A quick question about lucidity and dream recall please!

Hey. I am new to lucid dreaming and i really want to know how to do it. I read about to three days ago and two nights ago when i tried to go lucid i couldnt even remember my dream after i woke up! Last night i again tried to go lucid but i didn’t. But the strange thing is though that as soon as i woke up i realized that a huge talking rabbit was very strange. I realized this the moment i woke up. But the thing is i couldnt detect this while i was dreaming. So please help me on that, i need an answer why. Also, i was able to recall my dream which im not able to usually do. How will this help with me going lucid and is this a good start for a beginner?

do you keep a dream journal? if not you should, at first i didnt think it would help but believe me it does… last week i was remembering maybe 5 dreams a month at most, none for longer than a day. when i tell my self to remember and write them down i usually recall 2-4 in detail every night!
i use Alchera (free program) that i see somewhere on this site, sry im not sure where you could run a search for it.
once you start remembering your dreams you will get lucid a lot easier, i was on the second day but i read some people take weeks or even months. read topics from the forum and you find a lot of helpful stuff, good luck.