A question about Old Hag

Another newbie question! :shy:
I found a thread in the Ye Olde Lab forum about the Old Hag, and some of the posts said that the hag isn’t always “in the same form”. For example, someone said that the figure was a man taking pictures of them, and that they jumped on him and ask why he was doing it. Is the Old Hag not always as scary as it’s made out to be?

Thanks. :mrgreen:

The terms Old Hag is a generic one ( especially on this forum ) which describe all sort of people or forms you can see during SP.

It ain’t, indeed, always scary, it can be just weird or even funny ( haha funny ). Recently a girl told me she saw her teddy bear dancing ! :happy:

But still, most of people don’t have any hallucinations, you may just be unable to move for a few seconds and see nothing at all… :content:

I’d like to see a dancing teddy bear… :mrgreen: Thanks for the response Julian. :smile:

I think it’s only as scary as you make it. Granted I’ve never experienced such a thing, but thats probably because I don’t fear it. It seems like a common fear(parylization, being preyed upon when you are defenseless) that makes it’s way to the surface during certain stages of unconsciousness. So I guess what I’m saying is that if you feel unsafe and/or insecure then it may be a very frightening experience. If you feel safe and confident in your control over the situation then it may be somewhat entertaining (dancing animals anyone?). Hope that made sense… :eh:

Yeah! The dancing bear sounds awesome. When I tried to LD, I knew that I was dreaming but them when I would wake up, I couldn’t move. It was a weird feeling but, I didn’t see anything scary just like Julian Iron said, It isn’t always scary or mabye never is.

For me the ‘Old Hag’ is when you have sleep paralysis but also feel like someone is sitting on you or holding you down.

But I’ve never had visualisations with it.

My friend have experienced “the Old Hag” couple of times now.

One night he was trying OBE or LD,
couldn’t remember succeeding,
but when he woke up, he felt like something was sitting on him while he was in the bed.
He tried to push him away, but he could barely move his hands, or just the entire body. SP.
Also, he recognised pillows on his bed during the paralyze, but after they were gone.

And that was his first time, and now he have experienced “the Old Hag” more than once, even if he wasn’t trying to LD or OBE.


I have also experienced the “old hag” and it was extremley frightening. At the time, i didn’t know it had anything about LD so i just thought it was a nightmare or something.

I was lying on my bed until i saw a man jump on top of me. :woah: He held my shoulders really tightly and i couldn’t move :scared: . I was so frightened; i was begging God to get him away but it wasn’t working. I woke up petrified and ever since i have not met him/her/it. :content:

With me it was REALLY scary too, one night at the evening I couldn’t sleep i was lying there in my bed for a few hours and then when I closed my eyes I felt like I was being choked, I couldn’t breath, but as soon as I opened my eyes it was gone but when i closed my eyes again it happened again and again etc. VERY SCARY! :woah:

really, i thought it was some develish thing or something like it but later i found out it was this, but still I am affraid to have such an experience again i hate it…

but if i see dancing teddy bears, then it’s ok :wink: :content:

For 4 years I was for sure I was being tormented by demons…
I began looking on the internet about sleep paralysis and saw that so many ppl had been experiencing very similar things. I’m convinced that this was’nt just a recurring halucination. So I’m still leary to try any astral projection or induce OOBEs for this reason. I have’nt had the problem for over a year now, I know alot of the reason why is because i no longer fear it. (It feeds off your fear btw)I never had an experience where i thought it was funny or amusing. I could actually see it moving the sheets on my bed one time. I thought I was going crazy for a while till I read all the other ppls problem with it.

People please stop this. The old hag lives off rumors damn it! I used to experince sleep paraylisis an i thought it was quite scarey. I come to this forum an I read a thread about the old hag, guess what? Now I will think of the damn lady everytime I sleep. I know im spiting myself by saying this because it’s hypocritical and I may have just done the same thing to you, but people seriously kill this old hag bussiness, shes not a re-occuring character at all. Some guy had it, told it to somone an now shes famous. Drop the old hag it’s nothing.

She??? What are you talking about??? :content: :tongue: It’s just something that happens :truit:

Exactly what MVX said. When sleep paralysis takes place…our mind plays a scenerio for the reason why sleep paralysis is taking place. (This doesn’t always happen.)

So when you experience the old hag, you might see yourself chained to the bed by someone, you might see yourself held by someone etc…

So technically, you can’t drop what our mind is making. Not a very good arguement but an arguement none the less.

i totally agree!!!

i don’t even want to read through all the scary experiences everyone here has had, because all the things i read now, will then automatically pop up in my head at night…and i have enough scary images of my own

but the first times when i experienced sleep paralysis, i just felt pressure on my chest, but with nothing sitting on me…and now, after reading here, i always see all sorts of monsters or other scary stuff :sad:

[quote="hypnagogici totally agree!!!

i don’t even want to read through all the scary experiences everyone here has had, quote]

Then why are you reading this thread?

wissam got a point :wink: :cool:


So it’s basically all in your head depending on your condition while the Old Hag arrives?

dunno :grin: :tongue: :content:

mhm, well…i’m interested in the phenomenon itself, that’s why i’m reading the thread…but when i see some scary story coming i don’t read it gg

…ok, i’ll just admit it: i’m a bit weird sometimes :happy:

old hag can give funny things too, although i haven’t experienced that yet, but ok :grin: