A radio in my head

I’ve noticed that sometimes, when I’m sleepy, or drifting into sleep, I tend to “hear” several conversations, some random phrases which make no sense most of the time, and even if semantically they make sense, they don’t factually.

Usually it involves the voices of people I know, but sometimes it’s just words words words and I can’t tell who’s “talking”. Most of the time, if I pay attention to it, it fades, and the things I hear are quickly erased from my mind. Does anyone else get this? It’s really interesting, also because it’s been happening more and more often now. Yesterday, I was sitting in front of my computer at night, and let my thoughts drift off, eyes still open, and I started to hear long senseless conversations.

Anyone knows more about this? Share your thoughts and experiences :smile:

It happens to me, but I normally cant tell what the “voices” are saying.

normally the sentences are about two words long.

I used to get that a lot … it felt like i had come across a “crossed telephone line” and was listening in.

i have that too sometime , (isnt that called HI ? , ) im not sure if this is HI or us getting crazy … … :lol:

hehe , my post got submitted the same time moogles did

Yes I think this is what we call Hypnagogic Hallucinations, don’t forget, they can be auditory as well, not only visual.

Yeah, that’s the EXACT feeling :happy:

Hmm I wasn’t sure if it was HH/HI, as it happens sometimes even when I’m not falling asleep. I mean, sometimes just being sleepy triggers it, though not as obvious as the sleepy times.

Being sleepy is sufficient to let your mind wander… you know.
There’s no need to be completely asleep.

I get this quite alot. Most of the time I think someone has shouted something.

I’ve had this. Streams of random words and voices all mixed up. Sentances are always short and there are sudden loud bits that make me jump. I sometimes try it when i’m awake but it’s a more concious effort then and too forced. It’s definitely the most fun when you’re sleepy. (though, annoying if you really just want to sleep :sleep: ).

I must write down what i hear next time.

Yea this used to happens to me a lot but now it doesn’t anymore. I used to freak out when this happened :eek:

This used to happen to me, and I believe it may be useful for WILD-ing.

I think that it happens based on two variables: How tired you are, and how much inner dialogs you have (Especially when compared to how much outer dialogs you have)

Even though it can sometimes give you a bad feeling, as if you are hearing voices.

Sometimes it happens in other languages… Portuguese is my mother language, so my “voices” are mostly in Portuguese, but sometimes I get then in English, Spanish or Japanese (or sometimes it doesn’t seem to make sense). I remember the other day, I drifted off in though while taking a bath, then realized I was “hearing” something in English which went along the lines of “This is preposterous!” Apparently it was two guys talking, and I believe it had something to do with newspapers and/or magazines.

I’d be worried that I’d drown if I got that relaxed in the bath. :neutral:

Mind you I am very short. :lmao:

I always hear my mum calling my name, only very rarely do I hear anything else, it’s always Mum calling out my full name.

Wouldn’t be quite so freaky if I wasn’t an adult living very far away from my Mummy. :eh:

I get the name calling thing quite a lot, although I couldn’t say if it was my mother’s voice or not. It always sounds concerned, or even fearful and panicked, kinda freaky really.

Other than that it’s usually mutterings that are just audible but not loud or clear enough to make out.

I hear my name called a lot too, nearly always my Mums voice sounding urgent as if she’s in danger. I think that’s probably because i really fear situations of people i’m close to needing my help. But in reality i am pretty used to hearing her call me for loads of things - meals ready, can’t find her glasses, ‘Is the hot water on?’ etc. etc. :tongue: