that nerve ending damage is in proportion to how much you take.

There are a lot of sources out there to check, and this vitamin stuff is pretty interesting :content:

Edited to add last experience part

Xetrov: The B6 pills I took were actually 20 mg’s each, and it was recommended on the label to take 2 pills per day, so I doubt that I was doing harm to my body :neutral: Maybe it was supposed to be 250 mg’s instead of 25 mg’s. Just a thought, good luck with your lucid dreams.

Well nice to know, but i wasnt wrong because i found on some dutch page about b6 that “the maximum safe dosage is 25 mg”.

Well maybe that is a real low value just to be on the safe side. I think they mean with this 25 mg that it is very safe to take such a dosage every day all year long if you would like to. I have been seeing numbers like Maximum safe dosage = 500 mg on other pages, i suppose that amount is the maximum u can take 1 time without repeating it too much. On yet another site i found that if you take b6 for an extended period of time 200 mg is the max. Anyway… ill go try some higher dosage myself :cool_laugh:

The B-50 contains 50 mg of B6. I read it right on the back of the bottle. Even though there are other B vitamins in it, will it still work?

yes… and b12 btw is also good for your memory, so if thats in it, would be even better.

It also has B12 in it. It has a lot of B vitamins.

I’ve read more than once that a combination of B-vitamines actually increases the effect of B6. So I would say go for the combi :smile:

Alright, cool. Thanks!

Yes a multi vit b complex is the best…most of the time there is also then choline in it, witch is our memory fuel…
Phenylalanine and cholinebitartrate had the best effect on my lucid dreaming and still do lol…