A question for Pedro/Gods and dreams

ok, this little idea of mine came when i was thinking about edgar allen poe’s quote ‘life is but a dream within a dream’

ok, now, pedro has written about some godlike powers that he has acheived in his lucid dreams, such a 360 degree vision and (although i dont know if he suceeded in this) 4D vision. (viewing an object from all sides)

now, pedro, would it be possible, with practice, to create a small world or area of your dream that you will be constantly aware of in 4d vision?

then, could you populate it with dc’s?

you could do many things in this world, testing how environmental change affects DCs.

perhaps, eventually, you could give your dc’s free will.

this sounds pretty unlikely, but who knows?

remember, there are as many stars in the universe as there are neurons in your brain.

perhaps our world is but a dream, one of an incredibly intelligent dreamer (i.e. god) with enough dream control to create billions of individuals with free will. or perhaps the dreamer needed only to create the beginning, with the correct laws of physics to eventually bring life about.

anything is possible!

EDIT: changed title to grab pedro’s attention

by the way, pedro, did you achieve 4D vision?

this 4D crap sounds awesome, i don’t understand what that would be like though, since i’ve only ever seen in 3D, like how do you so it all the way around? i can’t picture it in my head so i dont think i’ll ever get that. lol. :neutral:

Very interesting idea of yorus Chief Loki

… but How do you know that the DC s dont Already have free will??

How do you know that the DC s AREN’T really a form of God, acting as DC’s ?

( i donno where i’m goin witt this… so… i’ll stop here )

DC’s are simply characters made by your dreaming brain and based on experiences, you could never give DC’s free will because you will always be able to consciously and subconsioulsy control them.

I have been able to create a little place where I always have my odlike powers even in ND. It was pretty fun, but very challenging to do

It’s difficult to define free will. If you believe you have free will then at the very least you preceive to have free will.

Since your dream is all in your head, you can just preceive that your dream characters have free will. If they do or don’t it’s irrelevant.

While in a LD think to yourself. I wish to preceive all DC to have free will.

“Maybe this is just the Absinthe speaking.” :tongue:

Yes I had 4D vision and I’m not surprised you can’t picture it in your head! You’re not supposed to be able to! I couldn’t imagine it until I’d done it! It’s pretty cool but nothing amazing.

No DC’s can have free will. They could pretend to have free will but in the end everything in a dreamscape is decided by you …whether it’s your conscious or sub-conscious! This should also show that studying environmental effects on DC’s is also pointless. The effects would be whatever you wanted them to be… Nothing is certain in a dream and EVERYTHING is decided by you…just depends if you are aware you are controlling it or not! Cool idea though…there was a guy who created a whole world in his head and the inhabitants looked up to him as a God and they had their own culture and stuff…quite interesting really, he kept it up for years!

No no no NO! That is NOT 4D vision! That is sonar vision. That is ‘bat’ vision.

Proper 4D vision isn’t just vision. It’s about the actual dreamscape. Our real-world “scape” is 3D + time. We can’t percieve time like we percieve the other three.

A proper 4D dreamscape has 4D + time. You would be able to “see” 4D objects like hypercubes, hyperspheres etc.

Why can’t we have precognition (i.e. seeing 3D and seeing time) in dreams? Because at the point where you’re able to “give” yourself precognition, you’re also able to completely control your dreamscape. There is no “fate” in dreams and if there is you would always be able to change it.

Yes it isn’t 4D vision but it is something I like to call 4D. ANyway you can never ahve complete control of the dreamscape because that would be saying that your consoisly controling every little detail, something your consoius insn’t equipped to do.

I agree. But isn’t time another dimension, in technical terms. This world is 4D, it is just the way you precieve each dimension. Anyway, my point is that time is a dimension, or so I’ve heard.

I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I was referring to pedro’s ability to look at an object from all sides. like seeing all six sides of a cube at once. i think his idea was something like creating a sphere of vision on which he can see everything inside the sphere from each point on the edge. Kind of like reversed 360 degree vision.

(imagine being a sphere, and being able to see everything in every direction you could imagine outside the sphere, just reverse this and look within the sphere, and you have pedro’s idea of 4d vision)

I probably shouldnt have called it 4d vision, because that does bring up issues like time, (i’ve also read somewhere that the 4th dimension is time)and as human beings, we can only view one point in time at a time. (is that correct? i’m a bit fuzzy on the 4th dimension is time thing.)

the 4d that i am talking about is simple if you think of it like this:

ok, imagine that there are living beings on a piece of paper, and since they live on a single plane, they are two dimensional. we, as 3 dimensional beings, we can see every inch of these 2d lines, and they would have no knowledge of anything outside their plane (their flat paper) of existence. now, if pedro had 4d vision, he would be able to see every single inch of the 3d world, and more that we cannot percieve.

now the eye/sphere idea is probably not true 4d vision, but it is likely the closest a human mind can come to comprehending such an idea. (unless pedro’s abilities surprise us again) :grin:

Hmm, well it isn’t 4D. https://www.activitydir.com/4d.PNG this is usually what mathematicians call 4D. You’re talking about bat vision where you can see behind objects, doors etc.

… bats cannot see behind doors and objects. they can tell that an object exists and how far away it is through sonar. sonar is completely different from what i’m talking about.

sonar works a lot like police radar. the bat sends out a pulse and it is reflected by nearby objects (or, insects) and by calculating the difference in the frequency of the wave sent out and the wave sent back, the bat can tell how far away an object is. and by calculations with the angle of the return pulse the bats can tell in which direction the object/insect is.

this concept is not at all relevant to the one i was referring to earlier in this thread, besides both being ways for life to percieve the universe.

and i do agree with you. the vision i was talking about is undoubtedly very different from true 4d vision. I believe i already said something to that effect in my last post.

R3m0t correctly proved to me that it is impossible to “see” something in 4D… BUT WERE NOT TALKING ABOUT REAL LIFE FOR GOD’S SAKE! IT’S MY DREAM WORLD! I can do ANYTHING in it!

As for time…yes it is another dimension so why can’t we control it and or “see” it in dreams…coz really we don’t handle any other dimensions such as the 3rd one either…its all fake and made up in your head. So if I tried to control time I probably could…but it would be a trick and I wouldn’t really be controlling it.

Calm it Pedro. I just doubt that a mind can really create a 4D dreamscape. It isn’t just about transforming your vision. Good luck trying though, will be interested how it goes! :cool:

I apologise.


And when you get more experience LDing then you can experiment with yourself! Sure that would be interesting! Anyway, I’m gonna stop playing with 4D now coz its a lot of hassle to think about considering it aint very fun or constructive for my life…I’ll stick with writing dream music and amusing my DC’s lol.

I think my total conviction that managing 4D is impossible may hinder me there… and by the way, amusing a DC isn’t good practice for a sense of humour in the real world. :eh:

um. why not?

surely lucid dreaming makes it much easier to have an objective/reflective view on reality, which would help develop a sense of humor…

but then again, i could be wrong.

just seemed like a completely unneccesary jab at pedro to me.

thats just my thought. again, i could be wrong, and i acknowledge that fact.

dont be so quick to look for faults in others, as it diminishes your ability to reflect objectively on your own actions.

I meant that your desire to have them laugh could make them laugh at bad jokes. OK, I’ll stop nitpicking so much, I know what you mean :content:

i see what you mean about expecting them to laugh-

but pedro may not have been talking about jokes, he may have been talking about doing tricks or powers or sumthen, i dunno

the funniest reaction i’ve seen from a dc was in my second lucid dream, when i decided to jump of a ledge.

right before i hit the ground, i saw the expression on a nearby dc’s face, which was incredibly shocked :eek:

it was pretty funny