A recurring dream

So I have this dream that pops up every few months. In general, do recurring dreams have much import? Specifically, what could this one be about?

I keep dreaming of this specific girl. She is of medium height and rather slender, with dirty blond hair that falls just below her shoulders. I have never been able to see her face, due to invisibility, a hood, obstruction, etc. And she keeps trying to kill me. She is never successful, but always comes far too close for comfort. Her powers always match the ones I possess at the time. Thoughts?

That’s tripy.
Use this dream as a dream sign to become lucid and approach her and ask her what’s going on… I don’t know what this dream means, but I suggest you do that and find out.

That’s actually a good idea. Now I just have to figure out how to not freak out and think rationally the next time she hurls a knife at me. Guess I’d better start meditating on that.

Visaulizing the scene and voluntarly change the ending has been of great aid to me before. Just impersonate the dream and this time, be steady and face her fearlessly, without confronting, but rather with talking (knowing she can’t really hurt you).