A Question About Vibrations (and a new approach)

I used this new approach where I count as I fall asleep, but I do different things with the numers, like see what it’s dividable by. After I counted to about 72, the vibrations that normally are supposed to occur did. But every time it feels like my body is vibrating, it stops after a few seconds, and I’m still awake… Is this normal? Am I supposed to just stand up right when I start to feel the vibes when I still feel completely awake?

Yes that is normal, the vibrations are part of the sensations you feel when falling asleep. My guess as to why the vibrations are stopping is that you’re getting too excited or to tense and waking yourself up a little.

When you get the vibrations just relax and keep on going with the technqiue you are using.

I’ve tried a similar thing… I call it random math. I’ll do something like 2+2=4, then 4x3=12, then 12-7=5, then 5x3=15, and so on… The result of the last problem always being fed into the next. It certainly keeps the mind more engaged than just counting.

Do the vibrations feel electric? Like sticking a fork-in-an-outlet? If so, you should just be able to stand up or roll while they’re happening. You may need to wait for bigger ones (mine usually start small and gradually build up), but maybe not. Mine are also short like that, so I’ve got to be ready to act when they do come…

For me, it feels exactly like moving my real body. Take it easy at first, though, so you don’t accidentally fall out of bed. Try to just lift your arm up or something, until you get the hang of it. :cool:

It seems to be rather individual how the vibrations occur.
The first time i tired to OBE/AP about 8 years ago(wasn’t very interested in LDs back then),
i managed to get the vibrations.
I was very inspired at trying to OBE and it ended up with me
trying to combine 2-3 techniques at the same time,
after a while i gave up and just let go…
Then snap, it felt as if i was hit by 20000 V.
Not pain but very very powerful.
I then decided “hm this probably wasn’t such a good idea”,
and i fought myself back, bummer i missed the chance -_-

Can you elaborate on this? When you feel the vibrations, try to get up… but it’s your dream body that’s getting up and not real?

The vibrations are a sign that my physical body is asleep, so any movement I make only affects my dream body. However, it feels exactly like moving my real body. I usually log roll to start dreaming, but I can also do things like talking in the vibrational state (fun, fun, fun - and it might even be useful). Small vibrations will sometimes work for me, but it feels like I’m moving through molasses. Heavier vibrations (fork-in-an-outlet) don’t have that problem.

I never get much hynagogic imagery when or before the vibrations occur. Does this matter at all?

It seems to me normal cause some WILD’ers have HI and some people have somesthetic HH (vibrations, falling feeling, etc.) People who have somesthetic or auditory HH are often in a black void and they often have to roll out their bed to enter a dream. On the other hand, people who get HI enter an existing image. So it seems to me that they are two different ways.

I would go so far as to say that there are many ways. I have some HI, but I only have somesthetic HH when wakeing up. On the other hand I do have a short black void befor I am in a dream. I have also never had SP. At least not while I was not yet asleep. :grin: It is different for different people.