A quick question about "waking life memory" in dre

I tried to look for this information in the basis, general lucidness, tutorials and FAQ’s, but i didn’t find it anywhere.
I haven’t had a LD yet, so i ask to someone who had already had one: can you remember about your life facts( for example your birthday, your dog’s name) in normal dreams? Had you already become lucid because you tried to remember some basic fact and you couldn’t do it?
I would like to know it because, if it’s true you can’t remember facts of waking life in normal dreams, i could use it to do a quick, and effective RC: each morning, I choose a 3 digits number and a word ramdomly, memorize it, and ask in the RC about them( i choose each morning to not turn in a common thing, and the RC fail). It would be very good. I also would like to know if it’s possible to you think a wrong thing in the dream and you think it’s correct.
Thanks for any answer,
Pedro (call me Sponchi)

Yes. However, there could be false memories that could confuse me a little.

I don’t think so. On the contrary: I have become lucid for recalling walking life memories that were contradictory to the dream reality.

Well, I can at least, people are different. For instance, the classic pinch RC could work for some but it doesn’t for me. You need to check what works for you.

Feel free to try, it could be effective for your walking life. It could work for helping it to LD, since you are training your memory, which is good for dreaming.
However, I don’t want to be harsh, I think you are being oblivious about the effectiveness of it telling you that it’s a dream:

  1. If you cannot recall about the digits and the word, can you be sure that you would recall about the EFFORT of trying to recall?
  2. How can you be sure you will recall it correctly? Let’s say that you decide to write down the digits and the word. In a dream, your writings could be changed accordinginly to trick you into thinking that it’s real life.

In short, I think it could be beneficial for memory and habit training you but I could be misleading for RCing.

There are plenty of other RCs out there. I recommend to use RCs in pairs. Do not trust the first RC you try, since they could tell you that it’s real life inside a dream.

Things can get complicated actually, we are literally asleep during dreams. We could be absent minded enough to miss dreamsigns even when a RC tells us that it’s a dream, we may not notice what it actually means.

Yes, that’s the problem.

I hope I haven’t disappointed you. Good luck Sponchi!