A question

In lucid dreaming, is it as clear as it would be as if you were awake? Is that why you have to do the flying test and stuff? I heard it is. And do you remember it after you really wake up?

Yes, it can be as clear as RL and sometimes even clearer. You just have to stablise yourself and concentrate. People do flying because it is fun, and hard to learn. And of course you will remember it, as long as you have a good recall.

And opposite side - if you wont concentrate, and try flying and other stuff too fast, dream might be fuzzy, or everything will be very simple, unreal.

Im doing it because… I just like when i am realizing that i am dreaming, i kick off that “bad” one in dream, do things i will never be able do IRL. For some time, i can do everything, and i think that this is reason why im doing it.

So that is the point of a good recall, ive been wondering the real reason to know your Recall, thanks

lol, yeah, you can do anything you want, nothing to worry about, its like being the God of your own world.

Yeah, hold on yougamer i gtget of for a minute :grrr:

It can be very realistic in a Lucid Dream, I mean, if we mistake Normal Dreams for real life because they feel so vivid, why can’t Lucid Dreams be as well ^^ And of course you will remember a Lucid Dream after you wake up, just as if it were a normal dream. Like said above, as long as you have good recall :smile:

I once woke up from a LD and wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not (that about covers the point!!) :tongue:

Yes, i think it does, lol

Don’t forget… :ding:
(that was a bit random, but hey!!)