a rather strange question that im not sure can be answered

Hello Im realy astonished by the last few nights.
about three or four days ago I had my first LD i was in some strange house I then realized I was dreaming and thought to float and floated and came down gently the thing that gets me is that it seemed like It in it self was a dream and i had little control and no thoughts I then preceeded to climb up the wall and go through the corner of the roof and the wall
I then was running down a cement hallway with a door at the end i thought to my self RUN faster , super speed I think I said but before the end of the hall i woke up

and last night i didnt realize I was dreaming but I think I repeat I think i had at least two or three false awakenings.

this though is all irrelivant my true reason to writing this is mainly a question

in my dreams I am always fighting something not acctually fighting but there is a threat like in movies it is usualy aliens or dinosours or goasts never other people

One that reoccors is that Im in a giant warehouse that is like a jungle inside with a room at the back to observe it is up on a top floor and I have to ride the elevator up it always starts right as I am getting in the elevator and I have some huge gun like in M.I.B and just as the door closes a dinosour comes trying to kill us I dont know whos with me and at the last second I shoot the dinosour and then the door closes and I wake up fearing that more is to come

but that doesnt compare to the one that I had a few days ago
I was running through my school my dream preception of my school

it started with me slamming a door behind me and someone else I dont know who I think I am running from ghosts Anay ways I have done this before it seems and i expect a girl rotten and dead after the next door and so I go throug it and she is in the exact place I thought she would be and this time I dont have any weopons and last time I did, although I have never had this dream before, anyways i did the scarriest thing i have ever thought or dreampt about I basicly grabbed her around the neck and snapped it and twisted it again to make sure, I acctualy felt it snap it was realy realy scarry, I thought i would be in the clear and out of no where this big guy comes from around the corner , the big black dude from Thirteen Ghosts except he didnt have any spikes in him , he picked me up over his head and just as he started to throw me on the ground I woke up

now I know this sounds pretty messed up and sick and it is I still cant get that feeling of twisting that ghosts head it still sends shivvers down my spine and I was wondering if anyone can grasp the concept of theese kinds of dreams of always running from somethingand give me an explaination to my problems

I appologize for the rather long and vile letter but i had to get it out and ask about it

email me or post a reply either will do and again I appologise for the extensive and boring post

E-mail theultimatepeak@hotmail.com

Reality is mearly a colaberation of events acted out in the stangest manner.

It sounds like you need to face your fears using your dreams.After you do you will feel better and have better dreams. It worked for me. The main thing to remember is that dreams can’t hurt you. With this I hope you good luck in the quest to conquer your fears.

Yeah, you could turn that fear felling into a dream sign and then use it to become lucid and interigate the things around you. When you stop running it will probably stop being scary. Try asking the thing you’re running from what it wants from you.

Perform a reality check everytime you are engaded in violent situation.Every time when u scared too.Tell yourself out loud “when im about to fight or im scared i know its a dream,i check it”
good luck

thanx I appreciate the help Ill have to keep that in mind

Another thing tho is howcome i cant ever tell whos in adream with me the carachters seem to be people I may know but i cant ever remember who they are should i also turn and talk to them ?

Again I appreiciate the help


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