A question and a small bit of experience for DCs/Chained LDs

I guess I could start of with a question. I often have chained LD’s, but, it’s rather an odd schedule. The gaps between them can range from 5 months to even 3 years! The only time I had continued a dream from 3 years in the past was when I was ill. I knew it was a continued/chained LD as I had known the exact same scenario and I was the same DC with the same other DC’s.
The small bit of experience of having a chained DC is my “best friend” (I guess you could say that :content: ) in most dreams, Luci. She appears quite often in dreams; I can’t summon her, per say, but I can summon other DC’s. That’s another question. Heh. Well, there you go. Sorry if anything is confusing; I’ll elaborate if needed.

That is interesting. I have experienced that it is sometimes a lot easier to remember old dreams inside another dream. The memories come back instantly when I dream it again, and they aren’t false memories, because I have compared them with old DJ notes. Is that what has happened to you too?

It’s quiet interesting for we meet the same DC in our LD.i often go to my neighbour’s house in ID to find the pretty gril i like.I think you know what will i do nest when i find her…