A Question for all

Is it possible to enter someone else’s dream? or has this not been attempted? …just a thought

I’ve read that this can be done if one or both participants are fully lucid.

I have visited someone while OOB and, while some would say that being OOB is simply another state of lucidity, I don’t agree.

I think you might but it might be hard. You both could try to be lucid and meat eachother somewere were you both can find eachother. Im gona try it with my friend download if he wants to. :happy:. So try to meet someone and you both are in eachithers dream orsome wat. :wink:

I have heard stories of people who have entred other people dreams, but i am not shure if the stories are just made up…

Check out the Laberge Interview mp3. It has stuff about ‘shared experience’ (ie:shareing dreams.) Call me cynical, but I agree with him. :content:

Hmmm… I wouldn’t call LaBerge’s attitude cynical… Around 36:30 he says, “I wouldn’t deny that these mysterious things happen in some way other than just by quote accident… In other words, not just a matter of… Statistics say that you’ll get lucky guesses, no I think that there’s evidence that there’s something beyond that… Of course that doesn’t mean we know what it is or how it works yet… But dreaming is an excellent way of studying it.”

Yeah, you’re right, cynical is too harsh a word. I just meant that I beleive although an experience can be shared through dreams, I don’t think there is a physical link. LaBerge explained it better…
However it is scientifically possible that brains can pick up information from the radiation caused by neurons fireing in other persons brains, so who knows? Dreams are definately the best place to research this sort of thing, when other senses are muted…
Just my 2c.

I did it once about 10 years ago. Not purposely, but it happened. It is one of the strangest things that has ever happened to me. Let me tell ya, if you can be lucid, and you go into another’s dream, it’s like you have no control over what happens (because it’s someone elses conciousness that you’re ‘in’). It also seemed so much more hazy than a normal dream. Almost like a bad TV reception.

Perhaps if you can get out of your one concious, you end up in what i refer to as the ‘maze of the collective subconcious’, of course guiding yourself through this maze into another’s conciousness (perhaps during a dreamstate only?) would be a confusing and difficult task. Which is probably why we don’t hear of this a whole lot. Saying that however, i am also a firm believer that if you want something bad enough, the universe around you will conspire to give it to you… so perhaps if you do want to go into anothers dream (without the intent of harm), if you want it enough perhaps you’ll be guided through the maze of collective conciousness by your own subconciousness. LOL ok i’m shutting up now i think i’m confusing myself. :panic:

How do you know that you actually went into the other person’s dream? did they know? What did you see? (their dream or something else?)

Sorry if i sound like i don’t believe you, it’s just that i like to have a lot of proof. It could be that your subconscious just dreamt that all up and you thought that you went into someone else’s consciousness.

i.e. i need details! :happy:

I once had the exact same dream as a friend on the same night. that freaked me out a bit.

Proof… some believe too easily and others nothing will convince.

I wrote a post regarding my OOB visit to another poster at the alt.out-of-body newsgroup. It is long and would be difficult to cut/paste into this post so I’ve hopefully included the link below:

groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&l … com&rnum=1

Please know that I live in Texas, this person lived in California and we had never met, nor spoke on the phone. I had never been to his house nor seen his bedroom. I had only seen a picture of his face on his website (which I used to help me find him). I had always enjoyed reading his posts and one day he asked if someone could visit him OOB.

This post, which started out as an personal email to the poster I visited, generated almost 60 responses. The overwhelming majority of those responses were positive and congratulatory. There was one persistent poster who was a skeptic and that was fine. I wasn’t out to prove to anyone else that it was possible… I just wanted it to prove it to myself. :smile:

that would be interesting. i would love to test that out once i can become lucid. :}